CN Moog Voyager VST/AU Midi Controller 1.0

This is a controller i’ve collaborated on.


  • Graphic interface inspired by RME Version.
  • Bidirectional communication with synthesizer for all parameters supporting CC# Midi communication.
  • All panel’s parameters can be managed and automated in your DAW.
  • Sounds can be saved as VST or AU presets and then sent to the Moog using the “Send Panel” button.
  • When you open your DAW’s project the snapshot is sent automatically to the edit buffer of the synth.

You can download it here:

The download is free,  just follow the artist.

Bank Selector in Voyager

Hi there, i’m a Ctrlr new user. I’m trying to build up a custom M**g V0yager panel from scratch but i’m not able to find the right settlemet to let my Bank selector work properly.

On manual is not written down the right parameters to use but, surfing on web, i learnt that the data should be as follow:

cc#0 msb 0

cc#32 lsb 0-6

Does anyone knows if these are the right ones? Could you be so kind to tell me how can i build a bank selector using them?

I’ve tried with inc/dec buttons, different cc settings, sliders but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for your help!