uiLabel name as argument in function call


I want to use the name of an uiLabel as argument in a Lua function call with the purpose this function replaces the displayed text in this uiLabel by a tekst generated by this function.

So, I have by instance this code:


patchNibbles = midi:getData():getRange(8, 24)

— Now I want to call

buildAsciiBytes(value, patchlabelName)

to build labeltext¬† from value nibbles and set this text in the uiLabel with name ‘patchLabel’.

buildAsciiBytes (patchNibbles, ??? )¬† ¬† –<–how to define this argument?

local blablablab..

if blablabl…



panel:getLabel(“patchLabel”):setText(newLabel:toString()) — <–This does not work. What is the right construction to set the desired name in the modulator?

end –f


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