Spotify Premium the new subscription plan: price and what it offers

The music streaming has – for some time – took over from physical CDs and albums. Among the various platforms that allow you to listen to music from your smartphone or PC, the most famous is definitely Spotify. A real channel used by millions of listeners all over the world, it allows anyone to listen to their favorite songs at any time .

For those who are satisfied, it is possible to use the service totally free . In this case, however, the user can only change the song 5 times, with a few seconds of advertising every 2-3 songs. For those who want a complete service, there is the Premium version . To the Individual, Student and Family plans, the Swedish giant has decided to add Duo , dedicated to those who live together.

Spotify Premium Duo, how much it costs and what it offers

spotify premium duo
What the new plan offers (Getty Images)

Spotify has decided to launch Premium Duo , a new subscription plan that allows those who live with it to share the account quickly and comfortably. At a cost of 12.99 euros per month, it will be possible to take advantage of two single and independent accounts, without any advertising and with the possibility of offline and on-demand music playback. To all this, the Swedish giant has decided to add Duo Mix , a playlist that is constantly updated with the songs most listened to by both owners of the profile .

“ We are thrilled to launch this new subscription plan ” explained Alex Norström, executive of the streaming service: “ For the moment, it will be available from 55 different countries “. For those who have never subscribed to the Premium service, Spotify offers the opportunity to enjoy a free month, then renewable at the indicated cost. Those who are already subscribers with other plans can switch to Duo while keeping all the playlists already saved. To subscribe to the new offer, you need to click and enter your details.