Can’t record the MKS- 50 panel automation into Ableton Live track while the automation of CTRLR track’s chain modulator works and can be recorded

Hi there, I’m using the fantastic MKS-50 panel for CTRLR with Ableton and Juno Alfa 2 hardware synth. Everything works fine but can’t record the automation of  MKS-50 panel sliders as envelopes on an Ableton track.To be clearer,if I tweak a modulator in CTRLR track’s chain the corresponding slider in the MKS-50 panel moves the same way,works fine  and it’s recorded,but if move a slider in the MKS-50 panel the corresponding modulator into CTRLR track’s chain stand still and it’s not recorded as automation even if affects on the Juno sounds.It seems like  there are two separated “one way”: one  from modulators to Ableton  and one  from the MKS-50 sliders to Juno synth hardware.I’ve setted the MIDI THRU of CTRLR selecting  Plugin host -> Outside device and Change Channel Plugin host -> Outside device. Where Am I  wrong ?Thanks!

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