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An editor for the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 guitar amp.

Here is a new version for this editor (v2.4) with brand new Library Editor screen and experimental support for GrandMeister Deluxe 40 (I don’t have a GM40 head yet to test the app, so any feedback on how it performs is welcome !).

Once started the Editor will try to connect to the Amp (don’t forget to setup the “Input” / “Device” and “Output” / “Device” in the “Midi” menu). Once connected it will synchronize with the Amp by downloading all the presets from it.

There is a “Library” / “Amp” toggle button in the “Preset” section allowing to switch between editing the current Amp preset or the current Library preset. When in “Library” mode, the presets stored in the amp are not modified, unless you use the “Store” or “Store As” button.

The “Compare” section allows you to visualize and ear the differences between the current preset before and after your modifications. When flipping the toggle button, any modified command will turn orange and switch between the original and modified value. If you want to cancel your changes, simply hit the “Restore Orig.” button.

In the “Settings” screen, you can use the “Power Soak” toggle to switch between “Global” (Power Soak value is kept the same on every preset) or “Preset” (each preset has it’s own Power Soak value) mode. The “Global” mode is only available in “Library” mode.

The application is now capable of loading files generated with H&K’s iPad application. Simply select a .gm36memory file from the “Load” screen, it will be automatically converted and saved in a .gm36 file. You can also export your libraries into iPad compatible .gm36memory files with the “Save for iPad” button. Support for reading files exported from the Android application has also been added.

The Library Editor screen allows you to rearrange presets within you library files. Use shift + arrow keys to select multiple presets ; move presets using the dedicated up and down buttons ; and copy/paste patches using shift + c / shit + v shortcuts. Once you’re done, go back to the main screen and save your library or send it to the amp. You can also open an external file and use it’s content as a source for copy/paste operations.

Download Windows Application (2.4) – Downloads: 2,556

Download Mac Application (2.3) – Downloads: 1,078

Library Editor screen :



History :

– Version 2.4 : Added Library Editor + experimental support for GrandMeister Deluxe 40. Added support for Android App file import.

– Version 2.3 : Fixed delay time and tempo displayed values to align with iPad app. Fixed “callback” errors. Fixed synchronization between app and FSM footswitch. Added .gm36memory file support. Added Global Power Soak setting.

– Version 2.2.1 : Fixed delay / reverb / modulation state and global mute management. Fixed boost button image in compare mode.

– Version 2.2 : Fixed progress bar bugs. Added upload error recovery. Added compare mode. Added settings window. Added help window. Added connection detection procedure on connected/synced led click. Added update check.

– Version 2.1.1 : Fixed bug of Modulation Type rotary not updating. Fixed bug of fx loop / boost / noise gate not correctly synced with amp

– Version 2.1 : Updated design thanks to image resources kindly provided by Hughes & Kettner. Fixed Midi Out channel detection for “Store” and “Store As” buttons.

– Version 2.0.1 : Fixed “Restore” and “Send to amp” bug. Fixed bug with boost checkbox changing the modulation intensity. Fixed “Store” and “Store As” bug when not using Channel 1.

– Version 2.0 : Added Backup/Restore and preset management feature

– Version 1.1 : Added preset naming support

– Version 1.0 : First version with only live edit mode

53 Responses to “Hughes & Kettner – GrandMeister Desktop Remote”

  1. Alfresanz

    This application does not work with Mac OS X Yosemite. Can you give me information on how to make it work for me ?
    thank you very much

  2. fredo

    Hi Alfresanz,
    Thank you for reporting this problem.
    Can you try again with the version I uploaded yesterday ?
    Thanks to Hughes & Kettner who supported my enrollment to Apple’s Mac Developer Program, I was able to integrate the code signature required by the new security level introduced in Yosemite.

  3. mvy

    Hi, would you be able to help? my amp does not sync with the app. The Library to amp switch and backup buttons are disabled when I connect.

    • fredo

      Hi mvy,
      Send me an email, I’ll come back to you.
      Use the “Send feedback” link in help page of the app.
      If the editor does not sync it’s most likely a MIDI setup issue.
      Make sure the MIDI OUT of your computer’s MIDI interface is connected to the MIDI IN of the amp and the MIDI OUT of the amp the the MIDI IN of the computer’s interface.
      You also need to select the appropriate input device and output device in the MIDI menu of the app.
      One last thing, several people reported issues with 5$ cheap Chinese USB/MIDI interfaces, so don’t buy them…

      • Cosmoplex

        Hi Fredo, I have the same problem. Midi out seems to work but there no Midi in? Can’t switch from Library to Amp? Do you have any idea? Thanks for support!

          • fredo

            You should be able to change pattern names. Just click on the name label and it should take you into edit mode.

  4. Richard Alan

    Any recommendations where a newbie can get specific hardware/software suggestions for the GM Desktop Remote. Not a complete computer dummy but zero experience in a MIDI context.

    • Voodoo

      YOur post is a few months old, but maybe another user will find it looking for the same info; I use either the M-Audio midiman or My Presonus Audiobox USB to connect my GM to the computer. One box, two midi cables (so the communication works in both directions and you can actually save what you do). Midi out to midi in, twice.

  5. bordonbert

    Hi, new member here. Trying to use on WinXP PC & laptop. Same as Mvy and Cosmoplex above, responses come in, changes at amp show up in app on PC but can’t get anything the other way. Outgoing RAW midi messages in midi monitor reflect changes made in app but fields like Channel No and Val show [—-]. Channel is set to 1 in Input, Controller and Output and amp set to Channel 1, (0 LEDs on Channel). Is there a setting I have missed to enable send Channel No and Val etc information?

    • fredo

      Hi bordonbert,
      It is normal not to have any value in channel number and val columns since all the communication between the amp and the editor uses SYSEX messages (which do not have channel and value content).
      Most of the time the “one way only” communication syndrome comes from a faulty USB/MIDI interface…
      If you use a cheap no-name interface, I suggest to try and buy an interface from a known brand like M-Audio.
      Best regards,


      • bordonbert

        Thanks Fredo. What you say fits perfectly with my situation and what I have now found. Cheap Chinese interface is on the ball, I have of course ditched it for this instance. I remembered I have a Lexicon Lambda which has MIDI throughput so I have tried that and can report it worked brilliantly from the word “Go”! Most impressive bit of software you have come up with.

        Now for a suggestion. There is a setting where the Power Amp settings can be set to “Global”. I assume this means that Presence and Resonance can be locked to a single setting and don’t change with presets. How about adding a similar switch to lock the Power Soak setting so it doesn’t get kicked up to 36W every time I select a new factory preset?

        I know you can resave each preset to a new slot with the lower Power Soak level in there, but it would be nice to use the default factory range as they are but tell the amp “change everything according to the new selection but leave the Power Soak at 5W for all”. The Power Soak is the only one I can think of which could really benefit from this.

        But thanks for all your effort, the windows version is a great resource. And the Lexicon Lambda can be added to the list of working interfaces.

  6. Adico

    Hi Fredo, first thank you very much for this awsome piece of software!

    I have an annoying problem: I can’t get Library Mode to work. Every time I switch from Amp to Library Mode I get the same error message:

    Callback error: presetModeChanged
    At line [388]: [string “onMidiMessage”]
    What: Lua
    Namewhat: global
    Name: loadPreset
    Error message: [string “onMidiMessage”]:388: attempt to index local ‘preset’ (a nil value)

    Everything else works fantastic!

    I installed the ‘Mac Application’ on a new iMac running OS X 10.11.3.
    The midi interface I use is a iRig2 from IK Multimedia.

    Thank you for your help, sincerely

  7. yoMuzicMan

    I’m having 2 small issues with version 2.2.1 running on Windows 10.

    1 – When I click the toggle button to go from Amp to Library, I get the error:

    “Callback error: presetModeChange”.
    At line [388]: [string “onMidiMessage”]
    What: Lua
    Namewhat: global
    Name: loadPreset
    Error message: [string “onMidiMessage”]:388: attempt to index local ‘preset’ (a nil value)
    At line [388]: [string “onMidiMessage”]
    What: Lua
    Namewhat: global
    Name: loadPreset
    Error message: [string “onMidiMessage”]:388: attempt to index local ‘preset’ (a nil value)
    Method disabled

    2 – Sometimes when adjusting knobs, the ring around the knob will turn orange. And then as I click other knobs, they turn orange too. They still seem to function though. When I restart the app, everything goes back to blue. Not sure what I’m doing to trigger this, but if I figure it out, I’ll pass it along.

    I really like this program. Thanks for the nice app!

  8. bordonbert

    If this is of interest to anyone, I know there has been talk about the need for an app to more easily manage and manipulate the .GM36 files this app works with. I have written a down and dirty rough little app for my own use which I can offer to people, and I will continue to try to develop it. It’s Windows only I’m afraid, not Android or Mac, but it works entirely independently of the GM36 app so you should be able to use it alongside your Android/Mac gear as long as you have a Win PC or laptop.

    It’s written in C++ in VS2005 from WinXP so it is pretty long in the tooth code. I am sure there will be usage issues with more modern versions of windows and the associated controls. I have already had to incorporate a couple of pretty klutzy workarounds for issues I have already identified. But at £1000+ to upgrade my setup it isn’t going to happen soon!

    It’s a simple single 350kB .exe file which can be droppped anywhere you want and doesn’t need any other resources to work. I can assure you there is no spyware, spamware or reporting code in there, just the simple code for the app. If anyone is savvy enough to check for outgoing or incoming communications to it with something like Wireshark I would appreciate a confirmation of that.

    You can get the latest version via a thread on the “Unofficial H&K Forum” here:

    I’d appreciate any feedback as to issues you identify via the forum if you can. Hope a few of you can get some use out of it.

  9. Kernie

    How do you set up the setup the “Input” / “Device” and “Output” / “Device” in the “Midi” menu. Mine says “NO DEVICE” on both of these pull downs.

  10. TRT

    Hi – have the same issue as yoMuzicMan and Adico. Am running the software on Win10 with Propide Midi. Next to that I have the same msg when I load a file. Any hint might help …!

    • TRT

      Another info (trying to help here): when I loaded a file (with the above mentioned error msg) I cannot load another one after that – only after re-starting the application. In general the “send to amp works” (even with the error messages above). Not sure if that helps ….

  11. TRT

    BTW: On my MAC V10.11.5 I cannot get anything up and running – the Midi Device is shown and selected accordingly, but neither lib nor amp mode is working. Same msg when trying to load a presets file as above … 🙁

    • TRT

      Replying here to my own thread – but I wanted to share that it looks like that the Prodipe Midi did not get enough power from either Laptop (not attached to power) or Tablet. With Roland UM1 the connected itself works like charm.
      Greetings, TRT

  12. pamstarmaker

    Hi together, Thanks for this app for windows. yesterday I bought the WMI 1 for connecting the GM36 via WLAN. Is there a possibility using it with your app? When there is no Option in the conection menu of your app. BG Achim

  13. fredo

    Hi everyone !
    Sorry I did not came here for quite some time !…
    Don’t hesitate to use the “send feedback” link in the info page of the app to drop me an email directly if you don’t get an answer here.
    I’m gonna get the development of the app back alive to make it compatible with the new GrandMeister 40 so I will take some time to fix the bugs some of you encounter (callback error messages).
    Pamstarmaker, regarding your question about the WMI 1, I’m sorry but it’s only compatible with iPad. I cannot provide support for it in my app since the WMI 1 does not come with standard MIDI drivers :-/
    Best regards,

    • Muecke

      Hi Fredo! I own a Grandmeister 40 and im looking forward the the GM40 Version of your tool! The GM36 Version is actually not working.

    • TRT

      Hi fredo,
      your message causes tears of joy on my side! 🙂 Looking forward to the fixes – and the support of the 40 (for all who own that amp 🙂 ). Thanks for revitalizing the efforts!!
      Greetings, TRT

  14. psn1982

    Give me please models of USB to Midi adapters whats work correctly with GrandMeister 36 on Windows XP and android.
    Chinese adapter at price 5$ from aliexpress dont work.

    • TRT

      The UM-ONE works with Android, yes. Unfortunatelly the GM36 software on Android does not work for me (way from GM36 to the App). In general the MIDI ctrl works with all other Apps on that tablet. Seems to be weired problem – also the Andoird app guys are not able to help … BUT: The UM-ONE works ( i think that was the qst … 🙂 ).

    • psn1982

      Hi, fredo.
      My thanks for you. M-Audio UM-ONE good work on android and WinXp.
      But on WinXp I see some problem.
      On library mode if I switch preset on PC, preset don’t changed on FSM-432 midiboard, displayed old number on midiboard.
      But if I switch button on midiboard, preset is changed in library. Synchronization work in one direction. It is bug?
      On android app in library mode synchronization with midiboard is work.
      On amp mode all very well in both direction on PC.
      Sorry for my English.

  15. TRT

    Hi fredo,
    this is freaking great stuff: V2.3 with the fixes. My setup GM36, UM ONE, Yamaha FS7, FSM 423 MK III, WinPC works like CHARM! The whole setup is working in each and every direction Callback errors gone. It is a REAL efficient environment now!!! BIG BIG THANKS!!!! Is there any plan to have 2.3 also availble for MAC (using this on stage …..)??
    Cheers, TRT

    • TRT

      Just to share my Setup & connections:
      WinPC -> USB (UM ONE)
      UM ONE mido out -> FSM Midi In
      FSM Midi out -> GM36 Midi in
      GM36 Midi Out -> UM ONE Midi in
      USB UM One -> Win PC
      Boom – Done

        • fredo

          Thx for the feedback TRT !
          I’m glad to know the 2.3 solved the callback issues.
          I just released the Mac version of the 2.3 yesterday 😉
          Cheers !

          • TRT

            Would like to confirm that V2.3 is running on MAC, too … Again: Thanks!!!!

    • fredo

      Hi Hendock !
      Well the GrandMeister 40 support is almost ready, I’m just waiting for H&K to send me a GM40 head to test and finalize the version…
      Hopefully it will get there for Christmas ?!…
      Cheers !

      • sms

        I just received my Grandmeister Deluxe 40 head if you would like me to test. I also work in IT. I am very interested in your Windows App so I don’t need to buy an iPad. Thx for all your work on this.

  16. Hendock

    Hi fredo!

    Thanks for your quick reply. I’m really looking forward to new version as I like the current version very much and use it to visualize my presets.

  17. sms

    Fredo, you Rock \m/ for making this program that H&K should have created. How is it coming with the windows program for the Grandmeister Deluxe 40? Still waiting to get a head to test with? (I could test if you want) I need to come up with my strategy to use this amp for a gig in January. I either need your program or splurge for a used iPad. I rather use what you have. Thx for putting the effort in. Sms

    • fredo

      Hi sms,
      No news from H&K about a GM 40 head to test the application :-/…
      Drop me an email (use the contact link in the help page of the app) if you want to discuss about a test strategy.

      • sms

        There is no “contact” section under help. I only have About. It shows the instance name, author, and version. There is a link to the app on the ctrlr in there too. I need your app more than ever now. My new amp just broke as far as power tubes. I could probably fix it myself but I only had the thing 2 weeks and so sweetwater is shipping a replacement. I need to move over all my presets to the new one when I get it. I can still test the app though I just have no sound.

  18. pfaelzermichel

    Hi fredo!
    I bought a Grandmeister Deluxe 40 head. I have a midi-Interface (5$ cheap Chinese USB/MIDI interfaces). I tested with the GM RM 36 Version for Windows.(win 10 64 BIT) Signals are send to the amp,but not correctly. i think , either the the GM 36 RM Version is not compatible to th GM 40 or the midi-Interface is scrap. What do you think ? Have you some easy commands for me that i can test the midi interface ?
    Cheers Pfaelzermichel

    • fredo

      Hi Pfaelzermichel,
      The current version of the app does NOT support GrandMeister 40.
      The GrandMeister 40 version will be available soon, I’m just waiting for H&K to send me an head to test it (they’re suppose to do so after the Namm Show).
      The 5$ MIDI interface might be an issue too though…

  19. sms

    Looks great Fredo! I haven’t tried with the actual head yet. Hopefully tonight….. I like everything you have done. I notice at the top of the app you didn’t change the version number. It would be nice if we had a “Store” where we can pull presets from, create the list and then send the customized list to the amp. I know we can do that by loading an external file but I may need multiple files if I have more than 128 presets. No biggie though as the functionality you added with the library editor is a life saver. I love it and can’t say thank you enough. Do you plan to have the global power soak function with the GM40?

  20. sms

    Fredo, FYI… For me and my GM40 head the send to amp doesn’t work. I just thought I would let you know. I know you don’t have a head yet to test with. It connects and everything. I just can’t save the library. It goes to the sending presets screen and just sits at 0% with an abort button

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