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    i’ve been searching the web for quite a while now and came across ctrlr. So now I’m wondering if it is possible to write a simple lua-script without a panel from ctrlr, that sends midi-notes. To be more clear, this is what i am trying to do:
    I have a novation launchpad and want to use it in a completly different way. I’d like to program it myself with a lua-script.
    I hope you could understand the idea of what i am trying to do. Also I am not a native speaker, so please pardon my english 😉



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    Do you you mean making a panel without modulators that can transform the input?
    This is possible, you can make the midiReceived script catch all incoming data and assign functionality using if-then blocks.

    As for making it a “simple” Lua script, it depends on what you intend to make it do. Lua syntax & structure in itself is very straightforward and relatively easy to learn, even if you have never scripted/programmed before.

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    You don’t need Ctrlr for that, you need lua (the lua language interpreter called luac that is part of the Lua distro for any platform).

    For each platform doing MIDI is different so what you need is a cross-platform way to access MIDI, and that method needs to be written for Lua for example (quick google search) http://www.pjb.com.au/comp/lua/MIDI.html

    Lua is just a small part of Ctrlr, it’s not the other way aroung (Ctrlr is part of Lua, or is an API for Lua)

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