Best Countries to Hire a Remote Java Developer in 2021

If you decide to start 2021 by creating your project, then you have many things to do right – from validating your idea of choosing a technology stack and development vendor.

Building a web or mobile solution with Java makes sense in a lot of cases, as it’s a flexible yet powerful and functional language, plus you can choose software developers from a global talent pool.

In this article, we will tell you about Java developer roles and responsibilities, as well as suggest profitable opportunities to hire a Java programmer and streamline your project creation.

Java Specifics and Benefits

Java is a general-purpose programming language. It is well suited for creating web and mobile projects for Android, plus it is the best choice for enterprise development. Java is also used in part for building IoT and machine learning applications.

As for the business benefits of Java development, this programming language allows you to create high-capacity applications with a high level of security while leaving the good potential for scalability.

In addition, if you are not ready to create an in-house development team, it is very easy to hire a remote Java developer on freelance or outsourcing terms. As for the latter option, you will get an opportunity to choose from your development partner around the globe.

When an application is being developed within the DevOps culture, the participation of the programmer in testing and debugging is mandatory, as this speeds up the development of the application and reduces the time it takes to find errors at each stage.

Project management. Taking part in project management is an optional task, however, you can highlight this need in your java developer job description.


Thus, outsourcing to Ukraine turns out to be the most reasonable option when it comes to creating a web or mobile project remotely. Because of the perfect price-quality match, the wide choice of reliable software development vendors, and investment-friendly legislation, it becomes quite easy to outsource java development to Ukraine while staying in touch with your dedicated development team and having no doubts about the final product’s quality.

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