Anxiety Vs Depression: Which One Do I Have?

Mental health is a topic of utmost importance and hence has to be given a lot of attention to. The two most common phenomena that happen nowadays are anxiety and depression. However, the problem with identification is that the symptoms of both these are quite overlapping and hence could get one confused. For ascertaining the right mental health issue it is very important to get in touch with professionals who have been in the domain and under practice as well.  This will help you to not only understand what you suffer from but will also ensure that you get the best treatment. If any of the symptoms seem to persist for more than 14 days, it is best to get in touch with online pharmacy diazepamshoponline we provides branded quality sleeping pills for its treatment.

Anxiety And Its Poignant Symptoms:

Anxiety is a condition that makes one fear and worries consistently in most cases without any full proof reason. Some of the very common symptoms include:

  • A constant feeling of nervousness, fear and restlessness without a consistent base.
  • Profuse physical sweating along with sweating of your palms.
  • Trembling and increased heartbeat.
  • An overwhelming sensation of physical weakness and unable to stand, walk or even talk.
  • A great difficulty in talking or communicating an idea.

Depression And Its Symptoms:

Depression, as defined clinically, is a mental health condition that hampers one’s mental well being and even affects the behaviour of the individual. It can be clinically diagnosed and in case of severity can also be given medication. The most common symptoms of depression include:

  • A feeling of helplessness and worthlessness.
  • Social isolation and withdrawal.
  • Loss of sleep and appetite
  • Anger outbursts without any strong reason and often feels teary and excessively angry.
  • Self-doubt and suicidal thoughts.

What Makes Anxiety Distinct From Depression?

Although the terms anxiety and depression are used very commonly nowadays, it has to be understood that it is a medically defined condition. The major difference between anxiety and depression is that the biological basis is very different and even the manifesting reasons are varied for the same. The two factors are interdependent as well and they often share a cause and effect relationship. Another very pertinent difference between anxiety and depression is that even the therapy approaches are different.

Both anxiety and depression are very common issues however if left untreated has long-lasting implications. If you notice that any of these underlying symptoms last more than two weeks, it is important to get them addressed.

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