Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo Editor v1.12 (Windows, Mac OSX)

Panel Editor for Roland VR09 and VR730 V-Combo stage organs

ANNOUCEMENT (21. March 2018):  feature pack v. 1.12(6) soon be available (adds master tune + damper and expr. pedal select in UPG)

youtube video tutorials:    [EDITOR  setup, usage]          [EDITOR  GeneralMidi setup]

This is the continued development of Mauros initial VR-Combo panel (mille grazie Mauro!)

  • Compatible to Roland keyboard firmware v.1.12 (VR09, VR09B, VR730)
  • Access to the huge ‘internal’ soundbanks of the VR09/730 not accessible through the keyboard:
    • Roland ATLELIER concert organ sounds (ca. 500)
    • additional keyboard sounds (several hundret accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
    • standard GM2 sounds (ca. 250)
    • additional GM-sounds (several hundret accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
  • Fully featured software synthesizer
  • Direct access of parameters instead of diving into VR keyboard submenus
  • Increased timbrality (polyvoices) from 2 (keyboard without app) to 6 voices and even 23 when using GM2.
  • Save of the ‘internal’ and modified sounds and voices to the VR-registration banks for use without laptop/tablet
  • Live-play of the GM2-sounds using a simple midi-toolchain.
  • NEW (v1.12.4)  Editor for VR registration sets (using VR upg-files from usb-stick)
  • NEW (v1.12.3)  simple patch register for preferred sounds (patches)
  • Tutorial in english and german. Video tutorial on youtube.
  • Recommended software: Win-10: CTRLR v5.4.29 (not v5.5.x !), OSX: CTRLR v53.198, Linux: src (?)

Note: there will be regular feature and bugfix updates . Check this site from time to time.

Critics, bugreports etc are highly appreciated 🙂

Download     (LATEST: v1.12.5 02/2018: CTRLR panel + tutorial)

Download     (LATEST: v1.12.4 02/2018: CTRLR panel + tutorial)

Download standalone Editor (64bit LATEST):  V-ComboEditor.exe   (needs no installation of CTRLR platform)

Version history:
v1.12.5 02/2018: HOTFIX for wrong registration order in upg-editor. UM1/UM2 VCE/SYN now fully parallel
v1.12.4 02/2018: added: upg/registration editor, drumsets, improved workspace, bugfixes
v1.12.3 01/2018: added: patch registers, selector for VR-Key sounds, controls. Improved workspace.
v1.12.2 12/2017: modified panel surface, del. KBD/GM2-Tabulator, moved GM2 to main-tabulator
v1.12.1 12/2017: initial beta version
planned: D-Beam controller, complete registration implementation.



what you’ll never experience sans V-Combo Editor 🙂



ORGAN section:


ATELIER section:

SOUNDS section:

GM2 section:

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