Zen Estilo sports

As a variation of the Maruti Zen Estilo, Maruti produced the Zen Estilo Sports. What distinguishes the Estilo Sports model from the standard model.

The version dubbed “Zen Estilo Sports” is a definition-buster. There is nothing about this automobile that has a “sporty” touch or feature. In fact, don’t bother going to the showroom since it’s a complete waste of time. You don’t agree? Please allow us to explain why.

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Apache rtr 180

TVS Motor Company has added ABS to the entire TVS Apache RTR range. Super Moto ABS (single-channel) has been added to the Apache RTR 160 2V, Apache RTR 160 4V, and Apache RTR 180 to improve rider safety. The new generation ABS is said to have been built using a proprietary algorithm built from the company’s racing experience.

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Tvs Apache Rtr 160 Abs Right Front Quarter

Royal Enfield new model

There has been a lot of Royal Enfield Meteor news recently. In a short period of time, prototypes of the Thunderbird replacement have been observed multiple times. This suggested that the Royal Enfield new model was nearing completion of testing and would be the next product to emerge from the Chennai-based motorbike manufacturer. According to a recent development, Royal Enfield’s future motorcycle could be codenamed Royal Enfield J1D.

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Royal Enfield Meteor Rendering Iab

SHVS full form

Maruti Suzuki will debut a new 48V Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) technology at Auto Expo 2020, and it is expected to be available in Maruti Suzuki models later.

The new Smart Hybrid by Suzuki (SHVS) system was developed by Suzuki engineers in Hamamatsu, Japan, and comprises of three major features. The first is a 48V Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), which serves as an alternator, electric motor, and starter motor all in one unit. The second is a 48V Lithium-ion battery pack that is hidden behind the front passenger seat so that seating and luggage room are not hampered. The third component is a converter that converts the voltage from 48V to 12V when needed to power the on-board devices.

Read more about this SHVS full form on IAB!

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Maruti Suzuki 48v Shvs Mild Hybrid Components Func

CRF300L top speed

Honda has unveiled the 2021 Honda CRF300L and Honda CRF300 Rally dual-sport motorbikes for worldwide markets. Both motorcycles are powered by a 286cc single-cylinder engine derived from Honda’s CBR line of motorbikes. This engine has been modified to comply with the new Euro 5 emission requirements, which will take effect on January 1, 2021.

A 286cc single-cylinder engine derived from Honda’s CBR family of bikes powers both the CRF300L and CRF300 Rally.

What will be the CRF300L top speed regarding the adoption of the above engine? Let’s learn more at IAB!

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2021 Honda Crf300l Front Right

Colour-coded fuel stickers for cars

Commuters in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh have been confused by the recent adoption of HSRP and Colour-coded fuel stickers for cars. Cars lacking HSRP and color-coded stickers are subject to a fine of INR 5,500 by Delhi Traffic Police, which applies solely to vehicles registered in the capital. Here’s a rundown of what HSRP and Color-Coded Stickers are, as well as where to obtain them.

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HSRP and Colour Coded Sticker Hsrp Number Plates

Pulsar NS 125 top speed

A 124cc single-cylinder engine powers the Bajaj Pulsar NS125, which was recently released. The air-cooled motor is rated at 12 horsepower at 8500 revolutions per minute and 11 Nm of peak torque at 7000 revolutions per minute. What is the Pulsar NS 125 top speed, regarding these output ratings and a 144kg kerb weight? Let’s have a look.

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Bajaj Pulsar Ns125 Orange Left

Pulsar 150 white colour

For MY2021, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 now comes in a new white color option. While Bajaj Auto has yet to make an official announcement, the 150cc motorcycle has begun to arrive at the company’s dealerships with its new colour scheme. A full walkaround video of the 2021 Bajaj Pulsar 150 in the new Moon White color is available below.

Biker Prakash Choudhary, a YouTuber, released the footage. The 2021 Bajaj Pulsar 150 white colour bike can be seen in the film wearing its new Moon White color choice, which has improved the motorcycle’s overall visual appeal. For a sportier look, Bajaj Auto utilized a simulated carbon-fibre treatment on the front fender and side panels.

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Honda PCX 160

The 2021 Honda PCX 160 has arrived in Thailand after being introduced in its home country (Japan) in December of last year. The new maxi-scooter will cost THB 91,900 (about INR 2.23 lakh) in the Southeast Asian country. For customers who want to go hybrid, Honda has introduced the PCX e:HEV. The cost of this edition is THB 1,07,500. (INR 2.61 lakh).

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2021 Honda Pcx 160 Rear Left