Viral WhatsApp GB, Whose Features Are More Sophisticated Than The Official Version. Illegal But Profitable?

Whatsapp GB APK

GB WhatsApp has recently been viral on social media because it is considered more sophisticated than the original version. However, not many people know about the application that the netizen is busy talking about. Check out the facts in this article!

Friends of OtherWhatsapp, WhatsApp is still one of the most popular instant messaging services today.

Even though it has recently caused controversy due to policy changes, WhatsApp remains the choice until now.

However, recently the GB WhatsApp appeared which caused controversy.

This is because the development version is claimed to be more sophisticated than the original version.

So, what exactly is WhatsApp GB APK (WA GB)?

For those of you who don’t know, see the explanation below!

What is WhatsApp GB?

Quoted by , GB WhatsApp is claimed to be an instant messaging service application whose users are given advanced features.

WA GB is an application that can be used to communicate with user contacts, but has additional new functions that cannot be found in the official application.

WA GB is a modification of the original application developed by a third party

Quoted by CNN Indonesia , they claim to be the best alternative to the official WhatsApp application.

WA GB which is also referred to as the MOD version (MODDED version).

7 Viral WhatsApp GB Facts on Social Media

Developed by Third Parties

GB WhatsApp is not developed or officially released by WhatsApp which is part of Facebook Inc.

The WA GB application on Android is developed by a third party.

As quoted by Kompas , the developer is a senior member of XDA Developer.

Not Available on Play Store and App Store

Another fact is that WA GB is not available on the WA Play Store and App Store.

That is, it is clear that this application is not in the official service like the two.

Generally, to download certain applications you have to go through the services provided officially.

Downloaded via website

whatsapp gb

WA GB can only be downloaded via third party services.

This means that the download of the application is done from a third party source on the device or via the website .

Applications that can only be downloaded outside of official services do not have strict security standards.

GB WhatsApp Additional Features

Quoted by Tribunnews , WhatsApp GB offers more features that are not available on the official WhatsApp application.

Some of my favorite features are changing themes and icons.

Not only that, there is also a feature to remove the status “currently typing”, uncheck two, and read messages that have been deleted.

Then change the font style and access the account on two devices.

WA GB also allows its users to still see the status that has been deleted and download the status that appears without having to take a screenshot.

Not Official

It has been confirmed that the application is unofficial because WhatsApp is part of Facebook Inc. has argued.

On the official website, WhatsApp states that it does not support the application.

Like WhatsApp Plus, they think WA GB violates the terms of service.

“WhatsApp does not support these third party applications because we were unable to validate their security practices,” he wrote.

Security Risk

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What about the security of GB WA user data?

Reported by CNN Indonesia , cybersecurity expert Alfons Tanujaya stated that the WA GB application is not safe.

Meanwhile, quoting KompasTekno, WA GB is more at risk of carrying malware and spyware.

Chat on WA GB also doesn’t get end-to-end encryption protection.

So, there is a risk that the conversation could be hacked by hackers or by irresponsible parties.

Users Can Be Blocked!

For those of you WA GB users, it’s good to think again.

WhatsApp said that it would temporarily block user accounts that were detected using WA GB.

WhatsApp will block it permanently if the user does not switch to the official application after being temporarily blocked.

Quoted in seconds , WhatsApp urged WA GB users to immediately download and move to the official application.

Previously, it was recommended to back up and move chat history to the official app.

If it’s not backed up, all conversations will be lost.

How to Move from WA GB to Official WhatsApp

  • Wait for the temporary blocking to end.
  • Open the WA GB application, click More options> Chats> Back up chats.
  • Open the Settings menu on your phone, click Storage, and select the Files option.
  • Look for the GB WhatsApp folder then click and hold to select it.
  • In the top right corner, click More then click Rename to change the folder name to ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Open Google Play Store and download the official Whatsapp app.
  • After downloading, open the WhatsApp application and verify the phone number.
  • If data backup is found, click Restore then click Next.
  • Chat history is already loaded on the official WhatsApp application.