Downloading and Setup IJ Start Canon Printer


Select your Printer Model to download your Canon printer Driver. Yo setup driver from follow steps provided. To know how to use your printer to printer and scan download manual from link. You can choose specific model from below to know more about your printer.

If you just bought a new printer, then you have to set it up via Whether you are a new or old use of Canon printers, you have to visit the official website of Canon. It offers the most advanced and efficient printing services, smoothening production, and mind-blowing prints. The first thing you have to do when you purchase a new printer or re-setup your existing printing device is to download the printer driver from Ultimately, Downloading & Installing canon drivers is a must whether you are a home user or an owner of a big company.

Check and Read About – Hardware Setup of Canon IJ Printer

Move ahead with the setting up of the hardware part of the Canon IJ printer, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Unpack your Canon printer, turned it ON and connect to Windows computer with USB cable.

2. It will automatically install Canon printer drivers from Windows systems files.

3. Sometimes Windows unable to find printer drivers for your Canon printer model.

4. To download canon printer drivers visit

5. Type your printer model number, select your operating systems and hit on download.

6. Once diver download will complete close

7. Open Canon printer drivers’ downloaded file, hit next.

8. Select setup canon printer divers with USB connection.

9. Accept the license agreement, follow the instructions on your computer screen and now your Canon printer is ready to print.

Download and Setup Canon IJ Printer from

Download Canon Printer Driver

Canon drivers and software must be the latest to set up a Canon printer, hence follow the given steps and install the latest Canon drivers and software;

Step 1: Launch the web browser and visit the site.

Step 2: You will now see different options including Set up and manuals. Hence click the “Set Up” tab. 

Step 3: Here, either choose the printer type from the given options or enter the direct model number of your model. 

Step 4: You can also select the model name and find your product from the bottom.

Step 5: Press Enter or tap on Go and go to the next page.

Step 6: Choose the country/region here and hit Start.

Step 7: Look for the Canon drivers, software, and Firmware, and choose the setup you need to download.

Step 8: Click Download, save the file, and run the installer by following prompts. 

Step 1: Download Printer drivers: Go to and download the driver according to your printer model number.

Step 2: Select connection type: Double-click on the icon and choose your connection type (USB or Wireless).

Step 3: Power On your Printer: Turn your printer on by pressing the power button.

Step 4: Wireless Connection: To turn on the printer’s WIFI, press the WIFI alarm button.

Step 5: Confirm Connection: If you see the flashing lights (green & blue), then your printer is connected.

Step 6: Read Term & Agree: Now click on the “I agree” button to proceed with the installation. Step 7: Final Steps: click on the finish button to complete the installation process.

Complete Guide to Canon Printer Wireless Setup on Windows

We here at have the complete solution for those who either have bought a new canon printer or have an older one and facing trouble in connecting them with their device wirelessly. All needed is to follow the instructions through canon com/ijsetup below in the guide:

  • The very first step is to insert the printer’s power cable into an electric outlet and make sure to turn the switch on.
  • Now, turn the power button on from the printer as well and make sure that the button has been lightened up.
  • The next step is to install the cartridge compatible with your canon printer and insert the paper into the paper tray.
  • Now, as you are done with the hardware setup of the printer. You can proceed further to the Network setup.
  • Just go to the operational panel of the canon printer and press the “Menu” button.
  • Next ahead just choose the option mentioned as “Network Settings” and then select “LAN settings” and press the OK button.
  • Once the OK button is pressed, a list with all the available wireless networks will be displayed on the printer’s screen.
  • Now, choose the desired wireless network you want to connect with and hit the OK button and, confirm.
  • When you see that the device is connected, you are almost done with the process.
  • Now, only what remains is to install the best compatible drivers for which visit
  • Enter the correct model number into the search box and click on the search button.
  • Now, click on the start button to start downloading the drivers and installation software for your printer.
  • When you see the software is downloaded, just click on it to install it and once it is installed, you are good to go and print with your printer.

Find How to do Canon Printer Wired Setup on Windows –

Here is the step by step guide listed below by http://ij.start.cannon to install canon printers to your device with a wired method. Just follow these instructions to setup your printer easily.

  • At first, just make sure to connect the power cable to the printer and an electric outlet from both ends.
  • Now, turn on the switch from the outlet and the operational panel of the printer and check that the button must have lightened up.
  • Once the printer has been started, just move to your device and visit the website.
  • After that just go ahead and type in the model number of your printer within the search box and click on the search button.
  • On the next page click on the start button to start downloading the best-preferred drivers and the software for your printer.
  • Now, once the download has been completed just click on the installation file and install the software by proceeding with the steps.
  • As displayed in the steps while installing the software, just connect the USB cable to the printer and the computer as well to complete the installation.
  • After the successful installation of the printer, just try and print a test page.
  • If the test print worked successfully then click on finish to complete the setup process.
  • The device and the printer are now connected and ready to print.

How to Connect Brother Printer To Wireless Network


As a proud owner of a Brother printer, you get the ability of printing documents wirelessly from your computer or mobile. Whether you are in the office or at home, you can print effortlessly without any USB.

All you require to do is to configure Brother Printer with WiFi network correctly.

If you don’t know how to connect your brother printer to WiFi network then don’t worry, we will you out with this.

Follow these simple steps to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi Network

Pre-requisites before setting up your Printer device:

Before you start setting up your brother printer machine, you have to obtain the wireless network settings of your device (Access Point Router).

  1. Check and make a record of the existing wireless network settings as mentioned below.
    • Network Name (SSID: Service Set ID, ESSID: Extended Service Set ID)
    • Network Key (Password, Security Key or Encryption Key, etc.)
  2. Make a note that your Brother Printer supports the use of the first WEP KEY only. If you are using a router, with several WEP KEYs, then consider entering the key used for the first WEP KEY.

How can you locate the Network Name (SSID, ESSID) and Network Key?

In order to find the Network name and key, you can check either the base or side of your WLAN access point. If still not able to find the same, see the documentation provided with the router/access point or you can call our experts for instant help.

You will need this information to configure the printer’s wireless settings through the device’s control panel.

Steps to follow for setting Up Brother Printer on a Wireless Network

In order to connect Brother Printer to WiFi router without USB follow the below step by step guide.

  1. Go to “Network” settings under the “Main” menu on the printer’s display.
  2. Open the wireless network wizard.
  3. Your brother printer will now start exploring the available network in the range.
  4. After a little while, you will see a list of networks; displayed on your machine’s display.
  5. You must know the SSID of your installed WiFi network. Select the network name and click “OK.”
  6. You may be asked to provide the network key or password to get connected to it.
  7. Enter the correct password in the respective field. Ensure you type in the correct password value.
  8. After another few seconds, you will get to know the status of the connection on the printer’s display.
  9. If your printer got connected to the wi-fi network, you would see the “Success” message on the same.
  10. In case your printer encounters any problem; it will display an error message on the screen. You can call us to fix it now.
  11. Resolving the error is the only option to proceed further. You can contact the experts to explain the error you got while connecting the Brother printer with the WiFi network.
  12. Once you are done with the problem fixing and set up your printer to the network; you need to install the printer drivers.
  13. In case you have drivers for your printer. You can get in touch with our experts.
  14. Following any of these methods when you are done with installing the printer drivers; you are all set to give print command now.
  15. Restart your system along with the printer before you rush for giving print commands.

What Will you do , when the printer refuses to work or print

In our daily lives, we need to print several things. The Brother printer is one of the essential gadgets of our routine. Printing from PC is a prevalent process in an office setting.

But sometimes, when the printer refuses to work or print, it creates a problem. A flow of delays and other issues are expected to arise when the brother printing machine stops working.

Difficulty in the Brother Printing machine can occur due to various reasons. According to experts, most of the time, the brother printer won’t print because the connection between the printer and the device is not well established. This issue can arise because of some improper settings or wrong configuration of the brother printer device.

If Brother Printer is not Printing Then Follow these steps to make it work on MAC or PC

Brother Printer Port Setting

  1. Make sure that your brother printer is switched on. When the printer is well charged and in running mode, you will see the LED lights are on.
    A stable LED light on the power button can ensure that the brother printer machine is on. But if the lights are flickering, it can give you signs of errors.
    There are options, such as toner or paper. Observe where the lights are indicating, there you get the root of the problem.
  2. Ensure the connection between your Brother Printer and your PC. You must check that the link should be safe. You can choose to reconnect if required.
    Check in the PC’s setting that the brother printer is connected.
    You should choose Brother Printer in the option of all devices available. It would be better if you set it to the default printer.
    Check the access point, at the side of the printer and PC. You may need to reconnect the cable at both ends.
  3. Try Downloading Network Repair Utility: You can make a temporary folder and save the file of Network Repair Utility for your Brother Printer.
    Open this file to extract it after the download is complete. You will observe a folder named ‘net tool.’ There you will see an option of “BrotherNetTool.exe”.
    Double click it and then proceed to follow the instructions. Make sure that you disconnect one of the printers, in case there are several brother printers attached to your device.
  4. Know about the communication between your Brother printer and the device. You can find out the machine and PC’s IP Address.
  5. See the printing queue status of your device and the Brother Printer. It is better to have a printer device ready and a printing list empty. You will see this on the list.
  1. You can try doing a Print Test. If you have made any settings in the previous steps, then you must go for a printing test to see if your Brother Printer is working.
    The issue is resolved if you get a successfully printed page. But if you get a problem with printing, then you need to follow further steps.
  2. Check the driver port settings. In the Printers, folder click right on the Brother driver and left click on properties, in the Printers folder.
    You will observe the Brother printer driver properties screen. You should then click on the Ports tab.
    There you will get a list of all the communication ports that are available on your device. There you have to click on ‘add port’.
    Choose Standard TCP/IP Port. Further click on the new port. Then you will have to mention the IP address of your Brother machine.

Try Port Settings – If Brother Printer Won’t Print Error is Still There

Let’s see how to make brother printer print with some port settings

advanced Port setting

  1. Sometimes, you may receive an error with the port, telling you that the name already exists. In that situation, click ok. In the field of the PORT NAME field, slightly change the auto-filled name of the port.
  2. You may receive a window asking you about the Additional Port Information. In that case, we come to conclude that the computer and The Brother machine is not coordinating well.
  3. Firewalls, security reasons, the intervention of some other device, or an IP address conflict may be the root of the problem. You can try troubleshooting or eliminating as many reasons as you can on your own.
  4. Additionally, a window stating completion may be received. If your communication is successful, click finish. Your problem will be resolved. Try taking a print driver for your brother’s printer machine.

If the page does not get printed well, then your brother printer not printing. Then you can consider reinstalling the device.

Try to print a paper with your brother’s printer.

If your brother printer won’t print this time, you can contact your computer manufacturer.

How to Configure Canon Printer With IJ Start Canon Setup


In this article, we have explained the process to setup Canon printer wired and wirelessly on Windows and Mac device. In order to setup printer, it is important to install the latest drivers. However, it is important that you know printer model number, so that you can find latest Canon IJ Setup Drivers. You need to have a router or modem at your home to do this connection and the access points should also work properly. You should have a device with an internet connection to make this Canon ij setup on computer or on smartphone.

ij.start canon : Official Manuals :

Use ij start cannon to set up your Canon product. Get inkjet Canon printer and scanner support here. You can learn for Canon PIXMA, image PROGRAF, MAXIFY, CanoScan, and others.Use ij start cannon to set up your Canon product.

Get inkjet Canon printer and scanner support here. You can learn for Canon PIXMA, image PROGRAF, MAXIFY, CanoScan, and others. this site that provides you Canon products’ online manuals, function information, and more. What’s more at the ij.start.cannon site is download and installation steps for Canon ij setup that is required for the complete Canon set up process. So check out the more steps below.

Follow most used and simple steps to start setting up your Canon ij printer, check below;

  1. At first, open your systems like a PC or laptop.
  2. Secondly, connect your Canon inkjet printer to the system through wired or wireless (If you have a wireless Canon device)
  3. Third, launch a web browser (default or any other) and enter or https //ij.start.cannon in the address search bar.
  4. Tap enter, and wait for the Canon website to open that will show you different steps.
  5. Click the Configure icon and wait for a new window to make you ask for a model number.
  6. Enter your Canon model number, hit Enter, and install the setup.


The driver software is available free of charge and can be downloaded from various Canon platforms. Among the various platforms, “ij.start.cannon” is the most viable. In order to know the download process in detail, you must refer to the instructions provided.

  • To download the printer driver, the main step is to visit the printer driver web page. This requires you to launch a secure internet browser followed by entering “” in the address bar. After you finish entering the URL, move to your keyboard, and press the “Enter” key. When you do, you will be directed to the printer driver web page.
  • From the ij.start.cannon home page, press the top tab, which is the “Canon Printer Setup” tab.
  • Now, the product window will appear. Canon offers a different ij.start.cannon printer drivers for different printer models. Hence, you will need to find a Canon Printer Driver that is compatible with your purchase. So, you have to fill in the search field with your Canon printer model name.
  • By pressing the “Go” tab, you will be taken to your model window with a download link.
  • Before you move forward, you need to check and ensure that you download a compatible ij.start.cannon printer driver. To make a suitable choice, click on the OS tab in the upper right corner.
  • Now, go back and click the “Downloads” tab from the center of the screen. The download will start after you click the link. You are advised to wait, say 1-2 minutes for the download to finish. The download time may change according to your network connection speed.

Download the Canon Driver from the Official Site

As noted above, there are other platforms for downloading printer drivers as well. Another most used portal is “usa canon com” which is the main site for Canon printers.

Once you reach the Canon homepage using this URL, you will need to type the full model name with the product series in the search field.

Select your printer from the search results and you will reach the products window. Now, scroll down the screen and select the “Drivers and Download” tab.

A list of different drivers will appear. Browse the list and make a choice of the appropriate driver. To initiate the download, click Select> Download, from the section of the selected driver.

How to Install a Canon Printer Driver via Ij.start.cannon

To get a step-by-step guide for installing the ij.start.cannon printer driver on your pc / laptop system, you can follow the guide below:

  • Start the ij start cannon driver installation by connecting your printer to an internet connection. There are several methods available for establishing a connection. You can choose the WPS method or the Standard connection method. However, if your printer is not compatible with wireless connectivity, you can also use the ethernet method to establish the connection.
  • The next step is to access the downloaded file. If you haven’t changed the location manually, you’ll find your file in the Downloads folder. Double click the file and run it.
  • After you finish granting permissions, you will see an installation wizard.
  • The main window offers you to make changes in the language of the wizard. Make changes and move on to the next step.
  • Now you will be asked to establish a connection between your computer system and your printer. Make the preferred choice from the available options and make a connection. The same instructions will appear on your screen.
  • When your printer is successfully attached to the system, you will get a list of printers and you will have to choose the one you are using.
  • From the software selection screen, check the box in the selected software.
  • After that, the license agreement will appear on your screen. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly and agree to go a step further.
  • The installation will now begin. In a minute or two, the process will be complete.
  • You can now perform a test print by following the instructions and completing the installation of the ij.start.cannon driver.

Setting Up Canon IJ Printer With USB –

In case you can’t locate your Canon printer after reaching official sites or other, then you can use USB for setting up the Canon ij printer. Or you can also visit Canon Website for taking help;

  1. Make sure you have a USB cable.
  2. From the web browser, go to the ij start canon site and choose setup network connection via USB.
  3. Jump next and wait for the Canon software to connect your printer to PC with the help of a USB cable.
  4. Hit Next and get the driver for your printer and check whether you want to connect the printer to a particular network.
  5. Then tap YES and hit the Complete button and jump to Add printer option.
  6. Tap Add and get a driver from canon.comijsetup site.
  7. Now, go to Device setting, then LAN settings, and choose the connection.
  8. Install Canon drivers, inkjet cartridges, and check the connections for your device.
  9. Configure the Canon printer and Try printing.