How to Resolve Microsoft Office Error 30010-4

Microsoft Office Error 30010-4

Microsoft Office Error 30010-4 usually appears on your screen when you try to connect to Office or within minutes after you change the Microsoft Office version. Restarting your computer may not always solve this problem. If you have tried doing this but the problem persists, continue working on your troubleshooting with the suggestions below.

Steps to Resolve Microsoft Office Error 30010-4

Repair Microsoft Office

If you are experiencing the error message after installing the latest updates, then you need to fix your Office installation.

  • Navigate to Control Panel, select Programs, and then navigate to Programs and Features.
  • Select Office and select the Change button.
  • After that, start the Quick Fix Tool.
  • If the problem persists, try your online repair tool, and determine if this solution was able to fix the problem for you.

Uninstall Recent Microsoft Office Updates

If the Office fix failed, remove recent updates and verify if this fix resolved the problem. In some cases, Office, as well as Windows Update, introduces bugs that went unnoticed during the initial testing period.

To access Control Panel, go to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program, and then look for updates that have been installed. Remove the updates you recently installed and then restart your computer. Restart your Office applications.

Scan Microsoft Office Disk

If your system’s data files were damaged, your OS may have difficulty installing new software. Use System File Checker to scan and repair your drive as well as system files.

The launch command prompts you with administrative rights. Then, enter the SFC /Scannow command. Press Enter, then wait for the scan to complete, reboot your machine, and then reopen Microsoft Office.

Quit other Programs and Reinstall Microsoft Office

If Microsoft Office Error 30010-4 is preventing you from installing Office on your device, you will need to disable your firewall, antivirus, VPN, and all other programs running in the background. The main reason for this is to ensure that other applications running on your computer are not obstructing the installation of Office.

Then, you can use the Office Uninstaller Tool to completely remove all your Office documents. The remaining software files may prevent the installation of a newer version of Office. Use the tool, and then reboot your PC. Then, download Office Suite again. Office suite again and check the results.


Microsoft Office Error 30010-4 may prevent users from installing or opening your Office applications. To resolve the MS Setup Bootstrapper error. Remove the latest updates, check your system files, and then reinstall Office. Were you successful in eliminating the Microsoft Office Error Code 30010-4? Tell us about it through the comment section below.

Best Web Browser for Desktops and Laptops in 2021

Best Web Browser

Through browsers, our needs are always changing. It seems that we are under constant surveillance, and our information is at the mercy of advertising firms. This is a problem for those who care about their privacy. They may consider using an Internet Browser that focuses on security.

Perhaps speed could be the primary factor. Lastly, this digital age is always moving at a fast pace and a slow internet browser can cause a lot of disruption. Whatever you’re looking for, be sure to check out our guide to the 10 top browsers to use in 2021:

Google Chrome

Remarkably a widely used web browsing platform, Google Chrome is highly customizable and certainly one of the more user-friendly browsers on the market. This is extensible in addition to the fact that almost everyone is familiar with Google’s ecosystem. The Google ecosystem allows for greater collaboration in an office setting.


  • View the history of your browser and task manager.
  • Password Management is more web-related standards-friendly than any of the other browsers listed on this list.
  • Continuous upgrade of security features.


  • It can consume many resources and can slow down your system.
  • Privacy is a concern.

Mozilla Firefox

With the introduction of a brand new Quantum upgrade, Mozilla has finally stepped out of the shadows. An entirely new design with elegant design and intuitive animated interface, Mozilla has completely upped its game to compete with the competition of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


  • Safety tools are now concentrated in one place and are now readily available.
  • Uses less memory to speed up browsing, and is extremely customizable.
  • Blocks over 2000 ad trackers including fingerprint tracking.
  • It synchronizes across devices and maintains the proper balance of memory for a smooth browsing experience.


  • Add-ons of the past may not be compatible with Quantum.


It is easily one of the most neglected browsers in this selection. In terms of internet browsers, Opera enters the game nicely with its plethora of functions and privacy tools. Opera is a browser-based on Chromium and hence shares similar add-ons with Google Chrome, and also has a unique interface. Opera can sync its data across different devices.


  • Integrated VPN and ad blocker inbuilt and processing for crypto-currency.
  • Minimum processing power for fast browsing.
  • Chat feature and simultaneous browsing to reduce tab juggling.
  • Highly Customizable.


  • The interface may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Some utilities are not visible.

Microsoft Edge

Its browser application, which was the catalyst for popularity in Google and Firefox, is back and this time it’s amazing. Microsoft Edge is a browser that should not be dismissed as it comes with a slew of features, being a Chromium base, and its performance is amazingly fast and secure too. Microsoft Edge Virus Alert Popup is one of the common errors in Microsoft Edge Browser.


  • When you use Private Mode your browsing activity is hidden and cannot be tracked back to your Microsoft account.
  • Significantly more efficient, significantly faster Mac.
  • Provides greater transparency through its security tools and automatically blocks ad-trackers.
  • Highly customizable, and can connect to a variety of devices.


  • Unfamiliar with Search Engine.


These were our picks for the best web browsers for Windows 10. What we mostly see in the world of web browser software, be it browser for Windows or some other platform is ruled by one of the big names.

How to Setup Epson L380 Printer

Epson L380 Printer

Epson Printer is among the top service providers that bring new life to your creative ideas. There are different printer software ranging from personal to professional. The selection includes all-in-one models as well as wireless portable models and more.

Epson Printer is specifically designed to meet a variety of reasons. This is a high-performance printer for business and home offices, which is why these printers are designed. They offer a multi-tasking option for printing at a low cost.

Are you even using your own? Are you planning to know the details about the Epson L380 Printer Setup? If so, and you’re planning on getting one but aren’t sure of the process or steps to set it up, then this guide is perfect for you.

Learn About Epson L380 Printer Setup

This Epson printer is built to offer the benefits of printing at home what you’ve got. With this printer, you’ll be able to print or scan, as well as copy and print via a USB cable. The printer is currently running Micro Piezo 4-colour inkjet technology for printing. This guide will show you how to set up the Epson L380 setup on your PC:

The first test is to determine if you were successful in completing the printer setup. If not, read the following blog.

  1. Fully open your printer
  2. After opening your printer, you should fill the ink tanks.
  3. Then, you can start the Epson printing device and then charge it.
  4. If you follow these three steps, you have completed the printer setup.

You will receive a USB cable when you purchase your printer. This USB cable is used to facilitate the connection of the printer. If you don’t have a cable, buy one that is supported by the printer. You can download the driver for the printer on the official website of Epson’s official site.

 After downloading the driver for your printer, make sure that you are installing the driver that meets the specifications of your OS version. It is also possible to get in touch with executives if you wish to know more about the actual details of the Epson Printer won’t Print Error.

Steps to Install Epson L380 Printer Setup

Step1- Installing Epson L380 Scanner

Step2. Make sure that your Epson L380 printer is not connected to your computer.

Step 3: Now, open the driver for printer file from your PC.

Step4- Follow the on-screen prompts.

Step5: When prompted, select the Epson printer software that you want to install on your PC.

Step6- Connect your printer using the USB cable.

Step 7: Install your printer driver by following on-screen instructions.

Learn About Epson L380 Setup Connect to Wi-Fi

If you have an Epson printer at the office or home and want to make sure it runs smoothly and connects efficiently to your local network. If you want to connect you will need to follow the steps that will guide you to connect your printer to the Epson L380 setup via Wi-Fi.

Before we begin, make sure that you follow the steps to enable Wi-Fi connectivity with your Epson printer on your Windows. Be sure to read the following guidelines before starting your printer.

  • Then, you should know your network name and proper password.
  • Epson printer configured with wireless or Ethernet connectivity.
  • Download and install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.

Steps for Epson L380 Setup Connect to WI-FI

  • The first step is to turn off your Epson printer
  • Then, press “Home” on your Control Panel.
  • Next, use the Arrow buttons to select the Wi-Fi configuration then hit “ok”
  • Select the network name in the search box.
  • Enter your network password.
  • Wait for the screen to appear and then press “OK”
  • You can now successfully connect your printer to Wi-Fi.
Steps to Fix Epson Printer isn’t running the latest Driver

If you’re concerned that your printer driver needs an update, there are two ways to upgrade your driver. So look here:

Option 1 Manually:

  • You may need a lot of computer expertise to update your driver but you will find the details on the internet. Hence, you can download and install it following the correct instructions.
  • Epson printers are excellent because they update their drivers regularly. If you are interested then you have to visit the official website of Epson. Find the product you want and locate the driver that is compatible with your particular taste which is the Windows version. Now you can download the driver automatically.
  • After completing the steps to download the correct drivers, double-click your file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  • After you have downloaded the correct driver, simply double click on the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

0ption 2 Automatically:

This is the simplest and fastest option. This is easy to do, even if you are an expert working with computers. If you are not able to free up time or patience, it is possible to upgrade your driver using the auto option.

Use a driver’s assist, which will be able to detect your system automatically. Find the correct driver for that system. It’s not necessary to know what operating system your PC is running, and you don’t need to be worried about wrong driver installation and download.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

Canon Printers are known for their robustness. These printers are also very simple to use as the user can set up the printer to PC and then take printout easily. The Canon inkjet printers offer excellent printing quality and you can also take printouts on different sizes of pages. The big laser printers offer good printing speed to the user. But while running the printer, some users get the Canon Printer Empty Ink Error. The printer starts showing ink errors when it can’t fetch the ink. But sometimes the user gets this error when the cartridge has enough ink to take printouts.

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

  1. Your cartridge is empty
  2. The printer is showing the wrong ink level
  3. The cartridge is not installed properly 
  4. The user has installed the third-party cartridge
  5. The ink inside the drum gets dried up

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Empty Ink Error

Check the Cartridge Ink Level

Many users reported that the printer is showing ink errors while they are able to take the printouts. This occurs when the ink is near the warning level. The printer starts showing a warning message so the user can change the cartridge before the cartridge gets completely empty. When the ink error appears, check the ink. If the cartridge is about to get empty then refill or reinstall a new cartridge. Once the printer gets the filled cartridge, it will start printing without any error.

Don’t use Clone Cartridges 

Some users get an ink error when they install the clone cartridge on their Canon printer. Some Canon printer models allow clone cartridges whereas some printers can’t detect them. These types of cartridges can also harm the Canon printer. When you get the error, check the cartridge. Remove the third-party cartridge and then install the Canon MG2570 Cartridge on your printer. When you install the correct cartridge, the printer will easily recognize it and start giving the printouts.

Reinstall the Cartridges on the Canon Printer

Many times the user installs cartridges incorrectly and the printer can’t recognize them. You have to remove those cartridges and then reinstall them correctly. Open the Canon printer and then remove the cartridges. Check the cartridge pins and contacts on the printer. In case the pins are damaged then you have to buy one. The printer won’t use the cartridge if the pin is broken. Many times, the user forgets to remove the protective clips from the cartridge before installing it.

Check the cartridge ends and remove the tapes before installing. Go to the printer and clean the contacts to remove all dust. Now insert the cartridges and check the ink status. Sometimes the printer can’t read refilled cartridges. In that case, you should remove all cartridges and check the status of the slot. All slots should show 0. Now insert one cartridge and check the status. When the printer is recognizing the cartridges then install others and use the device easily.

Repair the Canon Printer Driver

Ink errors on printers can occur when printer functions are not working correctly. It happens when the driver is not working. The Canon printer requires a driver to understand the print job. You should go to the connected PC and inspect the Canon driver. If the driver is outdated then the user should install the latest update. Now go to the printer and check its ink error. In case, the Canon Printer Driver is corrupted; remove it. You should uninstall the corrupted driver from the PC. Open the Canon printer site and install the correct driver. After that, your printer will find the driver and start working.

Make sure the Ink is not Dried up

When the user is using the Canon printer after a long time, its ink may get dried up. The printer shows an error as its printhead can’t fetch the ink from the cartridge. Open the printer and remove the cartridges. If the ink is dried up then you need to add a few drops of solvent. Now shake the cartridges until the ink mixes well. Reinstall the ink cartridge and now the printhead can easily get the ink for printing.

Run the Troubleshooter and Malware Scan

Many times, the printer ink error gets resolved by running the troubleshooter. Go to PC and check for printer troubleshooting. The tool will repair the damaged files and the printer will start working. Also, check for viruses as they can corrupt the print jobs. Open the antivirus and run the full scan; restart the PC and try using the Canon printer.