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Taking the certification examination is the only way for many people to seek career development. For most people, it is “absolutely impossible” to have no certificate. In foreign countries, every additional certificate will bring a salary increase. Although the salary level in China is not as high as that in foreign countries, it is quite considerable compared with other industries in China. If we can plan the study and examination of certificate reasonably , we can not only learn comprehensive and systematic knowledge, but also easily find a suitable working environment for us to play our strengths. But there are so many certificates on the market, which one should you take? In the network engineer industry, CCNA.CCNP.CCIE are very good certificates, and they all with good employment prospects and recognition in the society.

CCNA, as the primary certificate of network engineer industry, is also the entry threshold of network industry. CCNP certification is very popular in the Internet world certified by Cisco, but CCNA is often ignored because it is the primary stage. So it really doesn’t matter? I think this statement is totally wrong. Great oaks from little acorns grow. Learners can’t aim high, they should first establish a solid foundation, and then make a gradual cycle. At the same time, some people doubt whether the value of CCNA is devaluing? There is no doubt that CCNA certification is an essential Certificate in some low-level network industries. Although CCNA belongs to a relatively low level, it has a certain gold content. CCNA certification indicates that the holder of this certificate has the ability to install, configure, run medium-sized routing and switching network, and carry out troubleshooting. CCNA certified professionals have the corresponding knowledge and skills to establish connections with remote sites through WAN, eliminate basic security threats, and understand the requirements of wireless network access. The certification can prove that the holder has mastered the basic knowledge of network, and can install and configure Cisco router, switch and simple LAN and WAN by using the interface between LAN and WAN, so as to provide primary troubleshooting service and improve the performance and security of network. It can be seen that CCNA is an essential part of the network industry certification system.

Of course, some people may ask me if there is a bright future for them to obtain only one CCNA Certificate in future employment? What industries can they engage in? Here I would like to introduce to you that CCNA is the certification of Cisco. Cisco is a communications equipment manufacturer and can set foot in the communications industry. Communication is a big industry, including operators (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, commonly referred to as Party A) and equipment manufacturers (HuaWei, ZTE, Ericsson, Alan, Nokia Siemens Networks , etc., referred to as Party B). The operator is the manufacturer operating the whole communication network. Your mobile phone calls with the operator’s network, so the service charge will be charged; The equipment supplier is the party that sells the equipment to Party A, and there are some third-party companies and so on. In the company, personal work can be divided into many situations: first is to do Party B’s sales – buy equipment to Party A; Second, to provide technical services for Party B; Third, do Party B’s R & D – software development. To put it bluntly, Party A’s work is to focus on the equipment and Party B is to solve the problem. Of course, every job has its significance and value. Communication is the same as other jobs, either technology or management, but generally starting from technology. CCNA certificate is recognized by the industry!

Since CCNA certification still has a very good job prospects. But how to use a better way to learn the content of CCNA certification? First of all, you can choose to self-study or enter training institutions for professional training. If you want to self-study CCNA certification, you have to try to select appropriate CCNA teaching materials, consult CCNA learning guide, make learning plans, etc. then you can continue to study day after day, and you can’t lose your strong interest in learning. The key is to choose reliable CCNA training institutions or schools. You should understand that no matter which way you choose, the most important thing is to have preparation and plan for learning, clearly understand the importance of CCNA, and grasp each key knowledge point in a down-to-earth way. In the process of preparing for the exam, firstly, you can understand the information of CCNA practice exam, such as the address of the exam, the details of the exam, etc., so that you can face the exam calmly and be sure of no mistakes. Secondly, we should have a correct understanding of network technology. In fact, network technology is really not difficult. We should learn to decompose some technologies into organized small knowledge points to understand and apply them, and then be patient in the process of learning. Because with the application of learning step by step, it is easy to encounter many problems in the actual operation; At the same time, the solution is not insurmountable. In the process of meeting and solving problems again and again, we should learn to draw inferences from one instance. We should summarize the key points and put them into practice in the future. Finally, we should have perseverance, where there is a will, there is a way. The knowledge of network technology may be boring. But there may be countless related problems and technologies waiting for you to discover, learn and solve. So you have to choose persistence. In persistence, you can get happiness in the learning network.

CCNA certification can not avoid to do a lot of exercises. But to pursue the efficiency of the exercises, if you take a lot of exercises to hit yourself blindly, do not know the importance of the question bank, it is easy to lose important knowledge points in the question bank. Practice is an important part of the review process, only through practice can we further consolidate and deepen the knowledge, otherwise, the quality of review will be affected. Most of the students can understand it in class, but when they go to practice, they find that understanding is one thing and doing the right problem is another. Many students understand it but can’t do it in the real exam. The root of this problem is that they do less. When it comes to practice, we can’t avoid “sea” tactics, but we have to do them. Doing exercises is not wasting time. Doing exercises has many advantages, such as: doing exercises can check the effect of our learning, in the process of learning, we master the knowledge to what extent, and what defects and deficiencies, most of them have to be tested in the exercises, therefore, doing exercises can more  check the effect of our learning accurately, so it is the most practical reference to test our understanding of knowledge. And by doing exercises, we can deepen our understanding of knowledge. It is impossible to thoroughly understand and master the relevant knowledge only through the elaboration and explanation of textbooks, as well as a few examples and exercises. Therefore, only by doing exercises can we deepen our understanding of knowledge and form a complete grasp of things. In addition, doing exercises help us to improve our ability to analyze and solve problems. The stable and up-to-date question bank in training institutions is very popular with most people. The common questions and error prone questions will appear in the question bank. For CCNA certified questions, we should do experiment questions and logic questions in no hurry.

No matter you are studying or working now, you should develop the attitude of lifelong learning. After all, the times change quickly, and you often update and change yourself. Whether it is to do network technology or other things, we should have the concept of lifelong learning. I have seen too many examples. People who no longer study will stagnate. This study is not only for technical, but also other aspects. For example, in the IT industry, if you are not engaged in the network industry, you may feel that you will never come into contact with the knowledge of the network. However, if you are engaged in other IT industries, you will find that it is closely related to the network industry, Therefore, long-term learning is very necessary. If you are interested again, it is good to learn other knowledge of IT industry. I often discuss a problem with my friends. Most people who are engaged in technology would see a tree. A few people who are engaged in technology or in sales and most people who are engaged in management would see a forest.

How to get certified in CCNA 200-301 test

Cisco tests are certainly perhaps the most troublesome tests on the planet. So to accomplish a confirmation in Cisco, you need massive devotion and difficult work. In particular, you should have the correct skill to turn into a Cisco affirmed proficient. Comparative is the situation with the CCNA 200-301 test. This is a partner level, a guideline based test that incorporates innovation territories; specifically, Networking, Security, and Automation. Besides, it credits your masteries of introducing, supporting, and investigating wired/remote organizations in grouped tracks like Cloud Cyber Ops, Data Center, Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, and so on At last, this confirmation assesses your dominance of IP administrations and availability, Network essentials, and so on This test is likewise an essential for the expert level CCNP.

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Why Take the Cisco CCNA 200-301 test?

Securing a CCNA is the absolute initial phase in the creation of a profession in IT innovations. During the time spent accomplishing this accreditation, CCNA test covers a tremendous range of essentials of IT vocations. This will create horde openings for the replacements. Also, Cisco has a background marked by working interminably with a soul to give the best and ideal answers for networks since 1984. It was worked by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, the pioneers of LAN(Local Area Networking). This makes it even more sensible and furthermore dependable to pick them.

Who Should take the CCNA 200-301 Exam?

First thing first, the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam test is principally for Engineers (organization, media communications), experts (organization, network activities), and furthermore, examiners (organization, network tasks focus). Besides, this accreditation is additionally for instructors, educators, content producers, or anybody with the necessary abilities. These abilities are; viz, regular key abilities, similar to relational abilities, investigating abilities, hierarchical abilities, client assistance abilities, insightful abilities, delicate abilities spinning Microsoft Office Suite and Cisco balance, and furthermore the information on industry-explicit devices. This affirmation is additionally prescribed for applicants needing to improve their consistency details and profession development. At long last, the competitors who need to show up for the CCNP test are likewise needed to breeze through this test.

With this, you are presently very much aware of the test and its intended interest group. It’s currently an ideal opportunity to perceive what earlier information and experience is prescribed to take the Cisco examinations, and henceforth get the accreditation.

Suggest Knowledge and Prerequisite for CCNA 200-301

CCNA test requires no specific degree. Nonetheless, we recommend you have one in Computer Science or Information Science. However, in the event that you intend to work straightforwardly in the wake of finishing the affirmation, a degree in the regarded fields referenced above is needed by the associations. Subsequently, an essential comprehension of the multitude of subjects in the test is additionally required.

Presently how about we examine the fundamental construction of the CCNA 200-301 test. Additionally, having a careful information on the test design and the sort of inquiries posed, will absolutely smoothen your test planning. So how about we look at it.

Planning Guide for the Cisco CCNA 200-301

Subsequent to covering the test subtleties and course diagram, we will presently move onto the main way in your excursion towards your objective. You will take a test, that took you significant length of diligent difficult work and steady inspiration. In this way, you should understand what handle you need to work upon harder to make progress. Besides, outlining an appropriate report plan will help you a ton in getting the accreditation.

We’d recommend you to initially amend your IT exercises/ideas routinely, and practice your delicate abilities of Networking, IP basics, administrations, and so on Therefore, survey your delicate abilities of utilizing Cisco, ask help from specialists, and experienced IT experts. Also, Cisco anticipates it’s up-and-comers/workers to proceed as constantly as them with regards to organize arrangements. The accompanying investigation guide will without a doubt help you over the long haul, whenever followed with most extreme devotion and trustworthiness.