Quickbooks – Easiest Downloading and Installing Steps

QuickBooks has become the most used software to handle all finance-related tasks of companies. Its user-friendly tools and features make users complete all complex tasks within moments. But there are many users who are new to Quickbooks and need proper guidance to download this accounting software. This is because, if you do not download it correctly, you will encounter errors and other technical glitches. Also, you might get duped and become a victim of fraud if you Installing Quickbooks from an inauthentic/unauthorized Intuit website.

Therefore, in this post, let’s put some light on the most correct way for downloading and installing Quickbooks accounting software.

But before that let’s understand what Quickbooks is and what new features this amazing software offers.

Quickbooks –  Explained

Accounting tools are the backbone of any company presently as they offer freedom and a great aid in handling the data.

QuickBooks Desktop also offers users cloud-based subscription options which means that its entire database can be quickly accessed from any time and anywhere without any trouble.

And the best thing is, it is a one-time investment because you have to buy it for one time only. This makes it productive, cost-effective as well.

QuickBooks Desktop – Latest Features

There are tons of features and tools offered by Quickbooks including:

  • Error fixes tools such as Quickbooks Tool Hub and many more.
  • Updated email security
  • Chart of accounts search
  • Inventory report customization
  • Mobile inventory scanning
  • Sales order fulfillment
  • Payroll liability
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Payment reminder
  • Merge vendor record
  • Past due stamps

Downloading Quickbooks Desktop

The process to properly download QB desktop is:

  • You must first obtain the necessary installation file for the QB desktop before proceeding to the following step.
  • Then visit the page “Downloads & Updates” to acquire the download link for that QB version you had bought earlier.
  • For downloading QB ProAdvisors, you will have to first log in to “QuickBooks ProAdvisor Center”. On the other hand, the accountants are expected to log in to the “CAMPS” for downloading the program.
  • The following steps will inform you the way to get the installation file:
    1. From the page “Downloads and Updates”, choose the country, product, then the version.
    2. Then tap on “Download”.

Downloading QuickBooks Software via CD

  • Remove the CD drive from the computer and insert the QB software CD.
  • Then QuickBooks installer will immediately launch once the CD is inserted.
  • After that, a dialogue box along with a start tab will come up on the display. Here, you need to right-tap on it and choose the explorer tab.
  • Choose QB CD from the folder list showing on the explorer window.
  • Finally, run the setup.exe file via QuickBooks installation. Now you can use its inbuilt tools easily like Quickbooks Tool Hub and Quickbooks File Doctor.

Installing Quickbooks Desktop

The procedure of installing QB Desktop is described in-depth here. These instructions should only be executed after you’ve downloaded all of the essential QuickBooks files before. Let’s start.

Step 1: Preparing for the Installing Quickbooks Part

  • Verify that the particular device on which QuickBooks will be installed satisfies all of the system requirements.
  • Because you’ve already downloaded the QuickBooks installation files, check that the location to find them is convenient.
  • Now keep handy other important details such as License number and product key.

Step 2: Installation Part of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the folder of the downloaded files and browse the QuickBooks.exe file.
  • Tap twice on that specific file and comply with all on-screen instructions.
  • After reading the license agreement, hit “Next”.,
  • Enter both License number and product key followed by hitting “next”.

Step 3: Choose the Installing Quickbooks Type

1. Express Install
  • Tap on the “Express” tab and hit “Next”.
  • Choose “Install” once the installation is concluded, hit the “Open QuickBooks” tab to get started.
2. Custom & Network Install
  • Tap on “Custom & Network”.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Choose that particular option that is describing the QB usage in the best way.
  • Select “Change the Install Location”. Now hit “Browse” for choosing the folder to put the QB files.
  • Hit “Next” to initiate the Installation. Then select “Open QuickBooks”.

Step 4: Activating QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press “F2”.
  • Navigate to “Help”, select “Activate QuickBooks”.
  • Open the window named “Product information” then verify the status of the registration as well as the license number.
    • If it is displayed as activated, you are set.
    • If it is displayed as not activated, hit “OK” to exit the product information screen.
    • Move to “Help” and choose to activate QuickBooks.
  • Now update the software if asked.
  • Then, at last, update the QB desktop’s latest version for completing the Activation process. Now use its latest features and tools like Quickbooks Tool Hub and many more.


After completing the downloading and installation steps, you can use Quickbooks Desktop conveniently on your device. Ensure to follow the instructions orderly to prevent any crash in the installation process.