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    human fly
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    looking at this great XP-30 panel. this is really good.
    question for dasfaker:
    will it work for the JV-1080? if not, what needs to be
    changed with the sysex?

    i see it uses ‘..k0,k1..’ in the address. could you explain
    how this works? – broadly.. i imagine one of the methods
    interprets the parameter and combines somehow with the
    sysex message entry, way over my head, for the lua, i understand
    roland’s sysex address summing – more interested in how k0,k1
    bytes are built and fetched by the lua.

    i have a JV-1080 (for the time being) and would really
    like to try this out with it.

    very nice styling for the UI. why not have a JV version ?
    i’ve made a midi mapping for novation remote, making it
    really simple and quick to edit, but there are necessary


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    This is a very old panel. I have a newer one, but it will not be released in the short term. I need to fix all bugs on the MC505 one to apply the same fixes to the JV one, as they are very similar.

    k0, k1… are global variables to be used on the sysex formulas. There are several posts on the forum that deal with this:

    setting a global variable

    Global Midi Channel for a panel

    and a lot more.


    human fly
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    omigaawd, i participated there … :-/ lol

    i’m sure you can appreciate the issues i face if i want
    to do a multitimbral editor for the Roland D-110 …
    i even found an editor for the D-20 in these pages, had
    not thought to look. some significant differences, even
    though the sysex is the same, more or less.

    question: i see it is a demo. does this mean you have
    a commercial release of these somewhere?

    (maybe simple for you, but i have yet to learn how to
    make a midi send/retrieve system, and i think i’m just
    going to go for the simplest version i can, and fetch
    only one preset at a time, so the user can see what
    they are editing. nb: i am confused by the D-50 editor,
    as i suspect that it is fetching updates all the time,
    but maybe that’s a wrong assumption?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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