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    Its happened to me 3 times now. My work is lost.
    The first 2 times perhaps i was at fault by only saving the DAW host instance instead of the Panel in Ctrlr.
    But even though i have saved PERIODICALLY! (Save Versioned) it has not saved a complete copy of my work!! I have just tried to open the last saved instance and the Panel will not open at all. I managed to open a panel 3 versions back but Loads of controls are missing, even though i know those controls where there in that particular version. WTF?

    Mac10.11.6 El Capitan. Ctrlr 5.3.198
    Using VST instance via Maschine2 as the APP will not open.

    Wish me Luck?

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    I actually have managed to find the controls, for whatever reason they mysteriously moved to a different group….
    BUT the whole Panel is not responding. The preset change/Initialize does not work!

    I dont know what to do…

    I still cannot open the latest Saved version of my Panel…

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    I hope you’re using a journalling filesystem on your Mac.
    check my post
    Lost 3 days work 🙁
    good luck 🙂


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    human fly
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    • ★★★★

    i am going to put forward a different approach that
    i use, because i’m not using versioning. i just do it
    the long way, and ‘save as’, giving my own ‘_v01, _v02, etc.
    after a prefix, as i progress. i find it..more intuitive, and
    safer for my own way of reasoning it.

    however, i did recently have a problem where, no matter what
    i did, it *would not* come back as i had saved it, and it was
    fairly serious, because i had done Lua work, and had forgotten
    what changes i’d made, and it was the first time i’d made the
    damn thing work.

    the issue was only resolved when i cleared the Roaming folder.
    (which i can never find…) (after which you have to reload

    so have a look at that as a possible cause, or at least a way
    to get started working again. it may not get your work back
    but at least you can start saving again. (i think the others
    will tell you where that last work can be found ie: versioned)

    nb: after a crash, always close the file it opens with, and
    re-open from your last saved file. because what opens is,
    i think, NOT your last saved point, but Ctrlr’s.
    (is this correct?)

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