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Editor / Librarian for the Sequential Six-Trak

This panel now has to be requested. If you want a copy write an email to roet32(at) Give a short explanation why you want this panel.

If you think writing an email is too much work I recommend using this panel. It can be downloaded at once:

Six-Trak Editor

2 Responses to “Six-Trak”

  1. carb

    Be very very cautious with using this panel, loading a preset into the synth erases definitively the previous one.
    This should be written in red, bigger and before letting people using the panel. I’ve read the text before using and did not understood loading a patch was a destructive action.
    I lost 10 patches and am scared to use the panel again.

  2. Possemo


    This is a BETA panel. Use at your own risk. When using such software you ALWAYS must save your patches with a Sysex tool. Sorry maybe I should have told that.

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