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Midi Editor for the Roland JX-8P synth.


Tested on Ctrlr Nightly version 1326



Editor will update after Tone Select (on synth)

Save Patch to Synth (Internal & Cartridge memory locations)

Load & save Patch to disk ((.syx) you can load your old or downloaded sounds)

Edit Patch name in Editor LCD (use CAPS only!)




(minor issue:The Key-Mode slider in the Editor doesn’t update normal. (Synth to Editor only))


7 Responses to “JX8Programmer V2.2”

  1. Karl

    Hi, I would like to control the sliders with CC messages (from my midi keyboard). What do I have to do to make it work in the standalone version? Thanks.

  2. makasi

    Hi there. Would be great to have a Randomizer feature.. Something that would randomly mess with all the parameters… Is that possible? How could I do it?

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