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Editor / Librarian for the Oberheim Matrix-1000

It should work on any Matrix-1000 but I strongly recommend you to upgrade to firmware v1.20 from Bob Grieb or v1.16 from GliGli. I am using v1.20 which is an awesome upgrade for the Matrix1000.

This panel has to be requested. Write an email to Give a short explanation why you want this panel.

A few screenshots showing the panel:

m1k_1 m1k_2 m1k_3 m1k_4 m1k_5



If you think your Matrix1000 is reacting erratic try the following:

1. Sytem Reset: hold the “Enter” button while switching on. It will show the firmware version. Wait until device starts up. Patch 00 of Bank 0 will be initialized to an init patch.

2. Calibration Procedure: Select “Ext Funct”, push button 7, push Enter, push Enter again. Display will show “CAL”. Wait until device reverts to Patch mode.

3. If you are using firmware v1.16 or v1.20 maybe GliGli-Detune is set by accident. Set it by using CC 94, or use my Ctrlr panel. GliGli-Detune is not saved with the patch parameters.

4. If you are using an old Oberheim firmware (e.g. v1.11) you will face a load of bugs. Upgrade to a bugfixed/enhanced firmware. If you live in europe you can get a ROM chip programmed with v1.20 from Untergeek. Within the USA you can get it directly from Bob Grieb: Tauntek Website.

5. Master Parameters may not be set correctly. Use my panel to set it to your preferences.

6. If this did not help you may have a hardware prob. Common issue: memory backup battery’s life has ended. Replace it with a new one. For this you will have to desolder the old battery.

7. If this still does not help you may have a faulty CEM3396. The “small body” CEM3396’s used in the Matrix1000 are getting rare. The “wide body’s” used in the Matrix6 are still available for about 6$. There are ways fitting a “wide body” into a Matrix1000 (i mean without using a sledgehammer).


The Patch parameters are not explained in the Matrix1000 manual but they are identical to the Matrix6. The Master parameters are different though, and the Matrix1000 has no Split-mode. I OCR’ed the Matrix1000 and Matrix6r pdf-manuals to enable full text search:

If you don’t know how to use Ctrlr my tutorial for the SuperJX panel may help you:Download

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  1. jasefos


    REALLY cool panel mate! Love your work. Running it on OSX Yosemite with the latest CTRLR build for OSX. I am having some technical issues (e.g. Bank select is working fine but Patch Change messages don’t seem to reach the synth even thought Patch Enable mode is on in Global) and can’t get some of the bulk SysEx dump/receive functions to work properly yet however it’s early days of experimenting. Once again … amazing work (and love the Matrix themed GUI – LOL).

  2. jasefos


    P.s. I’m running with Matrix 1000 OS version 1.11 … which EEPROM upgrade is best in your experience to upgrade to? I also have a Matrix 6R which I’ll have a try with next up.

    • Possemo


      I haven’t tried v1.16 from GliGli. All I can say is that v1.20 from Bob Grieb is great. A true game changer.
      For the M6r I’d recommend v2.14 from Bob. It seems to work well on Matt’s M6. For the patch change issue etc.: try the new panel version 1.07b. There are some patch change related bugs fixed.

  3. Possemo


    I will delete threads that were not replied by the op for about a month. I then assume that the original poster doesn’t care anymore. If your question does not get answered: send me an email at roet(at)

    • withoutvice

      Just some added information. I am on a mac with ctrl version 5.3.85, Build date = Wed Feb 18 17:53:46 CET 2015. I will update to newest version to see iif that helps at all. I think maybe I am just a bit confused about how to go about the saving process. I could just be doing something rather stupid that I am not trying. Will post a followup message shortly

  4. withoutvice

    Hey Possemo I believe it was because my matrix was recently updated and had write protection on it. I am away from my studio for a bit but I can check when I get back

  5. mickymoog

    Hi, I would like to use your panel as I own a Matrix 1000. I have attempted to purchase the Eprom from the guy in Germany but his send box is greyed out, could you check this out please…..cheers.

    • untergeekDE

      Hi Mickymoog, just reading this by sheer chance – my WP installation is damaged, sorry about that; it keeps mistaking users for spammers. You might just mail me via shop at untergeek de and I’ll be able to help you.

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