Ballroom Dancing Cures Stress and Depression!

The pandemic is not yet over! However, life must go on! You must never stay stressed or depressed. Self-love is the key to moving forward. If you love yourself, cure your stress and depression! Take a moment to enjoy, relax, relieve stress and focus on yourself. 

At Templeton, we provide ballroom dance lessons that will help you escape from your daily routine, forget your problems for a while and shake off all the negative vibes. 

Basically, you will all start with stretching and our approachable dance instructors will get your feet moving to hype your body up as you start to dance. Simple breathing in and out exercises can eliminate negative thoughts in your mind. 

If you are a beginner in ballroom dancing, you can avail of our beginners dance lessons (Sunshine Coast). If you think ballroom dancing lessons are hard, you’re wrong. The key to performing a dashing ballroom dancing performance is the right mind set. Of course, you can have that set with our energetic instructors at Templeton. 

Apart from what we already know, there’s already a growing body of evidence which indicates that ballroom dancing has a positive effect on relieving stress and preventing depression. 

Researchers have been studying the effects of dancing to mental health for a long time now. As an exercise, dancing actually releases good amounts of dopamine, or “feel good hormones.” Listening to music “stimulates the brain’s reward centres and dancing activates its sensory and motor circuits,” according to a student reported in Scientific American, as outlined in a “On The Brain” by Harvard Medical School.

Relaxing one’s mind is the key to keeping away from stress, and if you aren’t stressed out, you’ll get away with depression. 

Group activities such as ballroom dance lessons can expand one’s sense of social connectedness. This will in turn lower your stress and depression levels. Taking a partner to dance, trusting him/her and trusting yourself builds this feeling of connectedness.

The ability to keep your focus on the ballroom dancing lessons helps you perform mindful meditation. To keep up with the dance, you tend to increase your focus so you can be present in the moment. This scenario can actually turn off the negative thought patterns associated with depression or stress. Thus, if you are not into traditional meditation, start your ballroom journey by attending our beginners dance lessons (Sunshine Coast). This is a fun way to meditate and refresh one’s mind. 

Ballroom dancing also releases endorphins that lowers the levels of stress hormones in our bodies. If you level  up your basic ballroom dancing to attend our Latin ballroom dance lessons, you get to discover more moves. More ballroom movements means more physical activity, more exercises, more intimacy, more trust, more confidence and more energy.

Latin ballroom dance lessons are also good for personal development. As part of dancesport, these dances have defined styles and techniques. If you are already hooked to ballroom dancing, levelling up to Latin dancing (Noosa) can increase your confidence level. The different musical rhythms and emotive themes in this dance performance won’t let you think of anything negative. Why? Because you will only enjoy it!

Latin dancing (Noosa) is best continued by dance participants rather than doing traditional meditations and other traditional forms of mental therapy. To alleviate stress and depression, it is best to just dance and shake it all off. After all, it’s just all in the mind. 

Dance with us and Stay in Shape

While it is not known to all, dancing can be a form of recreation that calms the mind and the body aside from energising it. Dancing is one of the best ways to lead an active lifestyle aside from the usual workouts and healthy eating habits. For instance, one of the best types of dances where we are able to gain physical and mental benefits is ballroom dancing. Of course, we also have recreational dancing and other modern dancing types.

Ballroom dance lessons are our specialty at Templeton Dance Studio. Ballroom dancing lessons involve dance steps that are dynamic enough to burn the calories. Did you know that ballroom dancing lessons can help achieve a slimmer waistline for girls? Indeed it can! With Templeton Dance Studio’s instructors, our trainees will learn how to properly execute dance steps with a nice pacing. If you are a beginner, Templeton offers beginners dance lessons (Sunshine Coast) that will surely make you fall in love with dancing.

As a beginner in ballroom dance lessons, you will be trained to improve your sense of balance and stability. Since ballroom dancing is all about proper posture and quick movements, you will be trained to maintain a good deal of balance.This is amazing such that you won’t find yourself tripping on air.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, Templeton Dance Studio will help you stay in shape with our Recreational Dance Classes in Sunshine Coast. This is the best way to start dancing. It is good for adults and teens. For adults, if you feel stiff and your joints are bothering you, you can dance your way to flexibility and decreased joint pains with our Recreational Dance Classes in Sunshine Coast. For teens who are just starting off, you can increase your strength and endurance as you attend more and more of our . beginners dance lessons (Sunshine Coast)

For those who would like to level up their ballroom dancing experience, Templeton offers Latin Dancing (Noosa). This has many forms, styles and origins including Brazilian samba, salsa, mambo, merengue, rumba, bachata, bomba, plena, zouk, zumba and Argentine tango to name a few. Latin Dancing Noosa has a defined style, technique and universal syllabus for coaching that can be used when learning and entering competitions and for personal development.  The different styles represent different musical rhythms and emotive themes to capture a wide variety in dance performance.

Dancing with Templeton Dance Studio increases your self esteem and confidence which is good for your mental health. As you engage with others in our group dance classes, you get to meet new people and make some friends. You can also boost your mood with our ballroom dance lessons. Dancing releases endorphins that will put you in a better mood after each ballroom dancing lesson. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, express yourself through dance. You can also increase your spatial memory by attending dance lessons at Templeton. The steps you will learn and the beats you will count will really pay off.

Aside from the positive mental benefits mentioned above, dancing with Templeton will also keep you in an excellent physical shape by being able to burn calories, improve flexibility, and increase strength, endurance and stability.

Fantastic Benefits of Taking Wedding Dance Classes

Most people admit that preparing for a wedding can be somehow tedious and tiresome. Preparations line up from the ceremony down to the reception. One important event in the reception is your wedding dance as a couple. Whether it’s your first time to dance as a couple or you are both good at dancing, you still need to be prepared. The best way to go about this is to enroll in dance lessons for wedding couples.

To make sure that your couple dance will satisfy the wedding guests, take your couple dance classes at Templeton Dance Studio. You can avail of our Latin Ballroom Dance lessons if you want your wedding dance to be unique and perfect. The sensual, stylish and exciting feel of our Latin Ballroom Dance Lessons might be able to create an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. Regardless of the type of dance you want to perform as a couple, our Wedding Dance Classes (Maroochydore) are offered for beginner couples and advanced or specialised couples.

If both of you are beginners, taking our dance classes for beginners (Maroochydore) will get you past your fears. If you aren’t confident about your dance skills and you are pressured as your dance performance will be the most awaited one in the event, our team of friendly and expert trainers can definitely help bring out the best in you. Our dance classes for beginners (Maroochydore) will actually allow you to face your fears and practise it until you feel confident enough to perform in front of a big crowd.

Aside from being able to get past your fears, availing of our Wedding Dance Classes (Maroochydore) will be a great opportunity for you to learn a bunch of steps and discover your favorite dance moves. The more you like a performance, the more confident you’ll feel on the dance floor on your special day.

At Templeton dance Studio, we know that your wedding preparations may be putting too much pressure on you which is why we want to help you by offering dance lessons for wedding couples that you will never regret of availing. Apparently, taking couple dance classes is an excellent way to have fun and relax before your wedding. You can trust our Templeton dance instructors to teach you the best dance moves while you destress and re-energise for the big day.

To sum it up, taking wedding classes helps couples to get past their individual fears in facing the larger crowd while being able to unlock their confidence and favorite dance styles. It is also a great way to destress from the pressures brought by all sorts of preparations and deadlines.

Above all, nothing is more important than enjoying your most precious day with your partner and your new family. So cherish the moments!

Do You Want to Enjoy the Best Romantic Salsa Dance?

Salsa is the best romantic dance. It is a type of ballroom dancing that requires different stages and you will need a partner to learn it best. Right from the beginner level you can attend salsa socials and learn how to dance in a social set up or social occasions. You can be proficient with Latin ballroom dance lessons. This Latin American dance has found its roots in the social set up of New York City. Many movies have been dedicated to this kind of dance form. This dance form is all about balancing your steps with your partner. As a man, you will know how to lead and as a woman you will be able to follow the lead of your dance partner.

Do Salsa in a Suave Style

Ballroom dance lessons will significantly improve your skills in salsa but it must be noted that there are certain kinds of clothes and dancing shoes fit to learn this dance. Dancing salsa must be shown off in a suave style.You cannot wear track suits to learn this dance nor can you wear running shoes to learn the basic steps. A special variety of suede shoes is made to learn this style of dancing. You can also wear stilettos to learn this dance. Usually, short skirts that are knee length are preferred. Garments and shoes along with the option of recreational dance classes in Sunshine Coast are very important when you are taking these dancing lessons.

Benefits of Learning Dance

  • If you want to increase the intimacy between you and your partner, you can take dance lessons for wedding couples or you can join couples dance classes.If you will choose couple dance lessons then you have to be somewhat romantic. Apart from learning a very romantic form of dance, you can also enjoy the company together in the most stylish and elegant way possible.
  • You will also get to meet interesting people in the socials. This is not a dance exercise, but your body will be trained to be more flexible when you take these dance lessons. You will also learn to maintain good posture. There are different styles of salsa dancing. The Puerto Rican style of salsa dancing is very upbeat and distinct.
  • All the swings and hustlesmakesalsa one of the most popular dances learned by the younger as well as the older generations. Though salsa has elements of many other Cuban and Latin American dances, it remains one of the most popular dances to be learned.
  • The beginner level classes usually last for a month or two before you learn the next level of dancing. You don’t need to have a prior dancing experience to be able to start taking these classes.

You will be taught all the moves, swings, and movements from scratch. This is a slow as well as a fast-paced dance. It depends on the music. For beginners, slow movements are taught. Salsa music and the Cuban music are played for this kind of dancing.