Kawai K3 / K3m Editor Panel Version 1.2

Editor for Kawai K3 and K3m synthesizers including the ability to create the additive wave.

The synth must have protect set to off to use the wave generator and mono mode as these send sysex to write data to the synth. At the moment this is designed for use as a VST within a DAW and I recommend using Ctrlr’s MIDI library to store presets which can include a different additive wave.

To use the wave generator, the H sliders set the harmonic and the I knobs set the intensity. Changes are sent to the synth automatically. The resend button can be used if it glitches out to resend the user waveform data. Zero signal to the synth that there are no more harmonics so for example if you were to set values for H1 and H3 but set H2 to zero, only H1 would be recognised by the synth.

PLEASE NOTE – the mono mode and user wave generator will overwrite your presets. Use with caution.

UPDATE DEC 2019 – Version 1.2

  • Improved user wave editor.
    • Bug fixes such as duplicate harmonics cause all harmonic data to be ignored by the synth
      • Note – zero values signal the end of the harmonics (behaviour of the synth)
    • Added a preview of the user wave 🙂
    • Sliders now trigger update of the user wave.
K3 Editor Version 1.2 – Comparison of User waveform preview with output

Older Versions

Version 1.1 (FEB 2016)

Download Version 1.1

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