Penetration Testing: Methodologies to Shield Your Web Application

penetration testing methodologies for web application

As an organization matures in the cybersecurity space, it is expected that it will also mature its approach to threat detection and mitigation. Penetration testing has been a crucial weapon in cyber defense for many years, but as attacks grow more sophisticated, so do the tools to combat them. This blog post will discuss some of these newer approaches and how they can be applied to your web application. 

The first thing we’ll cover is why organizations need penetration testing at all – what are the benefits? We’ll then go over two different pentesting methodologies: black box and white box. Black-box testing involves not knowing anything about an organization or its systems before starting a test; this allows testers to find vulnerabilities without being biased by information that’s already known about the organization. White-box testing, on the other hand, uses information about an organization’s systems to focus penetration testers’ efforts more effectively and efficiently.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing as Part of an Organization’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Penetration testing is one of many wonderful weapons in any organization’s cyber defense arsenal because it offers two key benefits: firstly, it allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by black hats – and secondly, it enables them to test their incident response plans effectively. The latter benefit can be measured using metrics such as the time required for identification and mitigation after a successful attack or vulnerability exploit has been identified. Organizations with mature threat detection programs will have these figures down into minutes versus hours or days due largely in part to penetration tests-emotively finding threats that could otherwise be very costly. Web application penetration testing is also the only way to test incident response plans because it allows organizations to see how long an attack or exploit takes from initial detection until mitigation and containment, which uncovers any weaknesses in these plans.

Black Box vs White Box Testing: Which Methodology Should I Use?

The next thing we’ll cover is how to decide which methodology (black box or white box) should be used in a penetration test. The answer depends on the organization’s tolerance for risk and its cybersecurity maturity level, but in general terms organizations with larger attack surfaces are more inclined to use black-box testing due to the sheer number of potential vulnerabilities – whereas organizations with minimal attack surfaces are much more comfortable using white-box testing.

White Box Penetration Testing: A More Advanced Approach with Greater Coverage

White-box penetration testing is also known as clear box or glass box testing, and it’s generally considered to be more advanced than black-box testing because testers are given access to information that may not have been available in a standard vulnerability assessment. This includes how applications are structured, where they’re hosted geographically, what technologies can interact with them (e.g., web services and APIs), and so on.

The greatest advantage of white-box testing is that it allows penetration testers to focus their efforts more effectively because they’re given detailed information about an organization’s infrastructure, including the internal network topology (e.g., what servers are available) as well as physical access points such as wireless access points and Internet gateways. This methodology is also helpful for penetration testers because it enables them to simulate a real-world attack against an organization’s infrastructure from the inside out, as opposed to just testing its servers from outside of the network perimeter using tools such as vulnerability scanners that do not have any knowledge about internal topologies or assets.

Although white box testing offers greater coverage, it also has some disadvantages. One potential issue with this method is that organizations must be prepared to provide testers with access to information such as network diagrams and server credentials ahead of time because penetration tests can’t start without them. This approach could lead to vulnerabilities being identified too late in the testing process, which could allow a threat actor to exploit them before mitigation is put into place.

Black Box Penetration Testing: A More Limited Approach with Shorter Time Frames

In contrast to white-box penetration tests that use more information about an organization’s infrastructure and assets, black-box methodologies are designed for organizations that are unable to provide testers with any information ahead of time. Instead, penetration testers use external scans and tools that work from outside (e.g., port scanners) to find vulnerabilities without prior knowledge about an organization’s environment.

While this approach may be more limited than white-box testing because it doesn’t have access to as much information, it can be more efficient for penetration tests that must meet strict time constraints. This is because black-box testing doesn’t rely on testers having access to or creating internal diagrams of an organization’s infrastructure; they only need information about the external network perimeter and assets (e.g., servers) without any knowledge of how those assets are interconnected internally.

Black-box testing does have its disadvantages though, including the possibility of penetration testers identifying vulnerabilities simply by guessing at potential attack vectors. This could result in unnecessary risk being taken on without any prior knowledge about an organization’s assets or how they’re interconnected. Additionally, this methodology is also limited because it doesn’t take into account whether internal components are networked together, which could result in vulnerabilities being missed.


Both white box and black box penetration testing methodologies provide organizations with different advantages. White-box tests can be more effective for identifying vulnerabilities, but they require organizations to give testers access to information such as network diagrams and server credentials ahead of time which may allow threat actors to exploit them before mitigation is put into place. On the other hand, black-box methodologies can be more limited and may also lead to vulnerabilities being identified too late in the testing process, but they’re often more efficient for penetration tests that must meet strict time constraints.

In many cases though, a combination of both white box and black box methodologies will be most effective when performing penetration tests for organizations because it allows testers to identify vulnerabilities more efficiently, while also taking into account whether internal components are networked together. With this approach, organizations will hopefully reap many of the benefits of both approaches without any disadvantages.

Everything You Need to Know Before Uploading Your Videos to Reddit


The appeal of Reddit’s homepage may be intoxicating, but reaching it is far from simple. Before uploading your videos, think about these factors.

As sophisticated as it is dedicated, the Reddit universe is just as varied and fickle. Thousands of views, likes, and comments are possible for a video of your creation when it travels across the community’s many subreddits. The community, on the other hand, is intended to be an aggregator and discussion board for discovered information rather than shameless self-promotion – there are also several built-in safety guards to ensure this remains so.

Let’s take a look at what makes Reddit so special before we get into the best posting methods and etiquette.

Reddit By The Numbers

According to Reddit’s own statistics (shown above), the site sees around 990,000 unique page views each day. Despite its popularity, the site maintains its familiar atmosphere and acts more as a community bulletin board than a social media platform. This implies if you want to submit your own films, you’ll have to understand how the community functions.

Understanding the Community

This is not really a misnomer; while Reddit as a whole can be characterized as a community (which it is), it is, in fact, made up of hundreds of thousands of smaller more specialized communities.

It’s amazing how each community may be distinct yet still have many of the same characteristics that define the whole church when viewed from a front-page down perspective.

Subreddits are Reddit’s categories for posts. The front page used to be known as the “main-reddit,” and other parts were referred to as “subreddits.” There is no longer a single main-reddit. Instead, there are now 50 “default subreddits” that cover subjects such as books, television, and music, among other things, and thousands of additional non-default ones. — from the Reddit Wikipedia article

You can join groups organized by region, profession, pastime, and other interests on Reddit. You “subscribe” to various subreddits and construct your own unique main page and Reddit experience depending on your preferences. If you’re into filmmaking and video-making, for example, you might like /r/filmmakers or /r/, respectively.

Creating new connections and earning goodwill is easier than ever before, thanks to Reddit. You can create your own subreddit or join existing ones that are relevant to you. As a result of the platform’s openness, it’s also possible for users to find you more easily on other sites while connecting with people who share interests and knowledge in their spare time (more about that later).

A little tip for Reddit users: You can use Reddit video downloader to download interesting videos from Reddit.

Speaking the Language

Submissions are frequently abbreviated and seasoned with words that are understood within (and in many cases also outside) the Reddit community, ranging from OP (for “original poster,” the user who posted the submission being commented on) to NSFW (for “not safe for work”). – from Reddit Wikipedia

If you’re new to Reddit, reading the front page and various subreddits where you may be interested to get a feel for how people post is a good place to start. However, the subreddit /r/, which stands for “Theory of Reddit,” contains a glossary of many of the words and abbreviations.

It’s also critical to master and apply good manners (or reddiquette), which includes learning and practicing correct etiquette. You’re in luck yet again, since Redditors have put up a canonical list of “Please do” and “Please don’t” rules.

With the ultimate aim of uploading your own films as published material, it’s vital to remember the following:

Please feel free to link to your own work (as long as it’s not excessive). However, if all you ever post is links, or it seems to always get downvoted, look in the mirror — you may be a spammer. The 9:1 ratio is a popular rule of thumb that states that only 1 out of every 10 of your submissions should be original material.

The 9:1 ratio is the real cherry on top, and if you’ve ever attempted to post your own material only to be down-voted and harassed, it’s the rule that will swiftly put you in hot water. Which brings us to how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place.

Everything You Need to Learn about ij.start canon setup

Learn about ij.start canon setup

ij.start canon setup is quite possibly the most utilized printer nowadays. For its stunning print quality and easy-to-use highlights, it has become one of the top printers. You should simply set up your ij.start canon setup printer and have every one of the advantages of printing from a particularly pleasant printer at your home or office. Continue to peruse this blog for the ij.start canon setup guide and investigating steps to tackle the Canon printer issues:

ij.start canon setup Guide in Easy Steps:-

ij.start canon setup printers are exceptionally liked by such countless individuals. They need direction in setting them up to utilize. Observe the beneath referenced rules to play out the printer arrangement bother free and fight free;

  1. At first, you need to unpack the printer from its bundling and dispose of all the plastic material.
  2. Then, at that point, dispose of the orange defensive tapes individually.
  3. Then, open the print head locking cover to introduce the print head and eliminate the defensive tape.
  4. Presently, on the left half of the printers introduce the hued print head do likewise for the dark-hued print head establishment.
  5. Painstakingly shut the print head locking cover by squeezing it downwards once the print heads are introduced. Ensure you hear a ticking sound at the conclusion.
  6. After that shut the filtering cover unit too.
  7. Then, at that point, empower the force button for the printer. A language brief will show up on the screen, pick your language from the rundown and afterward click OK to affirm.
  8. The following stage is to empty ink into the ink cartridges.
  9. For that, open the tank cap, pour the ink by keeping the container upstanding and delay until the jug is discharged into the tank. Rehash a similar cycle for each shading ink cautiously, to keep away from any spillage and wrong ink into some unacceptable tank.
  10. Discard the containers after the ink has been moved.
  11. Presently, start with the ink readiness framework whenever you have shut the checking unit cover.
  12. Then, open the information plate of the printer and burden the A4-sized sheets on the plate.
  13. After that put the paper looking down the side you wish to print. Then, at that point, change the right paper guide likewise.
  14. When it is finished, close the feed space cover and afterward, dispatch the yield plate augmentation.
  15. Then, at that point, open the expense space cover by pulling out the paper backing and move the right paper manual for the edge.
  16. At long last, your ij.start canon setup is finished and you would now be able to partake in the Canon printing experience.

Investigating Tips For ij.start canon setup Printers-

Like each and every other mechanical gadget, the printer likewise accompanies its difficulties. Ado, with the goal that you can work easily we have called attention to a couple investigating tips for such difficulties in the ij.start canon setup printers;

  1. First and foremost, search for the light markers on the printer and notice in case they are flickering in a particular example.
  2. Then, at that point, see the Canon printer manual to check the blunder codes and adhere to the directions on the screen. Push forward in case there are no mistake codes.
  3. Presently guarantee that every one of the wired associations is appropriate, there should be no breakage or harm in the wired associations.
  4. Then, at that point, investigate the printer for any paper buildup in the machine. Get out on the off chance that you discover anything.
  5. Play out a forced cycle, on the off chance that the PC has quit connecting to the printer.
  6. Now and then the PC framework may fail to remember the gadget, so add the printer physically by exploring to the control board of the printer.
  7. On the off chance that there is an issue with the printer driver programming, likewise, the printer will not work as expected. The printer drivers can get defiled or the variant is old. Along these lines, uninstall the current printer drivers and introduce the most recent variant of printer driver programming from the authority site.
  8. Whenever you have endeavored all the investigating tips, the latter is to clear print heads from the printer by going to the settings menu and tapping on printer properties. Then, at that point, pick clear print heads.
  9. At last, to actually look at the working of the printer, have a go at printing a test page and furthermore, test the arrangement.
  10. Those are altogether the investigating fixes you can attempt to determine the ij.start canon setup printer issues.

ij.start canon setup Complete!

ij.start canon setup is a simple undertaking in the event that you have the right aide. We are the right aide for you. The above article clarifies the in simple, fresh, and fast advances so you don’t need to stress over the arrangement. You can in any case get in touch with us by means of messaging us over the visiting support gave on our site. We guarantee you a solid arrangement.

On the off chance that still facing Canon Printer Errors Canon Printer helpline number

Try not to feel blue! Even after effectively executing the previously mentioned rules to fix Canon Printer Errors be that as it may, sadly, a similar blunder continues. Just put a call at the given Canon Printer helpline number +1-800-673-8163 to interface with us. We are well-capable tech experts who have answers to your concern.

Contact +1-855-800-3376

Location – Venice, Florida, United States, 34293

Visit –

What are the Pros and Cons of Norton Pop-Up Notifications?

Norton Setup is accessible via through which you can easily protect your device. Just enter the Norton setup product key after you download and install Norton Security on your device and enjoy safe and trouble-free browsing. However, when it comes to managing Norton Security, it might not be as simple as it sounds.

Every single feature offered by Norton Security as similar to most Anti-virus programs has its own pros and cons. But, none are as annoying and frustrating as Norton Pop-Up Notifications.

Why are Norton Pop-Up Notifications so annoying?

One of the recurring issues that you may face while using Norton Setup Anti-virus is unwanted pop-up notifications even when you download a safe uninfected file. Out of many useful Anti-virus tools that shaped the backbone of Norton Internet Security Products, this one is rather intrusive. It keeps demonstrating special offers, updates, highlights, and all kinds of nonsense, which is quite disturbing when you’re engaged in something more important.

Norton Setup Anti-virus notification pop-ups inform you when performing full system scans, live updates in the background, performance alerts, virus alerts, intrusion prevention alerts, etc. They are some of the rarely useful yet extremely annoying pop-up notifications you have to deal with while using Norton Anti-virus. Even at times, when they are truly instrumental you may find these Norton Pop-Up Notifications a frustrating distraction due to their nature of sticking to your screen for a long period. You have to wait for several seconds for them to disappear.

You can block unwanted Pop-ups while settings up the configurations of Norton Setup while installing an updated version.

While reinstalling or updating your Norton Setup products, just enter the Norton setup product key to activate it, and at the same time, block these notifications before they start bouncing on your screen.

Block all annoying pop-ups of Norton Setup Security products with simple steps

Thanks to Norton Security’s in-build feature that empowers you to disable these infuriating Pop-Up Notifications anytime by following a set of guidelines. Go through the entire process to block these notifications and the information is accessible via

  1. Search for your “Norton Security” and Click to open it.
  2. In the Norton Setup main product window, click the ‘Settings’ tab and then, click the ‘General’ tab
  3. Click the “Norton Tasks” side tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Norton Task Notification” to turn it off
  4. Now, go to the “Other Settings” tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Special Offer Notification” to turn it off
  5. Click on “Performance Monitoring” side tab and then, click on the green-colored bar next to “Performance Alerting” to turn it off
  6. Go to the “Network” option and then, click on the “Intrusion Prevention” side tab. Click on “Notifications” to turn it off
  7. Click on “Apply” to stop Norton Security Pop-ups
  8. Click on “Close” to leave the Norton Security

Go through Norton customer Support Center for technical assistance while following the steps to ensure a smooth implementation of the procedure.

Other Related Post: How to use Norton Clean Sweep?

How to use Norton Clean Sweep to its fullest?

Smart computing can only be achieved if you regularly keep a check on your computing device and try every possible thing to maintain it properly. In case you fail to do so, it may result in cluttered folders, scattered and lost files, and the registry of your system also gets filled with unnecessary data. Without proper maintenance, you might end up reducing your performance level. Clean Sweep is a set of tools developed by Symantec so that you can regularly maintain your computing device easily and quickly. It helps you reclaim your storage space by sweeping junk, removing residue files, as well as optimizing memory. It has a simple control panel that does all the cleaning work efficiently and gives you control over what gets cleaned from your device and when.

Basic functions of Norton Clean Sweep

Many people who use Windows, don’t know the fact that their device might not perform at its peak if they do not sweep away the residue files. With Norton Clean Sweep you can achieve the following:

  • Clean and clear cache
  • Identify and remove APK, junk, and residual files
  • Optimize memory space
  • Manage apps and
  • get rid of bloatware

By using Norton Clean Sweep you can make your machine work more smoothly and reach a much better level of performance.

You may also read: How to Fix Quick Scan Error

Below are given some of the significant features of Norton Clean Sweep:

Uninstall Wizard– It safely removes programs for the safest and most complete removal.

Fast & Safe Cleanup– this program of Clean Sweep searches your system thoroughly to find and delete specific file types that are safe to remove.

Internet Cache and Cookie Cleanup– This Clean Sweep feature quickly frees up valuable disk space by removing files from your internet cache and Internet cookies.

Registry Sweep- Many uninstallers do not remove their registry which results in radically reduces performance. The registry sweeper of Norton Clean Sweep cleans and optimizes your registry efficiently.

Duplicate File Finder-In case you or the apps on your phone have created duplicate copies of the files unknowingly then, Norton Clean Sweep finds these and lets you choose what to do with them.

SafeCleanup- This feature allows you to set certain file types that will be placed into a special ‘holding’ area before being deleted so that you can review the files once more before actually deleting them. This is a very good option if you are in an office because you get an opportunity to protect valuable files from unintentional deleting.

In the end, we can say that Norton Clean sweep is a nice addition to the setup utility suite of applications. If you are a heavy computer user or run a business, Norton Clean Sweep is worth the investment.

Learn How To Change Signature In Outlook

Learn How To Change Signature In Outlook

Having a proper signature makes you look more professional. It provides the email recipients with the information they need to know about you, your profession, and your contact info. It’s an efficient way to introduce yourself to others. This signature includes a wide range of elements, including text, images, your company’s logo, or even your handwritten signature. In this article, you’ll get to know how to change signature in Outlook. So without doing much ado, let’s get started.

Steps To Change Signature In Outlook

Here are the steps mentioned below, following which you can easily change your signature in Outlook:

  1. First, open the Outlook application and choose File in the menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Choose Mail from the navigation pane in the Outlook Options window.
  4. Choose the Signatures button to enter the Signatures configuration window.
  5. In the Signatures and Stationery window, choose New and create a new signature. Make sure to give the signature a relevant name.
  6. In the edit pane, you can easily create your email using a simple editor tool. With this tool, you can use any font style or even import pictures into your signature if you like.
  7. Under the Choose default signature section, use the New messages or the Replies/Forwards messages drop-down menus and choose whether this signature will be used for new messages when you reply to or forward a message or both.
  8. Select OK and save your new signature.

After applying the steps mentioned above, you can easily change your signature in Outlook. We hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

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Easy Methods To Solve Java Programs In Assignments

Students pursuing computer science often get worried when they get assignments, and one of the reasons for their worries is that they do not have enough knowledge on the topic. Some students do not know the procedure for solving programs in assignments, so they take java assignment help.

The online writing service prepares their assignment and hands it over to them, but students do not learn anything in that process. It would be best if you focus on the notes that your professor is giving you and learn the practice solving the problems. Below are 3 methods that you can consider for solving programs in an assignment. It can take matlab assignment help you to understand and encourage you to solve the programs yourself.

  1. Improve programming logic

It would be best to practice solving riddles because it helps to open up your mind, and you are required to use logic for solving riddles, and the same goes with programming. You need to think conditionally and make it a habit to exercise your brain. You can play chess or any brain games to sharpen your brain, and it can help solve programs quite quickly. You can break the program problem into simple problems to understand the meaning and what it is asking for, and then you can solve it. Students can take research proposal help if it is necessary.

  • Identify the issues 

When you solve a Matlab assignment or a java assignment, you need to understand the questions and the programs before trying to solve them. You need to start reading the problems and then analyzing the problem to have a clear understanding of the concept. The next step you should do is decide on the method you will use to solve the problem. You can take Finance assignment help online if you are working on finance. If you begin early, then you have extra time to solve the issues and think about them.

  • Simplify your steps

When solving a java program, use simple steps and find patterns that you can use to simplify the process. Look for ways to reduce any phase or repetitive steps.

The above mentioned methods can help you solve java programs relatively quickly. Students need to thinking practically and logically when they are solving math problems or java programming problems because you need to solve these subjects using common sense and logic. However, if necessary, seek college assignment help to get the solutions.

Annep Gill is a writer at Best Essay Tips and best essay writing service, she loves to share her thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, she is working as a content marketer at essay writer service.

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Police Interview Questions and Answers

Police Interview Questions and Answers


Are you appearing in the police interview? If yes, then this guidance here with the latest and most asked police board interview questions and answers can help you crack the interview in a one go. For more information, read the below blog post. 


You believe interviews are tough, wait until you appear in the police interview? Although it is the job that comes with great respect and a sense of responsibilities toward the country and its people, cracking the job interview can be tough. Here is some additional help from the professionals that you can use to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

What to expect in the interview?

First thing first; you need to comprehend that a police interview is one of the most difficult interviews you will ever face and that’s why you need to give your 100% efforts to crack the interview in the first go. Only after successfully clearing the application process, written test and other examinations, can you go ahead with a police interview.

As the job of the police officer holds the power along with a huge responsibility you will face a range of questions that will test your knowledge and skills as a potential candidate for the job.  Preparing yourself with the Police oral board interview questions and answers will boost confidence as well as reduce the anxiety that many develop before an important examination.

Most frequent questions you will face in the interview?

Some of the most common police interview questions and answers you will face during the police interview are:

Why do you want to become a police officer?

The key objective behind this question is to find out your actual motive behind becoming a police officer. So, rather than saying you find this job “cool” or anything like that, start describing your passion and commitment toward serving the nation. To make a good impression, you can also mention how you admire those who put their lives on the line to protect the innocent. On the top, don’t forget to showcase how you understand the intensity of work and integrity required for this job.

What qualities do you think to make a good police officer?

The second most common question you will encounter in the police interview is what qualities make a good officer? For the starters, you can explain with honesty toward the job along with the following qualities:

  • Good communications to understand problems people are facing
  • Positive attitude toward people
  • Physical fitness
  • Integrity
  • Sympathy toward victims 
  • Open for new experience and learning

What are the key responsibilities of a police officer?

As it is a significant question, you should answer this confidence. First, describe how providing safety to citizens of the country is the key responsibility of a police officer. Once done, proceed with how tracking down the criminals, regular patrolling, maintaining a safe environment for citizens are some of the additional roles a police officer has to play.

How do police contribute to society?

As a candidate appearing for the police interview, you must understand that helping the community and reducing the crime in the community are two different things. To contribute to society, the officers need to protect their lives and properties at any cost. Also, the number of officers in an area also differs according to the number of residents. Commonly known as the peace officers, they also patrol the areas, investigate the crime scenarios, and work in laboratories.

How long do you think it takes someone to report the crime?

One of the most common questions you will find in the Police interview questions and answers pdf is how long do you think it takes someone to report a crime? Your immediate answer to this question should be “there is no perfect time to report the crime. One should immediately report the crime to the movement you witness it without any delay.” On the top, you can add, the fear of retaliation is common but that if you have witnessed a crime taking place then, report it without any fear.

What will you do if someone offers you the money to let go of a criminal?

This question is asked to test your honesty and loyalty toward your job and hence, you should answer in the right manner. As a police officer, you shouldn’t tolerate such corruption and take strict action against it.

How will you deal with different personalities during the job?

A police station is a place filled with different people who came from different backgrounds. As a candidate, you should know how to prepare yourself to work with different personalities to get the job done. Although in some scenarios, it can be challenging with different departments and personalities, you should always maintain a professional image on the top.

In the end, note down that these police board interview questions and answers, you can prepare and practice with before appearing in the interview. Chances are there, other questions apart from this one will be asked by the team of interviewers but always remember the agenda is the same- they are looking for the right candidate. For your ease, the police interview questions and answerspdf can be downloaded directly from the site. Just double click on the download icon and it will be in your folder, ready to be printed out. Moreover, if you have any issue, feel free to visit the website.