Uploading a new panel

This is a short guide on how to upload a new panel you have created so that it appears in the “Panels” section of ctrlr.org.


This site runs on WordPress so anything that happens here is done via the WordPress engine. In this case, a database entry is a new

post in the “Database” category”. To create an entry you need to be logged in (do that first). In the upper left corner of the webpage there is a WordPress menu, the second option is “Ctrlr”, move your mouse there and a submenu will be shown, click the “Dashboard” option this will take you to your WordPress Dashboard, where you can create content on this website.


We’ll start with creating a “Download” if your content is a file of some kind (or multiple files) it’s easier to set this up first. On the left hand menu go to Downloads->Add New, set a Title for your download and upload the file to the site, once done click the “Publish” button.


From the left hand menu choose Posts->Add New, you will be presented with a form for creating new Posts, this is the default most basic form from WordPress. The important stuff is, on the right

Category” – this determines where in the database your entry will be, choose one that reflects your content (if it’s a panel then Panels, if it’s a Lua script then Methods etc.),

Format” – this should be set to Standard

Tags” – add as many as you like, this helps the search engines to find stuff

Featured Image” – this is the picture that will appear on the “Panels” page, it can be a screenshot or whatever you like


Fill in the post with a detailed description of your work, explain what and how, be precise, people will comment on your work you can later respond to those comments. Document any changes you made, this will help users to deal with bugs and issues.

If you created a download for your entry now is the time to add it, click on the “Add Download” button above the editor. Choose your created download and click “Insert Download” this will paste a special shortcode to the post, this shortcode will be replace by a special Download button and link to your file, you can also insert special shortcodes for “Size” and the “Downloads Counter“, choose what you like, put it where you like.


That’s it, you can preview how your entry looks like (right hand menu “Preview Changes“) before publishing, when you are ready just click “Publish“, the entry will appear on the Panels page in the Categories you chose.