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    I am enjoying the ability to edit synth sounds on my VR09 – things I could not edit before, such as LFOs, waveforms, oscillators, etc… It is really exciting to think of what I can create now.

    – Am I correct in understanding that, in order to save a newly ctrlr-edited sound on my VR09, I have to save it in one of the registrations?

    – Also, once I have edited a synth patch, it will always remain edited when I recall that specific synth patch up? (Both through the registration and through the factory voice buttons?)

    What methods could I use to be able to enjoy both the factory synth voices and my edited ones? I am thinking I could do a back up everything on my VR09 custom sounds as well as a back up of the factory sounds. Can I toggle freely between the two of them?

    Any tips or clarification would be helpful. Thanks in advance 🙂

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