Roland TB-3 Editor v1.4.1

Roland TB-3 Editor v1.4.1

Roland TB-3 Editor has the following features.
– Edit TB-3 parameters including many hidden parameters
– Recieve parameters from TB-3

 – Initially released

 – Add some parameters to LFO
 – Support Distortion parameters

 – Support EFX1 and EFX2 parameters

 – Add parameter assign function
 – Add MIDI setting function
 – Fixed some bugs

 – Fixed a bug.


6 thoughts on “Roland TB-3 Editor v1.4.1”

  1. In your sysex messages, what does the variable z6 do?

    For example in your VCF Cutoff uiSlider, you have the formula:

    F0 41 10 00 00 7B 12 10 00 0A 00 ms ls z6 F7


  2. Hi dnaldoog,

    z6 is check sum.
    z means Roland style, 6 is bytes to calculate check sum.
    In this example, check sum is calculated from “10 00 0A 00 ms ls”.


  3. Well I knew about z5, but not z6! I didn’t realise the number indicates how many bytes to check!

    I wrote a rather difficult (for me) function to calculate the checksum of combined MSB and LSB values, but I could have done this all along!

    Thank you!

  4. hi, how can save a patch in the editor ? i try send a snapshot but not work (AU Ctrlr plug), i don’t know why change midi channel and the Tb go crazy in midi panic thx

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