Brandy and Monica Verzuz Battle

It only took 1.2 million Instagram followers for it to happen. Brandy and Monica remind the planet how next-level their respective catalogs are on Monday night (Aug. 31) during their fight on Verzuz.

It was great to ascertain two of recent R&B’s most famous stars who had fought one another for quite 20 years following their classic 1998 duet “The Boy Is Mine.”. it had been also possible to experience the singers’ closeness, despite a couple of unavoidable moments of tension. the 2 stars also received a video message from Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Use this platform to encourage voters to show out on November 6.
Black Girl Magic took Harris through 20 rounds. See below the official scorecard.

Round 1: Brandy’s “What About Us?” versus Monica’s “Everything to Me”

Brandy opens the festival together with her 2002 full-of-the-moon smash, produced by Darkchild, “How About Us?” “Everything to Me” from Monica’s 2010 shows an equally unshakable record.” The powerful vocals of Monica shake the space , but their impact isn’t enough to win the opening round.

Brandy is that the winner

Round 2: Monica’s “A Dozen Roses” vs. Brandy’s “He Is”

A fan favorite, Brandy slows down the tempo after making a fiery entrance together with her breathtaking deep cut from full-of-the-moon . She laments her 2002 album’s lack of singles, but fortunately there is a gem here. “I couldn’t find anyone like her,” Monica says, performing “A Dozen Roses.” along side Missy, Monica proves why the 2 were such an excellent pair during the 2000s.

The winner is Monica

Round 3: Brandy with “Full Moon” vs. Monica with “So Gone”

She plays the album’s most savory song because the title-track, refusing to hit eject thereon . With back-and-forth motions, Monica and Brandy move in perfect harmony. The song is so serious,” Monica exclaims at the top of the song. The actress returns together with her 2000s hit “So Gone,” during which she reveals that her sexual love reached a crossroads. “I’m done breaking in,” she observes with amusement.

Monica is that the winner

Round 5: Monica’s “Don’t Take It Personal” vs. Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”

Single showdown debut. Interesting, Brandy remembers meeting Tupac within the ’90s, while cleverly looping a line from “Me & My Girlfriend,” which refers to a 1994 single, kicks off this set — making use of the new remix of “Down.” The hit single from 1995 by Monica is “Don’t Take It Personal,” but Brandy nails it with a very charming performance.

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