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GoomGoom is a few component very low cost diy synthesizer. It is 16 voice polyphonic and multitimbral. You can find it at

The panel can directly control all parameters. Store each voice on its own. Put it in a bank of 16 channels. Store the complete bank on your harddisk. I have had contact with the inventor of the Goom and he made a special edition of the firmware for me so it can be controlled by the panel all the way, without the hardware panel.

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  1. tffshtt

    Hi Synthy,
    Do you have any sound samples and or pictures of your build? Very interested in having one made ( I’m more of a wannabe DIYer)

    • Synthy

      In the picture is a brown inlet. That is the Goom. It is just 3 elctronic parts and some capacitors. Very easy to build, because i did not include the control surface.

    • Synthy

      I didn’t see that it was you posted the video. Do you have the code for the discovery board? You also have to look at the “Axoloti” that can also be made from a discoveryboard, but soon the Axoloti is available.

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