Roland JD-990 Super Editor

    • JD-990 Super Editor – 1
    • Includes full drop-down menu access to to the SR-JV80-04 Expansion card patches and wave forms if installed.
    • Selected SR-JV80-04 patches for JV Series and JD series are loaded into Patch Mode/Temporary Patch.
    • Simultaneous editing of all four voices per patch as in Palette Mode on JD-990 (except for wave-forms)
    • Edits/Changes to a temporary patch can be saved as an external sysex file.
    • Writing patch changes to JD-990 must be done on the machine.
    • Tested in standalone mode only with  [Ctrlr 5.3.201 (Recommended::  Windows 10].
    • For Bulk Sysex dumps use  the  JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility  utility, which will be included in version 2 of this program.
    • Please check back regularly for updates as this project is currently active.
  • To create a VST or AU file: Load the Ctrlr.dll into your DAW, then load this panel into that. Then go to File -> Export -> Export Restricted Instance. This will build a VST dll or AU file. You can now load this panel independently of Ctrlr.

Comments or suggestions  welcome.

Version History and Change-log:

    • Version 1.7.0 (01/18/2019)
      minor design change – small bug fix – zoom function
    • Version 1.5f (01/12/2019)
      sys dump Area buttonfix
    • Version 1.5e (01/04/2019)
      Voice Priority and SoloSync were not displaying
    • Version 1.5d (11/11/2018)
      Fixed incorrect sysex formulae for Spectrum.
    • Version 1.5c (10/30/2018)
      Waveform Load Function was crashing on startup.
      Please upgrade to this version!
    • Version 1.5b (10/09/2018)
      Waveform Source button now working
    • Version 1.5a (10/07/2018)
      Fixed missing images in VST.dll
    • Version 1.5 (10/06/2018)
      • Many code fixes
      • Load time should be greatly reduced.
      • Addressed Ctrlr Bug: sends all combo sysex/cc to machine on panel load.
      • Fixed Midi Buffer Full Errors and Checksum Errors.
    • Version 1.2 -1.4  (from 09/28/2018)
      • Please upgrade to version 1.5+
    • Version 1.1 (08/18/2018) Fixed panel size (24px Ctrlr Bug)
    • Version 1.0 (07/10/2018) Changed Checksum function
    • Version 0.99 (07/04/2018) Checksum error fix
    • Version 0.98.5 (12/15/2017) Minor code fixes
    • Version 0.98 (10/13/2017) First release

02/17/2019: This panel is currently unavailable
due to various issues that need addressing.
Please check back soon for a new version.

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