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    Hi there,

    So I’m still tinkering with my panel and have made some improvements and ironed out a few bugs. Now for completeness there is an issue I have noticed that would be good to address, it is as follows.

    When entering values on the synth Ctrlr uiSliders mirror those changes perfectly. However Ctrlr uiCombos do not!

    I am not referring to receiving tone edit Sysex dumps these work fine, the issue is with CC messages transmitted by the synth during parameter edits.

    Fore example I have a uiCombo with three values in the Combo contents window, these are:

    The MIDI data for these is:

    $08 (08) $yy yy= $00-$1f (0-31)   16'
                      $20-$3f (32-63)  8'
                      $40-$7f (64-127) 8'

    So do I need amend the ‘Expression to evaluate when calculating modulator value from midi message value field’? Do I need to attach a method to the ‘Called to calculate new modulator value from midi value’ popup? I have fiddled around with both of these but not really knowing what I am doing all attempts failed.

    Any assistance is alway appreciated.

    Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format:

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