Kawai K3 / K3m Editor Panel Version 1.3

This is a one way editor panel for Kawai K3 and K3m synthesizers and includes the ability to preview and generate the additive waveform.

Download Latest Version 1.3

UPDATE FEB 2020 – Version 1.3

  • Additive waveform now automatically sent when changing patches in Ctrlr’s library
  • Removed “Resend” button as its not needed anymore. Use “Send Snapshot”
  • Reduced background image size so it can be included within uploaded panel.
  • Included some presets I have made 😉

Instructions for using the panel

This panel is designed for use as a one way editor and is designed around using Ctrlr’s MIDI library to store presets. The advantage of this is that each preset can include a different additive wave! As a bonus, I have included some of the presets I have made with this editor.

The synth must have “Protect” turned off in order to use the Additive Waveform Generator and Mono mode. As these work by overwriting data in the synth, you will loose preset data.

Please ensure you have any presets you want to keep backed up before using this panel.

To use the wave generator, the H sliders set the harmonic and the I knobs set the intensity. Your changes are sent to the synth automatically. It’s possible to hold a note down on the keyboard and change the dials and sliders and hear the tone change accordingly.

Remember to set OSC WAVE to 32 to hear the additive waveform.

A harmonic set to zero will signal to the synth that there are no more harmonics. For example, if you set values for Harmonic 1 and Harmonic 3 but set Harmonic 2 to zero, only Harmonic 1 would be recognised by the synth. Harmonics 2 to 32 would be ignored.

There is also a preview of the waveform generated which provides some additional feedback. As you can see in the screenshot below, the preview is very close to the actual output from the synth. Differences will exist due to the analogue circuitry and how the waveform is computed by the synthesizer.

K3 Editor Version 1.2 – Comparison of User waveform preview with output

Older Versions

Version 1.2 (DEC 2019)

  • Improved user wave editor.
    • Bug fixes such as duplicate harmonics cause all harmonic data to be ignored by the synth
      • Note – zero values signal the end of the harmonics (behaviour of the synth)
    • Added a preview of the user wave 🙂
    • Sliders now trigger update of the user wave.
Download Version - 1.2

Version 1.1 (FEB 2016)

Download Version 1.1