How to Lead Artificial Intelligence Teams Within Organizations

Artificial Intelligence

Dealing with technical teams is not as straightforward as overseeing non-technical teams, because technical teams operate in a discrete manner. “Own it” is the catchphrase used by technical teams for optimum work efficiency. To effectively manage a technical team you must take full responsibility for the product and be ready to manage communication among team members.

Being a technical leader can be a rewarding experience if you know how to deal with a bunch of people who have limited people skills. Following are some of the major challenges faced by executives managing a tech team:

●  Getting along with the intense work pressure- The technical team is at a higher risk of burnout due to workloads than any other team. Hence, it becomes a challenge for a leader to help the team members cope up with the workloads without compromising the project expectations. 

●  Keeping up with the continuous technological changes- In contemporary times, technology keeps on changing at a rapid pace. The programming language that was used in the early 90s is not used in the 2000s. Every now and then some updates and advancements are coming, thus increasing the learning pressure and decreasing the value of existing knowledge.  The result can be poor performance, ultimately affecting the growth. In such cases, the team leaders must communicate with the team and help them find solutions, thus encouraging them to perform satisfactorily.

●  Dealing with routine tasks: Rapid growth in the organizations compels leaders to check on the strategic tasks instead of investing their time on routine tasks. To deal with such issues, the leaders must find or hire people who will be available to do those repetitive tasks. It must be ensured that the tasks are in responsible hands leading to more growth opportunities for the business.  

 AI teams’ focal challenge point – Lack of Experience

Since AI is in the nascent phase, executives do not have enough experience to build and manage AI teams. Thus, it becomes important for executives to choose their team members wisely. The primary requirement of the team is to have talent who have an in-depth understanding of the computer’s learning capabilities. Then only this team can collaborate with business leaders across functions to develop customized artificial intelligence applications.

As the leader or Chief AI Officer (CAIO), you need to have artificial intelligence education as well. The AI skills help these leaders to analyze different AI possibilities. If you are planning to develop your AI skills and manage the team more efficiently, enroll yourself in AI Certification courses. Be the Artificial Intelligence Leader who can assist their team as and when required.

Making Employees makes you the star leader

As per the report published by the World Economic Forum, Artificial Intelligence will replace 85 million jobs by 2025. It also states that AI will create 97 million jobs. While the numbers can be scary, there is no denying that Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the existing work culture. The current workforce needs to be upskilled or reskilled to survive in an AI-driven world. Hence as an Artificial Intelligence Leader, you must encourage your team members to devote a part of their time to gaining AI skills.

To create a team of AI expertsleaders can introduce programs within the organization that will help individuals get artificial intelligence education. This will not only benefit workers but also assist organizations in carrying out their AI strategy.

Be Future-Ready with global mindset and adaptive capacity

Organizations planning to adopt AI technology in their business processes are looking for talents that will help them transform AI research into applications. Thus it is highly important for organizations to have AI teams that are skilled in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, etc. With technical diversity and complementary talents in the team, the organization can outline the AI strategy more precisely.

As per the estimates of Gartner, 50% of leaders in the IT sector struggle to get their AI projects beyond proof of concept (POC). The rate of failure of AI projects is high and needs to be dealt with properly. This is why the leaders must build appropriate roles within the organization. Since AI teams can be majorly divided into four categories viz. Data Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Architect, and Machine Learning Engineer, the goal should be to get all talents onboard. Thus assisting organizations to successfully initialize, implement, operationalize, as well as scale Artificial Intelligence projects.


There are no hard and fast rules to lead an Artificial Intelligence Team within an organization. However, the effectiveness of the AI team depends on the leader’s ability to define roles associated with AI within an organization. Furthermore, to increase the efficacy of leadership and assist the team to deliver project expectations, the leader must be aware of AI capabilities to outline project descriptions accordingly. As long as the leaders know that the team is not overloaded with work and are learning while working, the team will prove to deliver exceptional results. Thus, ensuring the leadership capability of the lead. 

Data Science Certificates/Certifications in 2021

Data Science Certificates

If you search for data science on Quora, a number of questions emerge on the best suitable data science certifications to progress in one’s career. Getting a good data science certification is an important step toward a data science career for professionals or students without having a formal educational background in data science.
Now, though data science certification is important; however, it is not mandatory to get a job in data science. The recruiters don’t care much about any certification; rather, they care about the knowledge you have to showcase once you are selected. You must focus on learning the industry-relevant skills from any method, a self-paced program with relevant study materials, or any other training module that can help you gain in-depth knowledge.
The question now arises, why are certifications important? Read on.

How to select the best Data Science Certificate/Certification Program?

A quick search on Google will return many data science certification providers that give a certificate at the end of their programs. This is an easy part. The challenging part is which program to choose to accelerate your data science career. While selecting a certificate program, one should focus on two major points, i.e., return on investment(ROI) and return on effort (ROE), and analyze whether the certificate has value in the long term.

However, an aspirant should also consider taking deep dive with the following points before making any final decision for data science certification:

a) Contents(Industry oriented) of the program
b) Range of topics from certification(s)
c) Cost of the program
d) Prerequisite for the program
e) Time frame to learn and get the certification
f) Is certification cross-platform/vendor-neutral?
g) People involved (leadership/advisory panel) of the certification program.

The following are a few of the best Data Science Certifications in the world:

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Key Learnings: This is a Coursera-based IBM program covering Python, SQL, and machine learning with Python.

Investment: $39/month. $390 with a 10-month completion estimate. EdX is also providing a similar program.

Eligibility: None.

Time commitment: Varies; the average time to complete is ten months.

Cloudera University Data Analyst Course/Exam

Key Learnings: This course mainly focuses on using Apache products: Hadoop, Hive, and Impala. Basic SQL is also included in this, but it does not appear to cover programming in Python or R.

Investment: $2,235 for 180 days of access and certification cost is additional i.e. $295. Total = $2,530

Eligibility: Knowledge of SQL and Linux command lines is mandatory.

Time commitment: Roughly 5-9 hours per section (total around 15 self-paced sections).

Harvard/EdX Professional Certificate in Data Science

Key Learnings: This covers R, machine learning, statistics, and workflow skills.

Investment: $441.

Eligibility: None.

Time commitment: Minimum one year and five months.

Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™) – USDSI™

Key Learnings: This certification program is designed by United States Data Science Institute (USDSI™), specializing in creating data science talent worldwide. You’ll learn advanced data science and relevant topics like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Text Analytics and more, specially designed for professionals who are in the mid-level of their careers.

Investment: $691 with study-kit comprising personalized study-books, videos, workshops, digital certificate worth up to $600 free.

Eligibility: There are four ways to enter the program with certain work experience and qualifications. One of the criteria says, if you have a Master’s degree with a basic knowledge of Python/R/Java, you do not require work experience to apply for the program.

Time commitment: This is an online and self-paced program that can be completed between 6 weeks to 6 months.

Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™) – USDSI™

Key Learnings: This is an elite certification program designed by United States Data Science Institute (USDSI™) for senior professionals who are or want to enter into a decision-making role. You’ll learn the most advanced curriculum in the data science domain, such as NLP, Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, Computer Vision, Data Lakes, and more.

Investment: $752 with study-kit comprising personalized study-books, e-learning videos, workshops, and practice code worth up to $650 free.

Eligibility: Mandatory fulfillment of the eligibility criteria to apply for the program.

Time commitment: This is an online and self-paced program that can be completed between 6 weeks to 6 months.

Certified Analytics Professional

Key Learnings: This is a certification exam (test Preparation materials are available separately). Basically, to test your data science knowledge.

Investment: $695 with limited preparation materials. Exhaustive preparation courses are available between $575 to $1,000.

Eligibility: Certification exam after registration

Time commitment: 6 to 8 weeks

From Data to Insights with Google Cloud

Key Learnings: This course covers SQL, data analysis with BigQuery, and Google Cloud’s data analysis tool.

Investment: $39/month.

Eligibility: Proficiency in ANSI SQL.

Time commitment: 2 months, and more

Microsoft MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

Key Learnings: Primarily SQL. Integrating SQL with Microsoft tools like SQL Server and Azure.
Investment: Free(if studied online). Three separate certification exams each costs $165. The total cost of certification is at least $495.

Eligibility: None.

Time commitment: Varies. The average time is six weeks to three months

These are just a few examples! There are many certification programs, but you should research each with the seven data points mentioned above for any course you are considering. A data science certificate will undoubtedly help you in your job and changing the field; however, it is not mandatory. In a recent study, many hiring managers and recruiters in the data science field were asked about what they want to see in data science job candidates. None of them mentioned certificates. For potential employers, the problem with data science certificates is that there is no universal standard, there is no one recognized certification body.

So Why Should You Go For Certificates/Certifications?

Data scientist certifications aren’t worthless after all. Almost every recruiter wants to get a candidate who can showcase a better qualification, learning, and one who is constantly improving. Certifications can help you have a competitive edge over others that showcases your specialization and gives the confidence to a recruiter that you are operation-ready or deploy-ready to start on a project very quickly with minimal or no training at all.
To make a long story short, find the program that best helps you learn key industry-relevant data

Ways to Create the Most Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Developing an employee appreciation program in your company may appear to be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting from zero. Even if you aren’t, reviving an old employee appreciation program (looking at you, “here’s a birthday card that four people signed”) might be difficult. We’re here to help you create a world-class recognition program, and we’ve broken it down into 9 easy steps that will help you rethink recognition and create the kind of employee engagement culture you’ve only dreamed of before.

Best practices for Employee Recognition Programs –

It’s no accident that an employee appreciation program is used by many of the world’s most successful companies. When properly implemented, recognition program can improve business culture, promote employee engagement, reduce attrition, and create a satisfying work experience.

Here are a few tips for a seamless implementation process of employee recognition programs.

  • Be precise when you recognize employees: Be clear about why you acknowledge someone, whether it’s for years of service or staying late to finish a project. It’ll be even more impactful if you specify why you’re honoring staff. Jenny, what’s up? I saw you went above and above to assist Scott. “That was very awesome” will mean a lot more than “Jenny does a wonderful job.” Put as much specificity as possible the next time you recognize someone!
  • Involve employees: Peer-to-peer recognition has a huge influence on productivity, team culture, and overall workplace happiness, and it only takes an invitation for employees to acknowledge and congratulate one another. Employees supporting one another through appreciation is the fastest way to establish business culture.
  • Try public recognition: Build another recognition program to honor good work throughout the year once you’ve gotten the ball moving with service awards. We guarantee that if an employee feels cared for, they will be more invested in their work.

If you’re concerned about the cost of public recognition, consider this: honoring someone doesn’t have to cost money. In fact, several studies demonstrate that non-monetary recognition has the same impact as monetary recognition. Consider this: telling someone, “Great job!” has the same impact as giving them a bonus.

  • Successful recognition programs are measurable: When one’s performance is measured, it improves. The rate of improvement will accelerate if performance is monitored and then reported. For you to develop an effective recognition program, even the most fundamental measurements must be in place.
  • Allow your employees to make their own decisions: When people have a say in their rewards, they are more likely to appreciate, use, and cherish them. Isn’t it great when your grandmother handed you a personalized keychain (much like a service award, coincidentally) when you were a kid? When Grandma gave you a gift card, or even better, a gift card AND that plaque, the freedom to choose your own present became even more valuable and unforgettable.
  • Combine reward and incentive systems: Create an employee incentive scheme to encourage involvement and engagement in the company’s internal safety activities. Recognized and rewarded employees are good bedfellows.
  • The deployment of a successful recognition program is common: This should be self-evident. When something is put to use, it is deemed successful. Consider this: how can you know if your new recipe idea will be a success? People enjoy it and use it. They might even tell others about it or discuss it with their friends. It’s the same with a recognition program: if people use it, love it, and talk about it, it’s a success.

Remember that no matter where you are in your organization’s recognition program journey, you must start somewhere. Anything is preferable to doing nothing right now. If something isn’t working for you, it might be time to switch things up. Begin with a small goal and work your way up.


Advantage Club is a global provider of employee benefits. The platform serves to digitizing all employee demands under one canopy through numerous employee engagement programs such as incentives, rewards & recognition, flexible and tax saving modules. It now serves over 300 organizations in 70 countries and has over 10,000 brand partnerships.

Career guide to get into the private equity industry

private equity industry

Private equity firms are investment management companies that acquire private businesses by pooling capital provided from high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors.  Private equity jobs are considered the most sought-after and competitive careers in finance.

The private equity firms manage nearly $1 trillion of investment capital that they put to use through strategies such as direct investment in private companies, leveraged buyouts (LBOs), and sometimes even partial stake purchases in public companies.

The job role in the private equity industry is mainly involved to gain capital from outside investors, called Limited Partners (LP), and use the raised capital to buy other firms, improve them and then sell them to get the returns on their investment. The job consists of part operational management, part fundraising, and part investing.

In this article, let’s get a few details about the important aspects an individual should know before they get into private equity.

Prerequisites to get into a PE firm

If an individual is looking for a job in the private equity industry, then they must consider the following:

  • If an individual has done an MBA and has relevant experience in investment banking, then consider the exit strategy and join a PE firm as a post-MBA associate.
  • If an individual wants to get into the PE industry, your age should be less than 30 years for an entry-level position. However, if you want to go into a senior position and have relevant experience, then your age can be more than 30.
  • An individual can also consider real estate roles like commercial real estate brokerage so that they can break into real estate PE.
  • If an individual has prior banking experience and they are in a senior position, they can join a PE firm as an ‘Operating Partner or Consultant’.
  • If an individual wants to have the edge over their peer group, they should do multiple internships and certification programs, to begin with.

Private equity skills

The private equity career attracts individuals who possess these things:

  • People who are highly attentive to details.
  • Those who focus on achieving more and are willing to work long hours
  • Individuals who are interested in cracking deals
  • Those individuals who take risks rather than just investing in public companies
  • Show interest in operations and investing
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate companies rather than just selling or by just being an agent.
  • Willing to be a part of long-term projects, which include building a portfolio company across many years
  • Interested to do non-deal work like fundraising and monitoring the company.
  • Must possess the ability to think critically about investments and companies.
  • Soft skills to be a right fit in the private equity industry.

Apart from these, one must possess good technical skills. Those skills include:

  • General financial analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • M&A modeling
  • LBO modeling

The best way to enhance one’s skills before entering a private equity firm is by doing a certification program. There are many certifications available in the market. One such certification is Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP™) from the United States Private Equity Council (USPEC). Individuals who are aspiring for PE jobs from remote parts of the world can also apply for this certification program.

This CPEP™ is an industry-focused qualification, which elevates the knowledge and employer-appeal and will also bring an individual to the same high standards expected by the top PE firms.

Top PE firms

Here is a list of top PE firmswhere an individual can begin his/her career.

  • Apollo Global Management Inc.
  • Warburg Pincus LLC
  • KKR & Co. Inc.
  • The Blackstone Group Inc.
  • Neuberger Berman Group LLC
  • The Carlyle Group Inc.
  • Bain Capital LP
  • CVC Capital Partners
  • Vista Equity Partners M
  • EQT AB


Start immediately if you want to be in this growing industry. Master the aforementioned skills and network well. Apply to the firms where you can get an entry-level job and which offers you more learning experience.

Why Choose Lpu Distance MBA Among Others?

Everyone is having a desire to get an MBA degree!!! MBA is the best professional course that is useful and brings a good career opportunity to you. There is endless reason for people choosing the MBA course. If you are planned to learn the MBA but do not have the time to attend the regular classes, don’t worry the ideal solution is choosing lpu distance mba. Of course, you do not ignore your studies by considering the timing restriction. From your comfort place, you can attend the classes and get a good score.

What is the reason to choose a distance MBA?

The lpu distance education is beneficial for all kinds of candidates. When it looks to MBA courses, you need a good kind of learning. That’s why it is best to choose lpu distance education. Distance learning is convenient and flexible for all. And everyone can utilize distance learning without any issues. Now, distance education is a favourite type of learning compared to others. It is because you can choose and make everything based on your needs. It is differing from other choices and you can easily complete the course. 

If you want a different teaching style and peaceful learning, then you have to choose the lpu distance education once. Then you can realize the worth by yourself. You can do all kinds of tasks online and the class schedule you can make by yourself. Through the virtual classes, you can simply interact with your staff at any time. Therefore, you can rectify all your doubts with the professionals. A good discussion with the professional staff and other candidates helps you a lot and it will allow you to get a higher score. Now, you can get an idea about the excellence of distance education lpu. Hurry up!!

How distance lpu is best to consider?

By choosing the distance education lpu, you can learn the course properly and also you can attend all classes without fail. Otherwise, you can cover the entire syllabus and get the perfect knowledge in the particular field which helps you to get the professional career you want. The lpu distance mba are come under prefixed and also you can attend the classes with the specific schedule. Moreover, if you want, you can reschedule the classes as well. You can attend all the semester confidently. The admission detail for lpu distance education you can get online.

Likewise, there is much more reason behind the popularity of distance education lpu. Start your learning with a distance education MBA and get tech-friendly studying. You can receive the material and submit the assignment online. Once you understand the benefits, try to spread the positive experience to all. It is helpful for candidates who are searching the ways to study while earning. Suppose, if you are having any health problem, then you can simply continue your studies by distance education. Distance education in lpu is cost-effective compared to others. Therefore, join with lpu distance mba and gains the benefits. 

How to get online cake delivery in Chennai at cheaper price?

cake delivery in chennai

Cake the actual name to make everybody cheerful and it gives the festival mode. In bygone cake are cut distinctly for their birthday, yet to the extent now the cake is cut for the different celebration and other unique events. The cake is made of a few sorts and the consumable ingredient is added to it. The Cake delivery in Chennai gives more benefits of making delivering the cake to your doorsteps. Each cake is made with exceptional and new cream which makes the cake too new and smells pleasant enough on it. A multi-facet of creams is added to make the cake a decent look and alluring on it.

Online cakes

Ordering the cakes online will give the most ideal method of choosing the cake by staying in their home. The bakery site will give more benefits of redid cakes for everybody. By online you can get the alternative of how much cream and natural products with nuts are added over to it. As individuals are staying in the house during the pandemic time you can arrange cake online with all well being means are followed on it. Ordering online will gives a significant benefit saves time and no requirement for actual travel to a specific spot.

Different size and shape cakes

The Cake delivery in Chennai will furnish the best dealing with cake. The cake is should have been more powerful and productive to specially make better usefulness the cake online. The cakes accompany a practical value range and capable be more reasonable to purchase for everybody. Everybody gets the cake in a savvy value range and each one simple with various sizes and shapes on it. The cake site is a prebuilt multi-choice and it very well may be more helpful for the client to pick the cake type, size, and shape with shading on the cake on it. Numerous individuals think that the delivery of the cakes may charge additional cash however this isn’t accurate they will get the cake at the doorstep by paying just the ordinary cost of the cake.

On time door delivery

The size of the cake isn’t made a difference this will be a lot more simple for the bakery staff as they will utilize the fundamental box or the instruments to move the cake to your destination. Shipping the cake won’t give any harm likewise this will be conveyed in time additionally newly. The newness of the cake never lessens in any event, when you request the cake in the evening time. The cake is conveyed with a few sorts of cakes on the home delivery. The time doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you need the cake essentially settle on a telephone decision or simply open the application or the site and submit the request. The flavor of the cake and the surface of the cake won’t ever diminish as this will be conveyed in almost no time. On the off chance that assuming you have tracked down a late delivery from the bakery staff, it is liberated from cost.

How to Apply to International Universities?


Do you want to gain a broader career prospect by studying abroad? Well, as much exciting as the thought can be for enthusiastic learners, it is indeed a daunting task. Generally, students have confusion regarding where to apply, how many universities to consider, and when to apply for such universities.

However, applying to a foreign university is not that difficult. You have to know the correct ways and steps in proper sequence. If you’re also worrying about how to apply to international universities, no need to stress out! UniVisory consultants have the best solution for you.

UniVisory is a pre-eminent consulting company for undergraduate admission in Ivy League and other elite universities worldwide. Our team will be there at every step, from shaping talented student’s academic and extra-curriculum to the final offer letter from top universities. 

Key Factors You Must Consider When Applying for International Universities

Here are some essential factors that UniVisory will guide the students for their lifelong success:

1. Consider Different Alternatives

Even if you have set a goal and already chosen the university you want to opt for, you must always consider the other alternatives. Therefore, it will be best if you do not solely depend on one university. Rather keep open to other options and apply for three or four universities. Then, if you do not get through your desired college due to any circumstances, you always have the other alternatives right in front of you.

2. Be Informed About Academic Requirements

Before applying to foreign universities, you must be practical and check all the requirements for being accepted by those universities. Most of the time, these details about the academic information and available programs exist on their website. However, you can also easily contact the respective department of advisors from the university if you have any queries or confusion to get a more transparent and broader perspective.

3. Know About the Procedure

You must have a detailed knowledge of the whole application procedure. Then, you can submit the required documents directly to their website or send them via post. Furthermore, you must always discover ways to submit your application. As the online admission procedure is easier and more convenient in most countries, it helps you apply to multiple universities at once.

4. Pay Attention to the Paperwork and Other Details

You should always follow the same steps and name of the universities in order of your preference to not miss out on any details when you are applying to different universities abroad. Also, it will be best if you are very careful with the authenticity of your paperwork. All the documents must be translated and legally authenticated by authority into the official language of the respective countries of the chosen universities.

Documents You Must Keep Ready Before You Apply

When you seek admission to universities, there are some essential documents you must keep ready with you. However, the document requirement usually varies. Here are a few very common and important certificates that are mandatory to submit:

  • The Application Form: This contains all the necessary information about yourself that you need to mention and sign the form at the end.
  • Grade Certificates from High School: Many international universities require a copy of all your grade cards (in English) from high school either from you or directly from school authorities.
  • Passport Copy: A copy of your passport is needed so that they can issue a visa letter for you.
  • Financial Statement: You need to provide your bank statement in English to prove that you can afford to study abroad.
  • Standardized Test: You need to take standardized tests like SAT/ACT and IELTS, TOEFL, etc., for undergraduate programs.

Steps for General Application Submission Procedure

Most universities follow some general guidelines for students applying to their universities:

  1. Online Registration:Online registration is a much convenient procedure that helps the authority and students to apply for admission easily.
  2. Submission of Essential Documents:Universities ask for necessary and all relevant general information regarding yourself. This step is compulsory for the process to go further.
  3. Submission of Personal Statement/Essay:Many universities require personal statement/essay from the students, which shows the ability to perform well. It should include all your skills and achievements.
  4. Entrance Exams: Usually, the registration is followed by an entrance test mandatory to pass to get into the desired universities.
  5. Interview Round:A consultation follows the entrance exam to find if you are actually eligible to get admission to their universities.

Final Words

The procedure may be quite a task, but without worrying about how to apply to international universities and postponing the applying process, connect with the UniVisory team. We will help ignite your intellectual passion and provide the right pathway to build academic rigour in your educational journey.

Top 7 Popular Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies of the decade. Studies suggest that the industry will have 2.3 million positions by the year 2030. Artificial Intelligence is being used for multiple applications in multiple industries leading to more openings for AI jobs. AI will not seize jobs from us but is creating more jobs and making our mundane tasks easier and faster.

Some of the industries impacted by AI include manufacturing, healthcare, business intelligence, transportation, education, supply chain management, construction, retail, cybersecurity, and information technology.

When it comes to careers in AI, these industries stand out. Gartner’s report suggests that enterprise applications for AI have grown 270% in four years. Likewise, the number of industries using AI is also increasing rapidly. This has paved the way for qualified job candidates to take up AI jobs.

Let’s take a look at the career opportunities in AI here.

Robotics Programmer

As industries turn toward AI adoption, many industries are looking forward to hiring robotics programmers who can program their machines. Robotics programmers are generally involved in robotics design; an assemblage of robotic devices; corrective or preventative maintenance of the robotic systems; disassemble, repair or reassemble of robots or their components, test performance, train operators, and develop path programming.

A robot programmer earns about USD 54,600 per year or USD 28 per hour in the USA.

AI Engineer

AI Engineers are responsible for the commercialization of AI in businesses. AI engineers are responsible for designing and implementing AI applications; understanding business problems and find solutions with AI; apply the right AI computing technologies to solve the problems. They are mainly responsible to transform the entire infrastructure of the organization.

In general, the national average salary for an AI engineer is USD 1,15,320 in the United States.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

It is a special designation where professionals use data to design new technological solutions for businesses. They develop innovative applications by using existing and emerging technologies. The professionals may work with robotics, AI programming, algorithms, and cloud computing.

The average salary for a Computer and Information Scientist is USD 115740.

AI Research Scientist

Research in Artificial Intelligence is as important as other application careers in AI. Discovering ways to advance AI technology is as important as applying the technology. AI research specialists help to advance the data systems, get actively involved in the development of new software, and look for new possibilities in the domain. They are accountable for creating new AI tools.

Studies show that AI Research Scientist earns about USD 109,859 per year.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning forms the core of AI projects. Machine learning engineers are responsible for understanding theoretical data science models and scale them out to production-level models which can handle terabytes of real-time data.

In fact, machine learning engineers command high salaries with a record salary of USD 127,000 per year.

Working in the defense department

Professionals having an AI certification and a relevant degree can land a position in military forces. The AI professionals here are generally involved in developing smart weaponry. They also have the option of pension after their retirement period.

The AI professionals in the military force earn about USD 73,000 per year along with a benefits package.

Video game programmer

This is an interesting AI job profile. Candidates with AI degrees, AI certifications, and computer languages are eligible for this job. They also should know 2-D and 3-D animating and design and its related themes. They are mainly responsible for role-playing mechanics and improve the user experience.

Currently, video game programmer earns about USD 75,000 to USD 125,000 per year. 

To conclude…

These are some of the most popular career options in Artificial Intelligence we find today. To choose anyone among them, it is best recommended to hold an AI certification along with a degree. Being a problem solver along with business skills is much needed to ace a career in Artificial Intelligence.

How To Become An SEO Expert In 2021 (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Become An SEO Expert In 2021 (Step-By-Step Guide)

Before delving into the details of how to become an SEO Expert, it is imperative to fully understand what SEO means and how it works as a digital marketing strategy. SEO is all about optimizing the content that you are going to publish. So, why is content optimization necessary? It is important because if your content is optimized, your website will rank higher on any search engine result page. This is basically going to generate more traffic for your website. More traffic for your website means that more people will come across your website. This in turn means that your business will hopefully have more sales. SEO is a complex and crucial part of content marketing. To have a successful marketing campaign, some knowledge about SEO is imperative. It is also a fantastic branding tool. It is gaining a lot of popularity in the world of digital marketing.

Now that you know about why SEO is important and how it works, the rest of this article will take a look into the steps you can follow to become good at SEO.

Steps to become good at SEO

Here are the steps that you can follow to succeed at SEO:


1.  A comprehensive understanding of how search engines work:

What do people use search engines for? To find answers or solutions to questions or problems they have. When you search for something in your browser, you’ll see thousands of results pop up providing you links to websites or blogs that answer your question. Search engines, therefore, perform 3 main functions- crawl, index and rank. You need to first acquaint yourself with these three functions of search engines before moving on.

2.  Develop core skills:

After you’re well-versed in how search engines work and the three primary functions performed by search engines, you have to then work on the core skills required to become an SEO Expert. A few of these core skills include-

  • Keyword research
  • Basics of coding
  • Content marketing
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building skills
  • Content audit.

The aforementioned skills are all technical skills that you must have. Along with that, you also need to have certain soft skills such as communication skills, negotiation skills, and the ability to compromise and reach a middle ground.

3.  Effective competitor analysis:

To be good at SEO, not only do you have to create optimized content but must also learn how to perform competitor analysis of websites. In this way, you will learn where your website stands in terms of ranking as well as the ranking of competitor websites. This in turn will help you expand your knowledge about the market.

4. Keep upgrading your knowledge-base for SEO:

If you wish to become an SEO marketing expert, it is essential to find situations where you can apply your acquired knowledge. Practical experience is essential to become successful. Implement your SEO skills in any content that you create. Owing to the fast-changing, ever-evolving nature of the field of SEO, you will also need to keep yourself updated with any new developments and information in SEO. Read blogs, attend workshops, network, and join industry associations to stay updated with any new developments in this field. 

5.  Choose an area of specialization:

After you’ve mastered all the aforementioned basic technical skills and soft skills, to become successful SEO personnel, you need then choose an area of expertise. You need to have in-depth knowledge about a specific filed under SEO. This is as important as having a broad understanding of marketing knowledge. A few important areas of expertise include:

  • On-site content
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Data and analytics

 6.  Tracking SEO performance:

Another requirement to pursue a career in SEO is to be able to analyze and calculate SEO performance. You have to be able to track as well as review web traffic, your ranking, and conversions. This will help you understand where your website stands in comparison to competitor websites. To be able to do this, you have to include metrics such as average position, keyword rankings, backlink profile breakdown, content marketing results, etc. You have to update and adjust this report on a daily basis.

7.  Building a strong SEO network:

In order to learn and improve your SEO skills, networking is essential. You should definitely network with experts in the field of SEO. This will help you come up with new ideas, share tactics and tools for SEO as well as meet new clients who need your expertise.

8.  Ability to explain SEO in layman terms:

To have a good client base, you need to have the ability to explain how SEO works and its relevance, in simple terms that your clients can understand.

Follow this step-by-step guide and become an SEO Expert!

Latest Trends In Human Resources

Latest Trends In Human Resources

As organizations start managing their workforce in a post-pandemic world, here we have listed the 10 ways HR professionals expect the human resource sector to evolve:

Diversity and Inclusion

The Black Lives Matter protest impacted America’s corporate culture in many ways. Organizations actively reacted to it by updating their anti-harassment policies training and internal complaint processes. It also led companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the work environment. The diversity and inclusion programs are nothing new to the workplaces but now due to the heightened emphasis on the adverse influence of systemic racism, many companies are looking forward to making improvements in their D&I initiatives.

As of now, businesses are creating strategies to increase the cogency of D&I initiatives. Having a diverse and inclusive work culture will help businesses with recruitment, employee engagement and productivity, brand image, and employee retention. Those having a career in HR must closely pay attention to D&I best practices and work forward to top-to-bottom business strategy and not just an HR program.

Long Term Remote working

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced corporate offices to shut down on an immediate basis, the workforce had no choice but to quickly adapt to working remotely. But what started as a temporary experiment has now proven to be a more permanent solution for many businesses around the world. Though many organizations are initiating remote working for their employee wellness and safety reasons, other organizations are looking for a long-term remote working solution due to the demand of employees.

Employees from different organizations are finding remote working much more flexible and productive. So, in 2021, HR leaders will have to reimagine the technological solutions that can help them attain an effective remote workforce for the long term. Moving forward, they would be required to consider the HR practices and policies that can perpetually influence the integration of remote work.

Automated HR Processes

HR professionals have recently experienced a massive elevation in the use of cloud software to automate and manage their workflow led by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we enter 2021, this trend is expected to grow further.

Many organizations make use of automation services for their hiring and onboarding processes. But the pandemic raised the need for digitizing these processes up to a great extent. As someone having a career in HR, you will be expected to take up virtual HR processes like automated onboarding and remote hiring. Competing in a post-pandemic world will require organizations to move to the cloud as much as possible including offline HR activities.

Employee Well-being

The biggest hot topic that emerged in the pandemic is workforce health and wellness and for a good reason. Organizations are now aware of the importance of employee health and mental well-being and its impact on organizational success than ever before. But during times like pandemic employee well-being is more likely to record a drop. Therefore employers and HR people must focus on improving employee health programs as they adapt to the new normal.

Organizations must find ways to create a healthy work culture and a flexible working environment to support mental well-being in these tough times. Business leadership can significantly improve employee wellness and health by creating transparent processes and initiating clear communication within their teams.

How certification courses can help HR thrive in 2021?

The workforce is becoming highly global which intensifies the demand for human resource professionals to contemplate extensive strategies for hiring, firing, and managing employees across different teams in the organization. Certification courses in HR can help them gain an insight into the functioning and requirements of a modern human resource department.

The certification courses in HR can enable HR professionals to acquire both the practical competencies and specialist knowledge that will help them to develop and enforce effective HR strategies for recruitment, employee development, and retention.