5 Fashionista-Approved Tunics to Wear With Leggings

Surprise! There are fashionable options of tunics to wear with leggings. Are you sure you mean robes? Yes. You mean the things my great-grandmother wears when we go visit her for dinner on Sundays? Yes, those robes. Well, not those exact tunics, but there are some trendy and age-appropriate tunic styles to wear with leggings.

Here are five fashionista-approved tunics to wear with leggings:

· The most popular option to wear with leggings will be the traditional shirt-style tunic with two front chest pockets, rolled-up sleeves and a shirt hem. This popular style of tunic can be found in most retail stores, both online and offline. It is a fun and informal look to look comfortable and elegant.

· A great look for summer is to wear a beach tunic and pair it with leggings. Throw on a pair of summer sandals and you’ll be ready to head out the door. To dress up the outfit, be sure to accessorize the look properly, and an extra fierce tote bag will put this look over the top.

· A tunic with a drawstring waist can produce a figure-flattering silhouette. While this tunic style may not work for everyone, it is a great style for women who need to create more curves or show off an hourglass figure. If you weigh the top or bottom, this style may not work for you. This tunic with drawstring is ideal for spring or summer. Complete this fun look with bracelets or a large watch.

· A tunic with a split collar is another favorite to wear with leggings Kinross cashmere. This tunic style is a favorite because it produces a slimming and flattering V neckline. This is another quick and trendy set to create. Grab a split-necked tunic, add leggings to it, mix up a pair of boots, and get an outfit that’s full of fashionista appeal.

· Finally, an essential option that almost everyone should have in their wardrobe is the denim tunic. You can pair it with sneakers for a fun weekend look or dress it up with a scarf and boots for an artistic touch. This outfit is always a hit. Wear it with an amazing pair of sunglasses for the pseudo-celebrity feel.

There you have it: five fashion-approved tunics to wear with leggings that won’t lock you up in a retirement home and ask you what flavor of jelly to serve for dessert. If you were going to buy these tunic styles to wear with your leggings, here is the list in the recommended order of priority: the denim tunic, shirt-style tunic, split neck tunic, beach tunic, and (if you have the body shape for it) the drawstring waist tunic. Look for these tunics to wear with leggings when shopping and steer clear of any styles your great-grandmother might borrow.

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