Asus TUF Gaming FX505 Specifications, Features, And Complete Review

Before jumping into the details like Features and Functions of “Asus TUF Gaming FX505” we need to know, the actual meaning of “TUF”, its significant, which brand is providing the best of “TUF”, also we will extract the main purpose of “TUF”. So let’s find it out.

TUFstands for The Ultimate forcewhich is primarily developed for gaming purpose. The TUF provides all the gaming features like extendable durability, dependable stability and add great and real value in PC gaming. So we can say that TUF provides enhanced gaming features and Functions.

Researcher has dugout that “Asus” provides even more than what is mentioned above, which makes the customer delighted and why they are bound to buy TUF Gaming which Asus provides over other brands. Now we will get into the details, why Asus is one of the best TUF Gaming provider, what makes customer delighted.

Before going to buy anything like Laptops, desktop, Smartphones we always conduct a small research by comparing the product feature, functions and most importantly we compare costs too, if it has the reasonable price, which our pocket allows and according to its features and functions then only we buy it happily.

Asus live up to above said terms. Asus assures that its TUF gaming laptop withstand the day to day tough and rough working strategy. The TUF FX505 has appealing features like amazing performance, fantastic keyboard, compact size, sleek design and high resolution screen. Not only it performance but also its graphic runs with a minimum of 100fps. Apart from that it can end up editing high quality videos and photos as well. The looks of this device stands out and will not be able to stop yourself from being attracted to it.

Now let move on to the most discussed, most awaited and the most amazingfeature of “Asus TUF Gaming FX505” i.e., Gaming Performance. As we know that this device primarily designed for gaming purpose, or we can say that it is Gaming Dedicated Device or Laptop, it has 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H. It has 16GB of DDR4 RAM rated 266MHz. Moving next, it has 6 GB video memory with NVidia GTX 1060, which is enable to play most high end games with high edge rates upheld by the presentation. Hence the above statement has proved that this device has high end performance, design, and other functionality.

Now let’s talk about the reasonability of its cost. The cost of this laptop is approx. 50k which is not cheaper, but we have no doubt the performance and design demanding the right, fair and reasonable price accordingly. The features is in front of your eyes, which has been proved by many reviews of buyer and many researcher also said that this device stands out in terms of its performance, features and design. Hence, our duty was to tell you right thing about the asked question and now its totally up to you and your decision, whether to buy it or not.

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