Yamaha SY-TG77 editor


SY-TG77 AFM1SY77 TG77 editor AFM2

SY-TG77 AWMSY77 TG77 editor Common


The editor is for voice editing only, no sequenser, drum or multi modes is supported.

• Configure midi IN and OUT to the synth from CTRLR menu to get the editor working.

• When a voice/patch is selected for editing (and edit button is pressed), there is INFO presented in bottom right corner for AFM patches feedback structure.

• Feedback settings FB1 FB2 FB3, have to be manually changed for AFM patches does not update from sysex dumps like all other parameters.

• Panel supports all modes except 4AFM Mono and DrumSet.

Patch Select button sends program change.

Edit button sends dump request message, the synth enters it’s edit mode (just like pressing edit on the synth itself), to get back to “voice mode” and to be able to select other   voice/patches press EXIT.

• WRITE button saves the edited sound at the current selected voice/patch number.

Envelope time settings or RATE (Yamaha language R1, R2…) in SY series is little different from other manufactures, 63 is shortest and 1 is longest time, rate settings in the editor is reversed so 63 is longest and 1 is shortest.


Update July 23 2015

• Bug fixes and parameters added.

• in Feedback matrix and Algorithm select.

• Reset button in envelopes (reset to default value)

• Scale envelopes added, except AFM EG (still under construction)

• Some issues with AFM EG is found and corrected.


Update July 26 2015

• Scale envelopes and note select for all envelopes added.

• Pitch env select AFM bug fixed (from previous 1_01)


Update Sept 13 2015

• Totally reworked GUI with all envelopes visible for AFM, editor size is much larger due to this change.

• Added support for noise and AWM in Feedback matrix and 2 input Scr for specific algorithms.

• Initialize patch function in Common tab now working.

• Controller set, affects Keyboard version (mod wheel, Pitchbend, aftertouch)


Update March 05 2016

• GUI updates with new knobs and color changes.

• Added 6 parameters in AFM – AWM FineTune/FreqMode/FixedNote/RateScale in pitch envelope.

• Some LUA script cleanup.

• Now support for TG77, switch added for SY77 or TG77 mode.


Update March 20 2016

• Rebuilt Feedback Matrix with toggle buttons, now updates correctly

from hardware sysex msg to the editor, source In1 & In2, noise & AWM.

• For TG77, feedback info panel update fix

• More LUA script cleanup.


Update March 15 2017 by user Kekule

• In the common panel, it’s now possible to send the “Init Patch”

in the Edit Buffer of the SY77 rather than override a patch.

The choice is done using a new button.


•  Read this to get the ON/OFF buttons for AFM or Element 1-4 working correctly.

On/Off buttons for Operators 1 – 6  in AFM Element 1 or 2 shares same sysex msg.

A workaround for this is to first move any slider/knob slightly (ex OP Level knob) in selected AFM tab

to let the synth activate it’s OSC menu/mode, then use ON/OFF buttons.

Same procedure for Element 1 – 4 Mute switches.

Also remember to set the editor for SY77 or TG77 mode (use the switch at bottom left).


This editor was made for SY77 last year, but is tested and working for TG77, not tested with SY99.

(i sold the SY77 and recently got an TG77, support for SY77 unfortunately ends with this version v1.2)

If anyone wants to do changes or add something feel free to do so.



Built and tested with OSX/Win Ctrl version 5.3.83

(there is issues with newer CTRLR releases to this editor, some buttons do not update at all when sending sysex from hardware, v5.3.83 just working fine)





Old March 20 2016


New! March 15 2017



Roland D50 editor


Voice editor for the Roland D50.


Editor holds 7 layers and have dedicated buttons to switch between each layer.

parameters are color coded just like the Roland PG1000.


Common Layer Upper/Lower is blue.

Patch Layer is red.

Partials 1-4 is grey


Save edited voice/patch from editor is planned for later, only saving at hardware side for now.


Configure midi IN and OUT to the synth from CTRLR menu to get the editor working.

The “patch select” sends an single voice dump message to the synth and editor parameters is

updated for each layer.


This editor for is tested and written for Roland D50, i can not guarantee it’s working for Roland D550.

If anyone wants to do changes or add something feel free to do so.




Built and tested with Ctrl version 5.3.83


• Update Sept 2016, New GUI and bugfix from user MadAlien.

• Update 1 Feb 2017 –  MidiChannel 1-16 support





Old version:



New updated GUI


ensoniq SQ80 editor

Voice bank       editor



• CTRL Panel for ensoniq SQ80, (maybe compatible with ESQ1 and ESQm, but not tested).

• Voice editing, all parameters except Split/Layer.

• Bank page with dedicated buttons for internal voices only (no cartridge support).

configure midi IN/OUT in ctrl menu to receive voice name and settings.

• Save and rename edited voices must be done from the synth itself.


2 steps MUST be done in the ensoniq to receive midi parameter changes

every time you turn power on.


• Enable Sysex Exclusive  (MIDI page, ENABLE = KEYS + CT + PC + SS + SX).

This setting is not held in memory when power off.

• Press one of the voice editing buttons (OSC, DCA, ENV, FILTER…..)


Built with Ctrl version 5.3.85