Penetration Testing: Methodologies to Shield Your Web Application

penetration testing methodologies for web application

As an organization matures in the cybersecurity space, it is expected that it will also mature its approach to threat detection and mitigation. Penetration testing has been a crucial weapon in cyber defense for many years, but as attacks grow more sophisticated, so do the tools to combat them. This blog post will discuss some of these newer approaches and how they can be applied to your web application. 

The first thing we’ll cover is why organizations need penetration testing at all – what are the benefits? We’ll then go over two different pentesting methodologies: black box and white box. Black-box testing involves not knowing anything about an organization or its systems before starting a test; this allows testers to find vulnerabilities without being biased by information that’s already known about the organization. White-box testing, on the other hand, uses information about an organization’s systems to focus penetration testers’ efforts more effectively and efficiently.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing as Part of an Organization’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Penetration testing is one of many wonderful weapons in any organization’s cyber defense arsenal because it offers two key benefits: firstly, it allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by black hats – and secondly, it enables them to test their incident response plans effectively. The latter benefit can be measured using metrics such as the time required for identification and mitigation after a successful attack or vulnerability exploit has been identified. Organizations with mature threat detection programs will have these figures down into minutes versus hours or days due largely in part to penetration tests-emotively finding threats that could otherwise be very costly. Web application penetration testing is also the only way to test incident response plans because it allows organizations to see how long an attack or exploit takes from initial detection until mitigation and containment, which uncovers any weaknesses in these plans.

Black Box vs White Box Testing: Which Methodology Should I Use?

The next thing we’ll cover is how to decide which methodology (black box or white box) should be used in a penetration test. The answer depends on the organization’s tolerance for risk and its cybersecurity maturity level, but in general terms organizations with larger attack surfaces are more inclined to use black-box testing due to the sheer number of potential vulnerabilities – whereas organizations with minimal attack surfaces are much more comfortable using white-box testing.

White Box Penetration Testing: A More Advanced Approach with Greater Coverage

White-box penetration testing is also known as clear box or glass box testing, and it’s generally considered to be more advanced than black-box testing because testers are given access to information that may not have been available in a standard vulnerability assessment. This includes how applications are structured, where they’re hosted geographically, what technologies can interact with them (e.g., web services and APIs), and so on.

The greatest advantage of white-box testing is that it allows penetration testers to focus their efforts more effectively because they’re given detailed information about an organization’s infrastructure, including the internal network topology (e.g., what servers are available) as well as physical access points such as wireless access points and Internet gateways. This methodology is also helpful for penetration testers because it enables them to simulate a real-world attack against an organization’s infrastructure from the inside out, as opposed to just testing its servers from outside of the network perimeter using tools such as vulnerability scanners that do not have any knowledge about internal topologies or assets.

Although white box testing offers greater coverage, it also has some disadvantages. One potential issue with this method is that organizations must be prepared to provide testers with access to information such as network diagrams and server credentials ahead of time because penetration tests can’t start without them. This approach could lead to vulnerabilities being identified too late in the testing process, which could allow a threat actor to exploit them before mitigation is put into place.

Black Box Penetration Testing: A More Limited Approach with Shorter Time Frames

In contrast to white-box penetration tests that use more information about an organization’s infrastructure and assets, black-box methodologies are designed for organizations that are unable to provide testers with any information ahead of time. Instead, penetration testers use external scans and tools that work from outside (e.g., port scanners) to find vulnerabilities without prior knowledge about an organization’s environment.

While this approach may be more limited than white-box testing because it doesn’t have access to as much information, it can be more efficient for penetration tests that must meet strict time constraints. This is because black-box testing doesn’t rely on testers having access to or creating internal diagrams of an organization’s infrastructure; they only need information about the external network perimeter and assets (e.g., servers) without any knowledge of how those assets are interconnected internally.

Black-box testing does have its disadvantages though, including the possibility of penetration testers identifying vulnerabilities simply by guessing at potential attack vectors. This could result in unnecessary risk being taken on without any prior knowledge about an organization’s assets or how they’re interconnected. Additionally, this methodology is also limited because it doesn’t take into account whether internal components are networked together, which could result in vulnerabilities being missed.


Both white box and black box penetration testing methodologies provide organizations with different advantages. White-box tests can be more effective for identifying vulnerabilities, but they require organizations to give testers access to information such as network diagrams and server credentials ahead of time which may allow threat actors to exploit them before mitigation is put into place. On the other hand, black-box methodologies can be more limited and may also lead to vulnerabilities being identified too late in the testing process, but they’re often more efficient for penetration tests that must meet strict time constraints.

In many cases though, a combination of both white box and black box methodologies will be most effective when performing penetration tests for organizations because it allows testers to identify vulnerabilities more efficiently, while also taking into account whether internal components are networked together. With this approach, organizations will hopefully reap many of the benefits of both approaches without any disadvantages.

Important SEO Metrics You Should Know About

seo metrics

SEO comprises a set of techniques employed in web design and content development to improve a webpage’s accessibility. That is why it is critical to understand how effective your SEO approach is.

Fortunately, checking your website’s stats and analyzing the trends you discover may assist you to figure out how your viewers engage with your content. Knowing how to track the most important SEO metrics, such as page visits, bounce rates, and conversions may help you determine which techniques need to be changed and which are successful. The ideal approach is to hire a reputable SEO agency New York, but you must also know about these important SEO metrics.

Take a look at them:

Keyword Ranking:

Keyword rankings are a straightforward but crucial SEO measure to track. They allow you to keep track of your progress and provide you with an early indicator of whether your SEO strategy is working. Rankings also reveal your current organic market share as well as your overall potential.

Your site will be more visible to your target audience if it ranks higher for relevant keywords. This means that if you want to improve this metric, you’ll need to do some research to determine what terms and phrases your target audience is searching for.

When conducting keyword research, pay attention to both branded and non-branded search words. Branded keywords signify customers who are ready to buy. Although keyword ranks very frequently, a sharp reduction in rankings could indicate a problem.

Domain Rating:

The major integrated SEO tools employ a number called Domain Rating to determine a website’s overall SEO strength. The score is determined by a variety of elements, including the number of backlinks, the quality of referring websites, and other factors.

The score is based on a logarithmic scale and spans from 0 to 100. Google does not use Domain Authority as a ranking criterion. Nonetheless, because this measure is computed using ranking considerations, it is critical to keep an eye on it. Work on boosting your Domain Authority if you want to appear at the top of the search results.

Page Authority is another something to keep an eye on for your most important landing pages. This statistic assesses the autistic spectrum.

Organic Search Traffic:

Organic search traffic refers to visitors who arrive at your website via search engine results rather than other methods such as social networking sites, paid advertisements, or backlinks.

Organic search is crucial since customers who find your site through this method are usually looking for something specific. Increasing this metric is one of your best options for increasing conversions.

To increase organic traffic, you’ll need to use effective audience targeting and SEO techniques. As a result, tracking this parameter over time is essential for determining which strategies are effective and which need to be tweaked right away.

Page Views Per User:

Pageviews are the number of times your site’s pages have been seen in a particular amount of time. Because many users may visit more than one page, this is not the same as your traffic statistics.

This means that page views should be viewed in conjunction with other figures. The average page views per session or user, for example, can tell you how engaged your site’s visitors are.

This measure can also be used in conjunction with the number of time users spend on your site. This gives you crucial information about how well your content is working.

Bounce Rate:

The bounce rate of your website is a metric that measures how many people leave without engaging with any of the content. A user may arrive on your home page, take a look around, but not click on anything, and then go. A bounce occurs when no other actions are made or pages are accessed.

Bounce rates vary depending on the sector and type of website. Bounce rates of more than 50 to 60%, on the other hand, may indicate an issue with your site’s content. You may look at some of the other indicators we’ve spoken about, including top exit pages and average time on page, to determine what’s causing users to leave. Then you may make changes to your content and strategies to keep them interested. It’s critical to develop the SEO metrics as benchmarks that assist you to find chances for development in order to achieve higher SEO ROI. Look for ways to improve your rankings, organic traffic, conversions, income, and ROI by employing SEO metrics. Having said that, it’s best if you leave this work to experts. So, our recommendation is to hire a reliable digital marketing company, i.e. Map-it Inc, and allow them to take full control of your company’s SEO and online presence. 

Looking for News Websites? Read this!

online news websites

Knowing news is important for several reasons within society. It informs us about the events that are around us and may affect us. So to ensure our safety and to remain in touch with the world we should have good knowledge of day-to-day news. The term “news” itself is extremely broad, so these sites listed below scratch the surface of what’s considered newsworthy and provide you the information that is worth knowing. This list of news websites will help you out without taking much time. 

1. The New York Times

The New York Times, an American newspaper, is symbolized as ” Newspaper of Records”. With its news, it has earned a well-reputed level in the world news. Their coverage of the news is beyond words. They include topics like sports, world news, art, jobs, health and fitness, and also breaking news all over the world.

2.  The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, an American news aggregator provides both of their localized and international editions. Everything you need is here: that can be satire, blogs, entertainment, environment, technology, news,  politics, and original content. It has become the first digital media enterprise that has won a Pulitzer Prize. 

3. Business Insider

Business Insider, a Financial news website provides in-depth information about finance, technology,  policy, strategy, and life pieces. They provide detailed knowledge in their entertaining way.

4.  The Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times, the daily newspaper of the US, is your trusted source for various stories. It is another one to win not only one but eight Pulitzer Prizes. View The Chicago Sun-Times now for the story of your interest. 


Clear from its name, The POLITICO covers both politics and policy of the US, internationally in a tremendous way. They distribute their news through various platforms like radio, newspapers, websites, and podcasts. 

6. The Next Hint

If you want to view any of the topics about Business, Finance and Technology, the entertainment industry, political drama, and other major incidents, this is the right choice for you. Just go through the websites and get yourself updated.

7. Vice News

Vice News (based in New York City) is Vice Media’s current affairs channel that produces daily documentary videos and essays on YouTube as well as on its online website.

8. The Fox News

New York-based The Fox News Channel or FNC provides detailed information on topics including business, entertainment, lifestyle, and many more. The coverage goes from local stories to international events too.

9. Active Noon 

Talking about Active noon, situated in New York provides you the latest news from all over the world. To remain Next updated you must take a few seconds to scroll their news, which we assure is worth your time. They provide information on a variety of subjects such as drama, the entertainment industry, Technology, Finance, and a lot more.


These up-to-date and high-interest news websites meet people all around the globe at their right level. All these websites will provide you immense information about all the different sections as well as sectors of the world. Just have a look at them to get yourself the best news available worldwide. Thus you can collect your favorite news from the above-listed sites with little effort.