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    Bjorn Goud
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    I searched the forum, so maybe i use the wrong search term or something like that, but (surprisingly, to me at least) i can not find anything about this:

    If a Windows based (vst) panel allready exists for a certain synth,
    is it the same amount of coding work to ‘port’ it to OSX (audiounit),
    as it is writing an OSX panel from scratch?

    Or can i copy code from the windows xml file to a new xml file and add code to make the panel work on a Mac?

    Please, advice is very welcome! I would like to find or create an Editor for a Waldorf Attack rack, as an audio unit.

    Regards Bjorn


    Roman Kubiak
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    Yes the panel files are cross platform, unless someone did some OS specific stuff in lua inside the panel, however even that should work, lua is OS independant there will be problems if the creator did something VERY bad inside the panel


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    I would be interested in the Rack Attack panel, too.
    Couldn’t make the uploaded one work on Mac so far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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