Brief on Stardew Valley LUAU event 

About Stardew valley LUAU

The Stardew Valley Luau is a great Summer festival. You can enjoy the Luau by entering The Beach from 9 am to 2 pm. Immediately following the Luau, the guests are automatically escorted back to The Farm at 10 pm. During the Luau, all homes and shops are locked and cannot be accessed.

Besides the soup festival, the villagers are also invited to contribute ingredients to the communal potluck. In addition, if the player desires, the ingredient may be added to the soup. Having a conversation with the mayor can start the soup tasting, and the Governor will judge it based on the ingredients used to prepare it.

Depending on the ingredients used in the potluck, the Governor’s reaction will also affect the villager’s friendship points. Using good ingredients in the soup will result in higher friendship points and vice versa. Even so, the soup’s taste cannot affect friendships with the player’s children, the dwarf, Sandy, or Krobus.

What is the central feature of Stardew Valley LUAU?

Potluck is a Stardew valley luau soup concocted by villagers using their own ingredients. The players may, however, add their own ingredients. Here are the main points to remember:

Items must be edible and uncooked.

Also, Life Elixir, Oil of Garlic, and Magic Rock Candy cannot be added since they are uncooked but are considered cooked by the game.

However, some items like Field Snack and Bug Steak are eligible.

There is no mention ahead of time that “Potluck” is soup, nor does it mention the validity of the cooked and inedible items.

If Mayor Lewis says, “I trust you all put high-quality ingredients in the soup this year,” a player cannot modify the soup in any way. Our goal is to prevent the governor from regretting his visit to the valley.” 

In order to determine how the Governor will react, consider these three factors:

  • The base sell price.
  • Quality of the item.
  • Ease of digestion (healing effect).

Players can unlock one secret response as well as six different responses from the Governor, ranging from the best to the worst.

Use the table below to change the taste value of the potluck and accordingly receive the Governor’s response.

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Where To Find The Mayor’s Shorts

On Summer 3, you will be asked to find the Mayor’s purple shorts. The shorts can be found in Marnie’s bedroom. If you are close enough to Marnie, you can enter her room and take her shorts.

Rather than giving back the purple shorts to the mayor, you can keep them and even put them in the luau soup! You will be able to unlock the Mayor’s and Governor’s secret responses. The governor realizes that something is floating in the soup after commenting on how tangy it is.

Here’s what you need to know about the Luau! When it’s done, you’ll be back at your farm. 

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