Meeblip Geode panel

Meeblip Geode midi controller panel

Basic panel with all supported CC Messages.


  • Panel is not updated if changing parameters on device (no cc values sent from device)
  • Control of volume and filter resonance not possible (not supported by device)


Version 1.0
Meeblip-Geode_1_0.bpanelz   353

Jomox AirBase 99

Jomox AirBase99 Midi Controller

Basic panel with all the features supported with Airbase99 firmware 1.15.

Airbase99 settings for full funtionality:

  • Under MIDI Menu (Master Menu parameter PLAY must be off to access MIDI menu):

    setting: SnpSh ON (send program dump on startup and programchange events)
    setting: TxCtr ON (send controller values when changing values on device)


  • Bank changes do not change the program, a program change needs to be executed with a bank change.(since fw 1.15)
  • To select the Kits # 128-255 in Bank 000 – 003, send the bank select in advance by using the values 1, 3,
    5 or 7. These uneven controller values address memory slots 128 – 255 of the desired bank. The values 0, 2, 4 and 6 correspond to the lower half of the specific bank.
    An example: Bank 000 Kit 200 is selected by using Bank Select = 1 and Prog Change = 73 (200 – 127 = 73)
  • When changing a program a programdump with all the controller values is sent to the panel. But the following controls are not sent and therefore not updated:
    -for handclap, rimshot,crash, ride, hihat: the sample selection.
    -for hihat: the source selection.
    These controls are not in sync with your device after a program change.
  • Button “Save on device” just sends the store cc (CC=62 value=64) value to the Airbase99.


Version: 0.5
Jomox_Airbase99-0_5.bpanelz  downloads: 765