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    human fly

    got zoom +/- working pretty nicely.
    but after some re-arranging, i’m getting what i call
    aliasing, as proportion of a fairly fine (2 coordinate points)
    line is zoomed in: at one to more zoom sizes the width is
    wrong – no doubt because of the ratio of total dimensions
    to the zooming increment factor
    -which is +0.0999999999999999778

    panel size is 900 x 472 but that doesn’t seem to play much
    part because i’ve been changing it.

    this is either a horrible trial and error thing, or i may have
    to compromise on that zoom ration and number of sizes available.
    (it’s the figure Possemo used in a method, worked fine until
    just now when i changed things)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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