This is a panel for the Matrix-6. I cannot fully test it as I have no Matrix-6 (just a Matrix-1000).I am grateful that “Symphonicsamples” is helping me fixing bugs but just one betatester is a bit sparse, so use at your own risk.

Before you try it be aware that I made the panel for firmware v2.14 from Bob Grieb ( If you got v2.14 set the “Sysex”-setting to value “2” when using this panel. When using firmwares prior to v2.14 this panel probably won’t work flawlessly.



This panel has to be requested. Write an email to Give a short explanation why you want this panel.


m6_1 m6_2 m6_3 m6_4


If you don’t know how to use Ctrlr my tutorial for the SuperJX panel may help you:Download

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