Access Virus TI

Midi Editor for Access Virus TI OS 5.0.8

A version of Access Virus Control for those who want a midi-only standalone or vst editor. No more sync problems, pops and clicks.

It works in Single and Sequencer Mode.




Virus TI Snow Ctrlr Panel_Browser· Librarian
Load and save individual patches in .syx format.
Load and save patches from/to soundbanks in .syx and .mid format.
Load ROM and RAM banks.
Create new soundbanks.
Copy and paste patches between soundbanks.




*Not compatible with patches from Virus A, B and C.


Virus TI Snow Ctrlr Panel_Browser· Section Locking.

Lock any section of the Virus sound engine. For instance, lock Oscillator 1 and Amplitude Envelope. When loading or receiving a new patch, the locked sections will not change. Do you like the effect settings of a patch, or the arpeggiator pattern? Lock them and test any patch with those settings. Forget about random generators.


· Automation of every parameter of the sound engine

In Access Virus Control there are some parameters that can’t be automated. With this panel it’s possible to automate every parameter.


· Compatible with Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard, Polar and Snow

· Virus Setup

· EDIT CONFIG → Receive MIDI Dump -> Receive Dump: Enabled

· EDIT CONFIG → Midi 3/3 -> Program Change: Enabled

· EDIT CONFIG → MIDI Control → Page A: Controller Data

· EDIT CONFIG → MIDI Control → Page B: SysEx

Set MIDI Device ID to the same value on the panel and on the Virus (Changing this value in the panel doesn’t change the value in the Virus, as there is not a sysex message to modify this parameter).

If you are using the VST version inside a DAW, and your MIDI interface drivers are not multi-client, you will need to disable these ports in the DAW and use them exclusively for Ctrlr.

· Using the Browser
[New in version 3.3]The first time a bank is selected in the browser the panel will request the patches of this bank from the Virus, creating an index for each bank, so the next time the same bank is selected there will be no patch dumps.

To request again a bank that has been indexed, click “Sync Banks” button and select the bank.

To copy a patch, select the patch and press Copy.
To paste a patch to an external bank, press Store and select the desired slot.
To store the edit buffer in an external bank, open a bank, press Store and select the desired slot.

· Download

Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar:
Panel version: 4.4.7
Date: February 11, 2016

Ctrlr revision Windows: 5.3.122.exe

Ctrlr revision Mac: 5.3.85.dmg
Download Size: 4.9 MB Downloads: 5,738


· News:

The new Snow panel is out!



3.3.1. Filter Envelope Release value was limited to 32 (fixed)

4.0. Fixed a bug with Sync Banks button.

4.0. New skin.

4.1 Corrected some bugs (Arp Mode and LFO1 Clock modulators not being sent after loading).

4.2 Fixed MIDI Device ID values causing sysex messages not being transmitted and received correctly on non Snow Virus panel.

4.2.1 Added automation to tab buttons. Fixed some occasional error messages.

4.2.2 Switching Part change midi input and output channels accordingly.

4.2.3 Output parameter now assigned to Multi Part output instead of Sequencer Part output, as Sequencer Part output only works with VC.

4.2.4 The panel now selects “Midi Thru” and “Plugin options” settings on startup.

4.3.0 Added dragging to Arpeggiator screen

4.3.1 Fixed a bug where patches loaded from external banks where sent always to Part 1.

4.3.2 Fixed mislabelled output values on the LCD. The panel now send and receive Program Change messages on the Top Browser.

4.3.3 (Only Virus TI) Fixed some bugs related to patch and bank management.

4.4 (Only Virus Ti) Many changes. Solved all issues when using exported instances of the panel. Fonts are now embedded in the panel.

4.4.1 (Only Virus Ti) Fixed a error message at panel opening.

4.4.1 (Only Virus Ti) Fixed Arp Loop Point bug.

4.4.2 (Only Virus Ti) Fixed bug related to arpeggiator data coming from a dump not showing up.

4.4.3 (Only Virus TI) Fixed bad location of Arp Mode byte.

4.4.4 (Only Virus TI) Fixed OSC1&2 WaveTable, AUX Envelopes, Tempo and ARP Step 27 wrong values after loading a patch.

4.4.5 (Only Virus TI) Fixed a bug with the Browser not initializing at panel opening. Fixed a bug with Part Single patch not being sent out at panel opening.

4.4.6 (Only Virus TI) Sync Banks button it’s now displayed.

4.4.7 (Only Virus TI) Fixed bug related to bank indexes not being stored on OSX. Auto send/receive parameter values are now saved.

200 thoughts on “Access Virus TI”

  1. Hello,
    I am using Ctrlr 1590 with panel v4.3.2 as Standalone. I run this at the same time as Pro Tools with my Virus TI Polar. I have no usb cable connected. Midi in and out coming from my MOTU Midi Express XT.

    Everything works great for the most part, but the browser is kind of buggy. I can load an external bank but I cannot copy and paste patches either internally in the same bank, or to another external bank loaded on the bottom of the browser.
    I am mainly wanting to use this Panel as a librarian to audition patches from bank files and organize and store them into new banks that I could load into the virus through the panel.
    Also if I select “New Library” in the browser it will prompt me to enter a filename to save to….but does not create a file.
    I am not sure if I am missing something….a setting or something.
    If I try to copy patch and then store patch it will usually either give me a lua error or it will not let me use the browser or switch tabs in the panel (like back to OSC or Filter or anything)

    Any tips would be awesome! If I can create/organize patch banks with this, I will be sooooo happy 🙂
    Thanks again for such a wonderful tool, I have had nothing but issues with the TI plugin

  2. Hi Epilogsound

    Yes, there are some bugs related to the Browser section of panel version 4.3.2.
    I have them fixed in the new version I’m working on, but I was waiting for a new Ctrlr revision with some fixed bugs. If you really need those bugs fixed I’ll try to upload asap the new version. You will need to download the latest Ctrlr build (Ctrlr_262f2710.dmg for Mac) to test if it works, as this revision is older than the one I’m working with right now on Windows.
    Let me know how it works once I upload it.

    • Sounds great thank you! I keep a look out for the new version and will let you know how it works.
      Thanks again! so excited to ditch that TI plugin hahaha

  3. Ok so I just tried it out. The browser seems snappier and more stable, but copying and pasting patches still does not work.
    Let me just make sure I am doing it correctly.
    I have a bank loaded on the top, and a bank loaded on the bottom with all -INIT- patches.
    I select a patch on the top that I am previewing, I hit the PATCH COPY button on the top, then I hit the PATCH STORE button on the bottom browser, and select one of the -INIT- patches. It should then change that patch to the patch I copied correct?
    Thanks for putting this up in advance, like I said, its still more stable than the last version

  4. Yes, the procedure is correct. I’m testing it right now and it works for me, can copy and paste patches on both top and bottom banks.
    Once you click on a patch on one bank, the patch must be received by the panel in order to copy it. Do you see the panel updating when a patch is selected?

    • Yeah it’s updating on the panel and the virus display, then I hit copy, then I hit PATCH STORE on the bottom bank and select an -INIT- patch or another patch and it says “patch copied” on the display at the bottom of the panel, but it is not copied

  5. Hi dasfaker! how’s it going? Tried the 4.3.3 build with the recommended CTRLR build and as you say there are some file management problems on Mac, I’ll send through the LUA error screenshot when I’m home. Great to hear your working ona. Multi part panel. Are you going to try to to the same for the Non Snow TI’s for 6 parts? How are you approaching this? Will it still be possible to add FX/comp/eq to each part individually? I’m still rocking with the TI panel, which is working well and very stable, other than having to reset the patch (painful) and outs for each part when I load for the project. Any progress on that front! Cheers, Jon

  6. Yes, the Ctrlr version for Mac needs an update.

    I don’t plan right now to make a non Snow panel with more parts, as I’ll not be able to test it with my Snow. Even more, the 4 parts panel is huge and needs almost a minute to load on my computer (every modulator is duplicated for each new part), imagine 16 parts. More parts is more time.

    With this approach, there is only one instance to control all 4 parts, so you need to route midi tracks to the track’s instance when sequencing or playing other parts. The are mainly 3 benefits; synchronized data dumps at startup (avoiding manual dumps), better management of virus global parameters, and the virus midi port only needs to be open once, so no need for virtual midi ports on Windows to control several parts.

    As Ctrlr panels only work with midi, audio routing must be managed on the daw or your soundcard, this doesn’t change with the multipart panel.

  7. Well I’d be happy to help debug the TI version (non Snow), but the idea sounds great, maybe give the plugin user the option to load a particular number of parts to avoid loading modulators that aren’t used?

  8. So how about a simple user editable config file that determines how many parts to make available on load? would be really great to have the TI version, almost twice as many downloads for the TI version compared to snow!

  9. As I said, this is not possible due to the vst structure. I could add this config file, but the panel file still have to include all modulators that could be used, and the loading time will be huge. The panel for 1 part is a 4 Mb file, the panel with 4 parts is a 12 Mb file, so the panel with 16 parts would be a 36 Mb file. For every new part available I have to include almost 600 new modulators to the file.

    There is nothing I can do here. I asked Atom to include some sort of modulator with very few variables to reduce the loading time, for multitimbral synths with thousands of modulators, but he stated that Ctrlr wasn’t designed for this amount of modulators.

  10. Shame, it’s otherwise working very well, do you think it would be possible to fix the issue of patch and out loading on startup with multiple panel instances? It’s really 99% there for us TI users.

  11. The patch loading at startup with several instances problem is hard to resolve (or impossible at all). As there is no communication between instances, there is no way to send the patches in a sequential order. I think the only way to do that is with the multipart panel, and manually of course.
    I know it’s a pit to have to send the patches individually, but it really takes less time than waiting the 16 multi parts to finish loading.

    The issue with the output should be solved in the last panel version, I think that I fixed it. I’m not with my computer right know, I’ll have to check it.

  12. Appreciate the engineering challenges may be insurmountable, although often there is a way somehow! I had 12 panel instances loaded into my live project and yes it does take a little time to load, but with SSD it’s workable, but the outs always get mixed up on load; would go a long ay if that could be addressed. On the patch loading side if things if it was as simple as pushing ‘send’ for each panel that would be bareable, but having to load a patch from an external bank 12 times over can be quite tedious. Is there anyway that each Ctrlr panel could remember the patch correctly, just requiring the user to resend it?

  13. Ctrlr remember the patch correctly. If you are using an exported instance, Ctrlr doesn’t execute an script on startup, and this script is where I manage the patch sending on my panel. Atom is aware of this bug and it will solve it soon, so you’ll not need to search for the patch on each instance, there is a send button below the patch name for this.

    The output issue is fixed, but the panel version is for a Ctrlr revision that is not ready for Mac yet. I changed some things to make it work with the latest Ctrlr revision for Win, and guess what? The last revision is not compatible with previous ones on things related to file management.
    So until there is a new Mac revision I’ll not update this. We’ll have to wait.

  14. Thanks Hugo, OK, well wait! I’m using the VST at the moment, not the exported instance. 12 panels was taking 2 minutes to load the live project along with a whole bunch of other plugins etc. Have reduced the number to 6 and it loads in under a minute. I can certainly cope with pushing send on each panel – that’s fine and quite workable. We’ll look forward to a new Mac Ctrlr build to address the file management so we can use the new panel with the out issue fixed. Then we it’ll be almost perfect!!! Thanks again

  15. Hi Hugo

    Wondering if you can help with this issue? When I try and configure Ableton Live to be able to record parameters (which I thought we’d cracked!) – Live seems to sometimes be picking up two parameters when I’m only clicking on one item on the Ctrlr GUI. For example when I click on the filter using the mouse Live will create the ‘FILTER1 Cutoff’ parameter as I’d expect, but it also picks up the ‘FX2 Voc CentFre’ Parameter!! If however I move the Virus TI cutoff knob only the FX2 Voc CentFre’ Parameter!! is detected???! Very confused. :)Any thoughts? Running 4.3.3… thanks

  16. Hi Jon

    This is because some parameters share the same control message, and I haven’t found a way to only pick the parameter you click or move. I just delete the unwanted parameter in Live.

    This happens too every time there is more than one modulator on the GUI to control the same parameter (for instance, lfo clocks and lfo waves)

    Mods that share parameter are linked, so moving one should move the linked one, but there could be some broken link, i’ll check it.

  17. Ah thanks for the explanation – the ones I’ve seen with two parameters are indeed linked, so I can just delete the ones I don’t need. Easy enough 🙂

  18. Hi Jon

    I just uploaded a new update (4.4). I think I finally solved the issues using a exported instance, please give it a try. Patches are correctly transmitted at startup with the .dll version, changed all radio buttons to just one component per group (previously several radio buttons could be active at startup at the same time), and added two options in Common page to auto send/receive patches when you switch part.

    • Ah Hugo, that’s just fantastic – have only tried it for 30 mins or so, and am now on live 9.1.4 but here’s thoughts so far:
      1) Fonts embedded in panel – yep, a nice touch, sweet
      2) When loading a Live set with multiple instances of the exported instance, each track with a different out is now correctly assigned to the appropriate out on startup. Fixed! This along is superb!
      3) I notice that when automating parameters the tabs are no longer picked up as automatable, when they were on the non exported instance version, but automation working well otherwise. I kept my original overrides files with = 600 value.
      4) I couldn’t get the exported instance on Mac to send the patches on startup (I have four instances in my live set) – do I need to have the new “auto send patch on part change” selected to achieve this? The exported VST didn’t have that selected, and when I try to save my live set with all instances selected to “auto send patch on part change” and save my set this is not recalled when i reload the live project.
      a) Is this needed to get the patches to load on startup?
      b) will the “auto send patch on part change” setting only be retained when I select it first and then export the instance? In the DLL version are the patches sent correctly on startup within a single instance or multiple instances in a set?
      5) The file management bugs that I was aware of before are fixed with the new build of Ctrlr. Yes! Much more stable.
      6) When you say “changed all radio buttons to just one component per group (previously several radio buttons could be active at startup at the same time)” – I couldn’t immediately see what this change was referring to, but I get that you’ve solved a problem on startup?

      Overall Hugo this is a HUGE release, thanks so much for your continue development and support.

  19. Hi Jon, thanks a lot for your input, much appreciated.

    3 & 6) Yeah, I forgot automating the tabs! I rebuild the radio buttons (buttons grouped for one single parameter: lfo, chorus and delay waveforms; page tab, filter type, filter routing and phaser stages) because sometimes at startup more than one from the same group where on. It was just an ugly visual bug. I’ll fix the tabs issue.

    4) If you have more than one instance there will be problems as all instances will send the patch at the same time, messing the data (this will only work with a multi part panel). But now you don’t need to load patches again from a bank as before, now just press SEND button for each instance. The state of the panel is now correctly saved and recalled. At least this is how it should work.

    Auto send/receive buttons is a different feature, this is just if you work only with one instance or standalone and want to send/receive patches automatically when you select another part in the panel. Those parameters are always off at startup and aren’t really needed when working with several instances.

    Once we have a fully working release I would like to ask you to send me an exported standalone and .au file of the panel for Mac, as I want to add links for exported instances, and I don’t have access to a Mac.

    I’m very close to finish the multi-part snow’s beta panel, 4 parts per instance. If you’re interested I can send you a modified version adapted for the Ti to do some testing 😉

  20. All good Hugo, Now, working with multiple instances is easy, it works great only having to send the patch. I’ve got a superb integration going on with a Max for live device in combination with the panel, which allows me to select the virus bank and program for each track via the Push, it’s really awesome now! Is it possible to make the patch Send button midi mappable?
    I’d be happy to help with the Mac exported instances or testing the 4 part panel, no problem, you can send to kwtsh at hot mail dot co dot uk and I can put it through some testing. It’s about 70MB for the exported instance so I can Dropbox that to you.

  21. Really glad to read this. Yes, I’ll automate send/receive buttons, it’s very handy.

    70 Mb the exported instance??? It’s crazy, it’s only 12 Mb on Windows. Anyway, you’ll do me a great favour. Thanks!!

  22. Hi Jon, it’s been a long time.

    No, I wasn’t aware. As you know I’m on Windows, so I can’t say for sure, but the problems seems related to plugins made with older Juce versions, and Ctrlr is using the latest Juce framework that seems to be working fine in Yosemite 10.10, at least in 64 bit.

  23. Hi dasfaker! I just tried running this on a new Ubuntu system, and it the older versions of Ctrlr won’t run any more (It’s not statically linked so I am missing most of the libraries) and new versions of Ctrlr crash when loading the panel. Any chance there is a way you could update this for the newest versions? When I load your panel up on those, Ctrlr just crashes.

  24. Loads without crashing! Setting the midi in outs is a little awkward, since Ctrlr doesn’t recognize the full device name, I just get Virus TI (1), Virus TI (2) but after trying them both for input and output, I can’t seem to actually connect to the virus. Seems like it receives note information but get and send do nothing. I turned on the midi monitor for send/receive and I see the request message for dump, but nothing comes back from my device. The TI device ID is omni, global channel 1, receive dump is enabled, and the channel is set to one on Ctrlr for send and receive. Manipulating the controls from ctrlr and from the virus looks like it sends midi, they just don’t seem to actually speak to each other…?

  25. Actually, so I specifically set the deviceID to one on both, same thing, ‘get’ doesn’t seem to work, doing anything in Ctrlr doesn’t seem to do anything, BUT Ctrlr does reflect the changes on the TI itself.

  26. It seems there is some midi port communication issue, as I have no problems here. Those Virus TI (1) and (2) names are strange, you should see “Virus TI MIDI” and “Virus TI Synth” (and choose this one).
    That this happens with Ctrlr standalone?

    I don’t understand the last sentence. Is the panel receiving knob movements from the TI?

    • The panel is reacting to the movements from the TI, when page A in the Virus is set to Controller data and it doesn’t seem to matter if Ctrlr -> Midi Controller is set to Virus TI (1) or Virus TI (2). This is with the latest version of 64bit Ctrlr from their downloads. Virus TI OS

    • Makes sense. The panel input and output for the Midi capture show both sides transmitting the same thing for each part, either sysex or controller data, so it’s like it’s just not making it from CTRLR back to the synth. The codebase looks like there were a lot of fixes to the linux side, perhaps they changed something important. I tried to compile the source but I’m clearly missing some of the dependencies.

  27. I cannot seem to get the ctrlr panel to load the banks from my TI. It will load individual patches when I select “Get”, but when I select a bank from the browser menu, I get a “can’t communicate with virus” error. I have the input and output under the midi menu set to the Virus TI USB and get a smiley face on each.

  28. Hi davros303

    This message appears if the Virus doesn’t respond to either a patch dump request or a program change.

    Be sure you have the same Midi device ID value in both the Virus and the panel (remember that this command can’t be adjusted from the panel as there is no midi message for it, so you must setup the same value on both the Virus and the panel separately).

    Also, on the Virus, Program Change (Config -> Midi 3/3) and Receive Dump Config -> Receive Midi Dump) must be enabled.

    • Hi Dasfaker,

      I made sure all the settings you’ve listed are correct on the Virus but still no love with the ram or rom banks. Individual controls are responding just fine (I turn the filter cutoff, and it updates on the panel and vice versa). What else should I troubleshoot?

      I’ve turned off all midi ports related to the Virus in Ableton’s preferences, and I’ve got both Input device and channel and Output device and Channel and Controller device and channel all set to the same settings.

      • Correction to this, communication only seems to be going one way. Turning a knob on the virus registers a change in the panel, but not the other way around

    • So I installed virus panel. Patch editor ‘Get’ in single and multi mode seems working (I’m using it stand alone 32 bit Windows 7, Virus control updated to latest 5.0.8), but librarian doesn’t work. As mentioned above when I change banks it says – No communication with Virus TI Bank A…B…C…. as selected. Midi is set to virus synth send and receive with a happy face device id 1, global channel 1, Program change enabled, Multi program change enabled, Receive dump enabled.
      Same with vst version in Ableton -loading with Get single program works, librarian get bank doesn’t. Native virus control panel vst works without problems in Ableton. So there must be some bug somewhere.

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