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    I have a panel with 100 radio group toggle buttons, used to control the Reaper Playtime plugin using a cheap windows tablet. I found button presses weren’t reliable on mouse up, so I set the “Trigger button on mouse down events” option. This works great.
    However, I cannot see an option for “Trigger button on mouse up events”, or a way to deselect this action. So the button sends midi and changes colour on mouse down, but it immediately changes colour back again and sends more midi when you let go again (mouse up).
    If you slide your finger out of the button before letting go, everything works fine, but obviously this isn’t ideal.
    Am I missing something?
    How do I turn off mouse up events?
    I would prefer not to get into lua, and keep it as lightweight as possible, but if needs must…!
    The buttons currently just send a note on, so nothing complex at all.
    BTW, I am using a PHP script to create the panel with correct layout and spacing for 100 buttons in 10 radio groups and 60 rotaries. The PHP inserts the correct vales into ctrlr script, then I paste this into a panel file. Seemed like a much easier way to go than manually editing them all in ctrlr.
    I haven’t got into the scene radio buttons interacting with the clip radio buttons, or Reaper Playtime -> CTRLR feedback. Just a ridiculous number of buttons and rotaries on an 8″ touch screen, but it works pretty well.

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