5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Server in 2021

Dedicated hosting is used to describe web hosting plans that offer a dedicated server using dedicated resources specifically for a single user. Dedicated hosting plans are perfect for WordPress websites that have an inflow of a huge amount of visitors. There are various WordPress hosting service providers providing Dedicated Hosting plans with a shared and VPS hosting plan. Hence, a dedicated server is very significant, and here you will discover all the essential reasons for getting a dedicated server in 2021.

For instance, if someone is using a shared hosting plan, the user is sharing a computer with several other users. In the VPS hosting plan, the clients are sharing one machine but not the resources with other users on the same computer. Nevertheless, on dedicated hosting plans, a user gets the whole server along with all the resources. In addition to this, Web hosting providers deliver several different plans of dedicated hosting plans. However, the prices of such plans depend upon the user’s choice who is considering hardware and resource distribution.

Dedicated hosting packages are perfectly designed for huge corporations or sites based on higher traffic. The users get complete control of the server, which helps them configure it and meet all their requirements. The dedicated plan is categorized in two, which includes managed and unmanaged types of web hosting where the hosting center is able to manage the server for the users in case of any kinds of issues. 

Dedicated Managed servers are normally more costly. The pricing is influenced by the number of essential resources comprising of bandwidth, amount of RAM, storage space, and several other aspects. Another additional expense for a satisfactory dedicated server is the software packages that are important for operating the server. These kinds of software also include licensing for Windows, cPanel, and other associated paid software. Free options are also available for most paid software plans but are generally not preferable because of software stability issues. The key exception to the partiality for paid vs. free software is the extensive use of Linux over Microsoft or any other paid Operating System on the servers.

Why do you require a dedicated server in 2021?

There are various types of website servers, and selecting the apt one for your business can make an immense difference in the growth of your business. A small business will need only a basic website, and it might be able to fulfill its requirements with a shared server or a virtual private server only. However, as your site and business grow, demand for resources and hardware will eventually increase. Therefore if you are not in control of your server, you will definitely need your provider. Here are five reasons making it is mandatory for you to get the dedicated server in 2021. 

Large Company

Your server is much more significant than just being your website. You can operate your entire site on it. But for that, you will require a dedicated private server. This means that you will have to run your own in-house server or use a satisfactory dedicated server hosting from a data center. Furthermore, with the passage of time, as your company grows, you will need to know that the server also grows with you. Navicosoft provides you satisfactory dedicated server to help you achieve high website speed, which is indispensable for any user experience since it is a major ranking factor for search engines.

Dedicated support

A dedicated server in 2021 does not specifically mean that you will have control over hardware or the setup. You can also use a serviced dedicated server to get all the benefits to maintain your own server. However, it will make sure you get dedicated support without the need to hire an in-house team for monitoring and protecting your server.


Several companies are successfully able to outgrow their hosting companies but do not take any further steps. It can lead them to a top-tier pricing plan which is unable to meet all the hosting requirements. You will be surprised to discover how much cost-effective a dedicated server can be. You can consider the following aspects for defining affordability. In this way, you will have complete control, do not have to lose money to website downtime, and scale the site as your business grows. 

High security

If your site is on a server that you don’t have control of, you will have less guarantee that your data will not be at risk. Therefore if the data breaches, it can cost a company a fine in millions which you definitely cannot afford to take in this kind of risk with your data. Moreover, a satisfactory dedicated server in 2021 makes sure you get full control of your data security.

High traffic

If you are sharing resources with other businesses, then there might be a surge in traffic. A sudden increase can result in your website going down. Therefore if you have a huge amount of traffic on your website, you will need a satisfactory dedicated server for handling your bandwidth. In case of a website crashes due to no visitors on your site is not bad enough. However, if your site crashes due to an inflow of immense visitors, it is definitely a disaster. That’s why you definitely need a dedicated server in 2021.

Get the Satisfactory Dedicated Server from Navicosoft!

Navicosoft provides you with personalized plans for dedicated server hosting. These plans are suitable for the smallest applications to the biggest enterprises because we understand how to cover your requirements. You can experience the maximum level of resource allocation, privacy, and control using our Dedicated server plans. In addition to this, we provide you with a completely remote dedicated server. In this way, you will get full access to configuring your server without disturbing other users.

Navicosoft is a reliable dedicated server provider and leads to providing customer loyalty along with trust. We monitor your Dedicated servers to mitigate risk and optimize your performance to help you 24/7.

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