GrooveBox Editor for Roland MC-505, MC-307, JX-305 and D2

GrooveBox Editor Beta– Standalone and VST Editor for Roland MC-505, Roland MC-307, Roland JX-305 and Roland D2 series synthesizers

Multitimbral Midi Editor for Roland MC-505, MC-307, JX-305 and D2 Groove synthesizers. Complete control of all your synthesizer (8 Patch parts, Rhythm part, Effects, Part Common and System settings) from a single instance.

Beta release, any feedback will be welcome.



· Librarian
Load and save individual patches and rhythm patches in .syx format.

Load and save patch and rhythm soundbanks in .syx format.

Load patches from Preset, User and Card banks.

Write patches in User, Card and external banks.

Create new Patch and Rhythm soundbanks.

Drag&Drop patches between banks.

· Data storage

GrooveBox Editor let’s you create the following data and save them as a single file (extension .syx)

· Current Patch data (consisting of latest status of 7 Patches and 1 Rhythm Set).

· Current Part settings data (consisting of setup parameters of 8 Parts).

· Current Part Common settings data (consisting of effect parameters).

· Current System settings data (consisting of System Common settings and Scale Tune settings of 8 Parts).

Finally, GrooveBox Editor can backup and transfer Pattern and Patch data when a Bulk Dump is performed on the synthesizer, and save the data to file in .syx format.

· DAW Automation

Every parameter of the sound engine of every part is ready to be automated.

· Total Recall

GrooveBox Editor lets you edit all the Patch, Rhythm, Part and System parameters (up to 7675 parameters!) and save the latest edit status within the application. This means that you can easily recall the latest status of the previous edit simply by opening GrooveBox Editor.

· Parameter Locking

Lock any section of the synthesizer sound engine. For instance, lock Tone 1 Wave section and Amplitude Envelope. When loading or receiving a new patch, the locked sections will not change. Do you like the effect settings of a Part, or the filter section? Lock them and test any patch with those settings.

· Patch Randomizer

GrooveBox Editor provides a Patch Randomizer with several functions to control the process. It can be used in conjunction with Parameter Locking section to select which groups of parameters will be randomized.

· Joystick Modulator

Choose up to four parameters from any part and modulate them in a vectorial style.

· Instructions

The zip file contains both stand-alone and VST plugin version for 32 and 64 bit Windows systems, as well as a short manual.


Beta 2 version is available.

Fixes (16/12/2017):

Parameter EFX Delay Send Level was missing
Parameter EFX Reverb Send Level was missing
Parameter FMX Color didn’t send it’s value
Parameter FMX Depth didn’t send it’s value
Parameter Tone 3 Pitch Envelope Depth didn’t send it’s value
Skin Saturn fixed (was missing a color, resulting in broken GUI or crashes when this skin was selected at startup)
Modulation destinations are now correctly displaying their names
Sending Part Info Data (pressing Send Data button) as a whole was causing problems (initializing patches), so now this data is sent in a different way.
Added missing CC tab to Drum part


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