Quick Fix To Resolve Windows 10 Firewall Blocking Google Chrome

Quick Fix To Resolve Windows 10 Firewall Blocking Google Chrome

Some users have reported that Windows 10 Firewall blocks Chrome for no reason at all. The error message pops up like ‘Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app’ for those users. It seems hard to fix the Firewall blocking Google Chrome problem, but it’s not that complicated. 

Troubleshoot Firewall Blocking Google Chrome by Disabling VPN Adapters 

To resolve the Firewall Blocking Google Chrome problem, disable the VPN Adapters. To do that, follow the instruction given below:

  • First, you need to press the Windows key plus X simultaneously. Now, select the Device Manager to open that window. 
  • Click the Network Adapters category and after that, right-click network adapters listed there. Now, select the Disable Device option. 

Uninstall VPN Software to fix Firewall blocking Google Chrome 

If you think the problem persists after trying the first method, then use this solution to resolve Firewall blocking Google Chrome in your system:

  • Open Run by clicking the Windows + X keys to start the menu. Now, enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the Open Box and select the OK option. 
  • Now select the VPN software listed within the uninstaller window. There, click Uninstall to remove the software and click Yes to confirm the action. 

After uninstalling the VPN, you need to then restart your laptop. Some users might need to delete a remaining VPN network adapter. To do that, enter ‘ncpa.cpl’ in Run and click OK, which opens the window where you need to right-click the VPN connection and choose the delete option.

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How to allow Google Chrome through your Windows 10 firewall?

Common methods to allow Google Chrome through Firewall

Are you facing problems while installing Chrome on your Windows 10 system? There might be several reasons that make Windows 10 to block Chrome installation process. There might be any antivirus and firewall installed on your system that may cause such problems in your system. Such third-party application basically monitors all your online activity and prevents your computer from malicious attacks. If your Windows 10 Firewall Blocking Google Chrome, check various methods to fix this problem from the following section.

Common methods to allow Google Chrome through Firewall

Before applying any method to deal with complicated firewall rules, you can also change the browser. Generally, it is recommended to use Opera as it is based on the Chromium engine and offers you many great features that Chrome might not provide you.

But still, if you want to use Chrome and experiencing problems due to Firewalls; apply following steps to get out of it:

Disable VPN Adapters: Many users have claimed the firewall error can be resolved by disabling network adapters. For this,

  • Press the Windows + X key and then click on the Device Manager option from the context menu that appeared on screen.
  • Next click on the Network adapters’ category.
  • Right-click on the network adapter that is creating problem and then select Disable device option.

Turn off Chrome Extensions: Sometimes, turning off the VPN or ad blocker can also fix the firewall blocking Google Chrome issue. For this, follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, click on the Customize Google Chrome button.
  • Go through More tools > Settings to open the Chrome’s setting.
  • Then click on the radio button against each extension to toggle it off.  Or, you can also press the Remove buttons to delete extensions.

If the issue still exists, you can reset the Google Chrome browser to turn off all its extensions. You can reset the browser using the Google Chrome settings.

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