Roland JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility

Roland JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility

Roland JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility


    • Downloads Internal Patches I-11 – I-88 (64 x patches).
    • Can upload sysex files back to the JD-990.
    • Features progress bar and cancel button.
    • Transfer times can be changed (recommended 360~400ms download and ~150ms upload according to my tests but that may depend on your setup).
    • A full dump should be 33216 bytes.  If you get a “MIDI Buffer Full” notice on the JD-990, increase the Transfer Rate.
    • Tested in standalone mode only with  [Ctrlr 5.3.201 (Recommended)] ::  Windows 10.
    • This program is also included in the JD-990 Super Editor.

Version History and Change-log:

  • Version 1.5 (07/08/2019) Uses native lua modulo function.
  • Version 1.4 (09/28/2018) Minor Code & Interface updates.
  • Version 1.3 (09/25/2018) Fixed popup dialogue potentially showing on panel load.
  • Version 1.2 (08/19/2018) Fixed panel size (24px Ctrlr Bug)
  • Version 1.1 (07/09/2018) Changed checksum function; minor interface updates
  • Version 1.0 (07/06/2018)


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16 thoughts on “Roland JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility”

    • Hi Lloyd,

      I think the code is very specific to the JD-990, but the basic concept should be the same so ‘yes’ but with a lot of work and re-configuring.

      As I don’t have the AX-7 controller, I wouldn’t want to do it, but if you want to try, I can help you if you get stuck somewhere.

    • Hi Lloyd. I had a quick look at the manual I don’t think there are any sysex commands you could trigger from a computer to initiate a bulk dump. On page 15 it tells you how to start a dump of the whole machine. You do it from the synth manually.

      I don’t know how much you know about midi dumps (I am still learning) but I think all you would need is a utility like Bome SendSX [ ] or MidiOx [ ] to capture the data after it streams all the data off the AX-7 to the computer and save as a file (.syx) on windows.

      You should then be able to re-upload the data in future using either of those two utilities to reverse the process. From what I can see, that is all you really need with that synth.

      Let me know if you need any help.


  1. Hi dnaldoog,

    First, Ctrlr seems not working under OS X 10.6. But it works under OS X 10.9, with both Logic Pro 9 & X.
    When I press “UPLOAD TO JD-990”, sysex file is sent, but nothing happens into the JD-990 (of course, Internal Protect is off).
    What do not I do correctly?

    • Hi Pevets – is it transmitting the full 33216 bytes and are you getting no Midi Buffer Full errors? You can see the JD-990 Midi Message light flickering on and off, right?

      Have you tried setting the Transfer Rate Delay down to a really slow value like 1500 for example?

      Also MidiOx or Bome SendSX should be able to upload that sysex file too. If they can’t either, then it’s probably not the program but something else.


  2. Hi dnaldoog,

    Yes, it transmits the full 33216 bytes and I don’t get Midi Buffer Full errors. But I can’t see the JD-990 Midi Message light flickering on and off; nothing happens at all.


  3. Hi Michelk.

    I just looked at the JD-800 manual and the Sysex Implementation is similar in some ways but really completely different, so I would say a definite no unfortunately. I don’t have a JD-800, but when I have time I might try to do that. Private message me if you are interested, but it won’t be for a while as I am working on a new JD-990 panel.

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