7 Errors You Must Avoid While Essay Writing: Essay Help

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. – Benjamin Franklin.

By saying that he cleared that writing is precious for one who writes and the other who reads. The main ingredient of it is- its worth. That’s why writing is given a special place in one’s career. Be it academic writing or writing content online, never hesitate to approach an essay writing service. Not only do you get flair in writing but will escape the common essay error.

How does Essay Help or Essay Writing Service Assist?

Being a student is difficult, you are always packed with several activities. Even as an entrepreneur you have various things to manage. In such circumstances, it is troublesome to write. For this, you can hand over the task to agencies offering Assignment help. Although there are online tools available on the internet, lack of time is an issue. Hence, you can benefit from an essay writing service.

Major 7 Common Essay Error You Should Never Neglect

Often, you think you have written perfectly but still received fewer marks or your thesis has been rejected. So to get your work accomplished, learn what the common essay errors to be avoided are.

Error 1: Start without an Outline:

Think of building a house yourself, what would be the first step? It would be outlining the rough sketch of your dream house. Similarly in the process of writing outlines the elements. While outlining you can mention the format style of the essay and its elements or table content. If you are using MS word keep at least a 2 cm wide margin. Also,write in Times New Roman in 12 points.

  • Outline the content
  • Pick a format style
  • Pinpoint the references

Error 2: Too Lengthy and Complex Sentences

Do you like reading long and complex sentences? Thinking, you will realize that you read essays that are short sentences and simple.

Not only writing but reading short sentences saves time. It also helps you build a better understanding of the topic. Therefore, always try that your essays have short sentences. However, not all sentences can be short but can be written simply unless the essay is extremely subject-specific.

  • Write short and simple sentences
  • If writing lengthy sentences, use affirmative sentencing.

Error 3: Less Paragraphing

Less paragraphing makes writing messy. You can lose concentration while reading and struggle to get back to it. You can write an essay in multiple short paragraphs. In case a long paragraph is required to explain, write it from the next line intending by one tab.

  • Break into small paragraphs
  • Writing a lengthy paragraph, intend it by one tab.

Error 4: Plagiarized Content

For writing an essay paper or content online, you have to research a lot. In the process, knowingly or unknowingly, you credit other’s ideas as yours and that is plagiarism. Therefore, always cite your ideas as your and other’s ideas are given credit as well. You can either give a reference or double quote by giving it credit.

  • Do not copy-paste ideas.
  • Always give credit or reference.
  • Do not paraphrase other’s ideas to cite yours.

Error 5: Finding appropriate keywords and their utility

Each essay has its keyword(s). You should always use them in their perfect place. Keywords give it clarity and to online content, it gives better SEO ranking.

  • Use targeted keywords in the title and first paragraph of the essay.
  • Use only two or three times in the entire essay.
  • Write the essay around the keyword.

Error 6: Spelling & Grammar errors

Your teacher must have corrected you sometimes for spelling and grammar mistakes. Such an error can degrade your impression. Hence, you should write and double-check spelling and grammar. For this, you can use online tools such as Grammarly, Ginger, and more. You can also hire agencies that provide essay help.

Error 7: Use of Proper Punctuation

The use of proper punctuation is one of the common errors made in essays. Each and every punctuation has its purpose and so be used in the same manner. A comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Hence, when you write, keep the punctuation mode on.

With the above common errors, you can enhance your writing. Besides, you can take guidance from an essay writing service. We also offer a team of skilled writers 24*7 for all types of writing projects. Feel free to contact us.

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