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Futuresonus Parva

Futuresonus Parva panel covers all available MIDI CC’s according to official documentation (as of 28.1.2017).

Don’t forget to save your patches manually on your Parva 😉

Let me know if you find any bugs, I’ve tested it just briefly.


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2017-01-30: Updated version – missing menu and cropped panel are sorted


6 Responses to “Futuresonus Parva”

  1. madlesne

    Thx a lot ! This is very exciting. Can I ask you what is the resolution of the controls on this editor ? Simple 7bit cc ? 14 bit cc ? NRPN ? By advance thank you for your answer

  2. madlesne

    Oh no… I don’t like it… The panel created a bug on my ctrlr standalone. Each time I open the app, i have the parva panel, and no menu whatsoever to close it and open another panel. I deleted the app, the parva panel, cleaned the trash, installed ctrlr again, but Ctrlr stays blocked on the parva panel, and there is nothing I can do. Even when i select another .panelz file, and try to open it with CTRLR the app opens in this frozen state. I start to panic now. I’m using the latest mac update. Help somebody ?

  3. madlesne

    it’s really frozen and that’s catastrophic for my setup, so please if you know how to resolve it, don’t hesitate to help…

  4. cube48

    Sorry for causing such troubles. I see what happens but don’t know why (missing menu bar, cropped panel layout by the height of the missing menu). I’ll check that. In the meanwhile, what help here is to open other ‘working’ panel. This should give you the menu back.

    Edit: It should be fine now. Download it again. There was one menu specific checkbox left on.

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