Why Should You Hire a Property Management Consultant?

Property management refers to the handling of operations, maintenance, administration of commercial and residential property by a property manager.

When renting out your property, you assign a contractual agreement between you and the rental party that dictates the operations and maintenance related to your property. It also determines whether the payments are received on time, and individual owners follow the assigned budgets.

As a property owner, it’s possible that you struggle to run the whole management process smoothly or need insight from a third party. In this case, you can benefit from a property management consultant who can determine the operations and ensure that they run smoothly. A property manager will offer the following benefits.

Managing rent and budgets

Property managers are professionals and have strong working experience in the real industry. They handle all the operations associated with a rental property, including rents, property budgets, efficient operations, and client feedback.

When setting rent for your property, a consultant may help you determine the trending costs associated with different real estate properties according to the square feet area or yards. A property manager sets a competitive rental price to attract tenants.

They also handle the collection of rents and screen them to provide the landlord with any maintenance issues faced by tenants.

Evaluation of tenant issues

Whenever a situation involves collaboration or a relationship between two parties, people will naturally have complaints to share their dissatisfaction with your service or product. A property manager takes the responsibility of managing complaints from your tenants and provides you with an evaluation to offer feedback. This feedback will allow better management of your rental service and give you a chance to improve existing tenant issues.

Help with marketing and leasing

Landlords may often struggle with leasing their property to tenants and market it better to attract their desired clients. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, a property management consultant will help you improve the leasing process and market your property to attract high-paying clients to improve revenue or provide a good residential property to those looking for a great rental experience.

Improved rental operations

A property management consultant will offer efficient rental operations for you to manage your rental property better. There may be a need for it only in cases where residents have legitimate concerns and are generally dissatisfied. You can benefit from the expertise of a property management consultant if you want to find out what is causing things to fall through the cracks.

For instance, if you don’t have an efficient maintenance tracking system in place, you may be failing to keep up with routine maintenance. In the short term, property owners and residents can benefit from quickly identifying and remediating that situation.


Hiring a property specialist will help you manage operations related to your properties in much better and efficient ways. By interacting with your tenants and evaluating their feedback, they will provide you with a thorough analysis and determine any gaps related to a good provision of your rental service.

Why Business News Is Important For Small Businesses

Business news is one of the most popular types of news today. It covers everything that is related to businesses, corporations, business news, the economy and so much more. As you may have guessed, business news refers to news related to business, starting from daily operations to big international events. Business journalism is basically the segment of journalism which covers, reports, analyzes, and critically examines the business, financial and social changes, and trends that happen in societies. Topics covered by business news include corporate; investment, banking, and business news; economies and trade; health, medicine, and industrial news; information technology; media and business; economy and growth.

The business section of newspapers and magazines also covers some news related to government and politics. These are often not considered business news since they are more concerned with public welfare and interest, which in business news, is more on business concerns and less on politics. Besides, most businesses do not pay much attention to politics and government. This makes business news less influential compared to non-business news.

A lot of newspapers also cover business-related travel. Although not as significant compared to business-related stories, travel sections are also becoming important to many businesses, especially when it comes to establishing new branches or expanding existing ones. With globalization and urbanization, more businesses see the need to understand other cultures. They also want to expand their business base and reach out to potential customers, thus travel writing is becoming a part of business writing.

There are also several business sections that publish reports about how markets are performing. Business news about the markets is important to businesses since markets can either perform well or badly. And depending on the state of the economy, some businesses will benefit and others will suffer. Economic reports can provide businesses with information regarding inflation, unemployment rates, and trends in the market.

Another type of business news that is important to businesses is stock market news. In America alone, there are about $2.5 trillion in stock market capitalization. This is also one of the main reasons why business news is so important especially for small-scale businesses that have just started and are still in the process of setting up. Businesses need to know what their competitors are doing to keep their business ahead of the competition.

Market reports are also included in business news since they help businesses in deciding which products or services to offer. It is important to cater to all consumers in different areas. And because of modern technology and the fast pace of life, people want to be informed wherever they are. They want to know what is happening in their favorite places even if they cannot be there physically. Thus, businesses are also affected by this need to update themselves about the latest happening in their target market.

Business news helps businesses advertise. When people hear about a new product or service, it will keep them updated. This can also increase sales since most consumers want to be kept informed about what is happening in the world of business. Moreover, it will also inform them about any products or services that may be worth investing in.

In some instances, business news can have a negative effect on a business. It can scare people away if it is too positive and can lead them to believe that the business is on the rise which can be dangerous. It can also affect sales since there is more competition for consumers which may result in price wars. Keeping in mind all these effects, it is important that business owners take time and effort in managing business news.

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How to setup Hp Printer Manually With the help of 123 hp setup

Hp Printer Manually With the help of 123 hp setup

123 hp setup region units perpetually on high need once a client needs a printer. It’s because of (123.hp.com) power unit Printers join every one of the fundamental choices and available at a sensible worth. On the off chance that you have issues in power unit Printer Setup, basically follow the means given beneath to complete the force unit printer arrangement with progress. Don’t Worry we watch out for region unit here to help you out of your issues. Snap here 123.hp.com/setup or expense range choice 123 hp setup 1-800-673-8163.

123 hp setup| power unit Printer Setup

HP distant printer game plan on 123 hp setup is the most notable and least fixed course for the printers to gather an internet-based affiliation. You should only, collect the various specifications for power unit printer remote help and right now tag onboard the orders open here.

HP remote printer Setup capacity on 123.hp.com

  • Administration Set image (SSID) or Wireless organization name
  • WEP security or WPA passphrase or Wireless organization word
  • Rapid web affiliation

On the off chance that you have accumulated the on top of necessities, you’re set to line the force unit remote 123.hp.com. Notwithstanding, you must make a few changes inside the pc and printer that region unit fundamental to execute the ensuing advances. On the off chance that you have associated any links (USB or Ethernet) in your printer, essentially separate it till greater need. Check whether you have associated with the work area on the indistinguishable remote organization as your pc. After this, the means you perform to complete the force unit HP Printer wireless setup would purposely alteration according to the PC’s product framework.

HP remote printer arrangement on waterproof Via 123 HP com Setup

The headings are given on top of the space unit indistinguishable for each waterproof and Windows pc. Be that as it may, you might see slight changes all through the web property. Power unit remote connect hp printer to PC is less convoluted than waterproof. The progressions will be noticeable once you move the HP Printer PC code from the HP printer drivers and software. To get a handle on extra in regards to driver move on 123.hp.com/setup to follow the information given underneath.

123.hp.com | power unit Printer drivers the placing in

Regardless of whether you interface the printer on the USB affiliation, neighborhood, or remote affiliation, downloading the force unit Printer drivers region unit imperative to execute. By exploiting 123 hp setup site, you’ll be prepared to move the imperative drivers for your printer.

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Everything You Need to Learn about ij.start canon setup

Learn about ij.start canon setup

ij.start canon setup is quite possibly the most utilized printer nowadays. For its stunning print quality and easy-to-use highlights, it has become one of the top printers. You should simply set up your ij.start canon setup printer and have every one of the advantages of printing from a particularly pleasant printer at your home or office. Continue to peruse this blog for the ij.start canon setup guide and investigating steps to tackle the Canon printer issues:

ij.start canon setup Guide in Easy Steps:-

ij.start canon setup printers are exceptionally liked by such countless individuals. They need direction in setting them up to utilize. Observe the beneath referenced rules to play out the printer arrangement bother free and fight free;

  1. At first, you need to unpack the printer from its bundling and dispose of all the plastic material.
  2. Then, at that point, dispose of the orange defensive tapes individually.
  3. Then, open the print head locking cover to introduce the print head and eliminate the defensive tape.
  4. Presently, on the left half of the printers introduce the hued print head do likewise for the dark-hued print head establishment.
  5. Painstakingly shut the print head locking cover by squeezing it downwards once the print heads are introduced. Ensure you hear a ticking sound at the conclusion.
  6. After that shut the filtering cover unit too.
  7. Then, at that point, empower the force button for the printer. A language brief will show up on the screen, pick your language from the rundown and afterward click OK to affirm.
  8. The following stage is to empty ink into the ink cartridges.
  9. For that, open the tank cap, pour the ink by keeping the container upstanding and delay until the jug is discharged into the tank. Rehash a similar cycle for each shading ink cautiously, to keep away from any spillage and wrong ink into some unacceptable tank.
  10. Discard the containers after the ink has been moved.
  11. Presently, start with the ink readiness framework whenever you have shut the checking unit cover.
  12. Then, open the information plate of the printer and burden the A4-sized sheets on the plate.
  13. After that put the paper looking down the side you wish to print. Then, at that point, change the right paper guide likewise.
  14. When it is finished, close the feed space cover and afterward, dispatch the yield plate augmentation.
  15. Then, at that point, open the expense space cover by pulling out the paper backing and move the right paper manual for the edge.
  16. At long last, your ij.start canon setup is finished and you would now be able to partake in the Canon printing experience.

Investigating Tips For ij.start canon setup Printers-

Like each and every other mechanical gadget, the printer likewise accompanies its difficulties. Ado, with the goal that you can work easily we have called attention to a couple investigating tips for such difficulties in the ij.start canon setup printers;

  1. First and foremost, search for the light markers on the printer and notice in case they are flickering in a particular example.
  2. Then, at that point, see the Canon printer manual to check the blunder codes and adhere to the directions on the screen. Push forward in case there are no mistake codes.
  3. Presently guarantee that every one of the wired associations is appropriate, there should be no breakage or harm in the wired associations.
  4. Then, at that point, investigate the printer for any paper buildup in the machine. Get out on the off chance that you discover anything.
  5. Play out a forced cycle, on the off chance that the PC has quit connecting to the printer.
  6. Now and then the PC framework may fail to remember the gadget, so add the printer physically by exploring to the control board of the printer.
  7. On the off chance that there is an issue with the printer driver programming, likewise, the printer will not work as expected. The printer drivers can get defiled or the variant is old. Along these lines, uninstall the current printer drivers and introduce the most recent variant of printer driver programming from the authority site.
  8. Whenever you have endeavored all the investigating tips, the latter is to clear print heads from the printer by going to the settings menu and tapping on printer properties. Then, at that point, pick clear print heads.
  9. At last, to actually look at the working of the printer, have a go at printing a test page and furthermore, test the arrangement.
  10. Those are altogether the investigating fixes you can attempt to determine the ij.start canon setup printer issues.

ij.start canon setup Complete!

ij.start canon setup is a simple undertaking in the event that you have the right aide. We are the right aide for you. The above article clarifies the www.canon.com/ijsetup in simple, fresh, and fast advances so you don’t need to stress over the arrangement. You can in any case get in touch with us by means of messaging us over the visiting support gave on our site. We guarantee you a solid arrangement.

On the off chance that still facing Canon Printer Errors Canon Printer helpline number

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Tin Market-Global Industry Analysis And Forecast (2020-2027)

Maximize Market Research’s latest report, ” Global Tin Market Global Demand Analysis and Opportunity Outlook 2027″, offers a comprehensive analysis of the market. It provides market segments by type and shape, as well as end-user industries and regions.

Global Tin Market

Global Tin Market was valued US$ XX.XX Mn. in 2019 and is expected to grow at CAGR of XX %, to reach US$ XX.XX Mn. during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

Global Tin Market Overview
Tin is a highly crystalline, ductile, metal container used as food preservation for long periods of time. Tin in combination with other components forms useful alloys and use to prevent corrosion. Tin (II) fluoride is also use as stannous fluoride (SnF2) in dental care products.

The report study has analyzed the revenue impact of COVID -19 pandemic on the sales revenue of market leaders, market followers and market disrupters in the report and the same is reflected in our analysis.

Get a Sample PDF of the Report at : Request Free Sample Report

Global Tin Market Major Market Players

• Yunnan Tin
• PT Timah
• Minsur
• Thaisarco
• Yunnan Chengfeng
• Guangxi China Tin
• EM Vinto
• Metallo Chimique
• Gejiu ZiLi
• Jiangxi Nanshan
• DuPont and Do
• ArcelorMittal
• Indium Corporation
• Company-4
• Malaysia Smelting Corporation BerhadGuangzhou HUAXI Group
• Thailand Smelting and Refining
• The Dow Chemical Company
• China-Tin Group
• Hsikwang Shan Twinkling Star
• MSC Group

The Market Impact of COVID-19
The COVID-19 epidemic has quickly spreaded since its inception in Wuhan (China), in December 2019.
All around the globe. As of March 2020, the US and China were the most affected. The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on many countries, resulting in travel bans or lockdowns. Industries. This outbreak has severely affected the global food and beverage industries.
This includes office closures, cancellations of technology events, and supply chain disruptions. China is the world’s largest manufacturing country and has the largest number of raw material suppliers. COVID-19 has an adverse effect on overall production because it closes factories and creates supply chain challenges. Market growth.

Segmentation of Global Tin Market by Types and Applications:
Global Tin Market, By Type

• Pyrogenic Process
• Electrolytic Process
• Others
Global Tin Market, By Product

• Metal
• Alloy
• Compounds
Global Tin Market, By Application

• Soldering
• Tin Plating
• Specialized Alloy
• Lead-acid Battery
• Chemicals
• Other Applications

The report has covered the market size by country (regions) for the global Tin market. Segment by Application. The Tin Market is divided into the North America Europe, ASIA Pacific, Middle East & Africa. The report also includes market size estimates by region. 2019-2027 Forecasts and market size for each type and segment are included. Sales and revenue are included for the period 2019-2027.

Analysis of the Tin Market Share and Competitive Landscape:

This report provides a detailed analysis of the Global Tin Market for all stakeholders. . It also contains historical and forecasted market size information. Trends are also included in the report. The report is simple and simplifies complicated data using simple language. This report includes information on all aspects of the industry, as well as key players like market leaders, followers and new entrants. The report includes a PORTER, SVOR and a PESTEL analysis. The report also analyzes the potential market impact of microeconomic variables. This report examines both internal and external factors that can have a positive or negative effect on the business. This report will provide a clear view of the industry for decision-makers.

More about us:
Maximize Market Research has been a trusted partner for many prestigious clients including Yamaha, Sensata and Etnyre in Canada, ALCOR M&A Microsoft and Harman. Maximize Market Research offers market research to both B2B and C2C regarding 5000 emerging technologies & potentials in Transportation, Chemical and Healthcare, Electronics & Communications, and Pharmaceuticals.
Contact Us:
Maximize Market Research Pvt ltd
Email: sales@maximizemarketresearch.com

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What Is Ceramic – Pros of Ceramics?

Ceramic is considered among the best materials utilized all through the home, from comfortable warm mugs to the tiled ground surface. “Ceramic” is a material produced using mud that has been warmed. It is a class, which incorporates clay, pottery, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, fine china, paper mud, and so on as subcategories.

Finishes on ceramics production can be coated or painted, and the elements of the coating or paint may present wellbeing hazards. Painted clay can contain lead in the paint or ceramic so make certain to search for without lead ceramic.

Pros of Ceramic

Ceramic is for the most part nonporous and, frequently thought to be a non-toxic item. Frequently, it is a protected material for human wellbeing. Here’s different pros of ceramic listed below; let’s have a look:

Ceramic Can Be Produced Using Nontoxic Substances

Ceramic is frequently made with mud and non-metal materials that are warmed at high temperatures. A few sorts of ceramic might be produced using dirt and water, while different sorts, similar to porcelain, might be produced using earth, quartz, and water. Verifiably, the materials used to make ceramics have been viewed as moderately nontoxic. Notwithstanding, the elements for ceramic have changed, and the assembling of ceramics production has changed to include nano-materials.

Ceramics are heat-friendly

Ceramic is used in the microwave, oven, or stove without dissolving, relaxing, or separating as plastic does. Not everything ceramic can be utilized in each of the three different ways, so adhere to the producer’s guidelines for the legitimate utilization of that specific ceramic item. Industrial ceramic products are made of fine ceramics that are heat-friendly to be used as the best product of kitchenware.

Ceramic Might Decrease Synthetics Drain Into Your Food

Ceramic is a hard surface that is regularly non-permeable, which is characterized as not penetrable by water, air, or different liquids. Supposedly, it does not normally filter or ingests synthetic compounds, which is regularly deciphered to imply that synthetic compounds aren’t draining into your food (like they can from certain plastics).

Slow London housing market with Stagnant Prices

Slow London housing market with Stagnant Prices

As the capital’s property market remains “sluggish,” it takes longer to sell a home in London than anyplace else in the UK. The same goes for a Flat for Sale in London as well.

The average period between promoting a house and accepting an offer increased from 55 days in August to 58 days in September, up from a 12-month low of 48 days this time last year.

This was more than three weeks longer than the rest of the country’s average. The quickest time to find a buyer was in Scotland, which took 24 days, and the South West, 33 days.

However, according to Rightmove’s newest property price index, which analyses asking prices, this reflects a more robust supply-and-demand balance in London than anywhere else.

The rest of the country remains in the grip of a post-lockdown supply crunch. The quantity of properties coming on the market against the demand in the capital is more fairly distributed.

This explains the 0.8% increase in asking prices in London in the year to September, bringing the average cost to £638,285.

Barking and Dagenham saw the most significant yearly price increase of 5.7% to £346,594, followed by Bromley (4.8%) to £585,876).

This would appear to imply that the outlying areas are in more demand than the interior districts, yet Westminster comes in third with a 4.1% increase to £1,366,817. Kensington and Chelsea, the most expensive borough, is in the centre of the borough list of asking price inflation. Hence, Flat for Sale in London is experiencing difficulty.

British house prices break records

Rightmove recorded a 5.8 per cent increase in asking prices in the previous year to £338,462 — an all-time high for England, Scotland, and Wales.

The highest increase came in Wales, where asking prices increased by 9.5% in a year, and it takes 35 days to sell. Prices in the East Midlands have also risen (9.1 per cent).

“Despite the customary summer holiday slump, heated rivalry among buyers for the record low number of available houses for sale persists,” Rightmove’s Tim Bannister said. “Buyer demand per available home is more than double what it was pre-pandemic.”

The growth of the “power buyer” also contributes to this imbalance. The power buyer has previously sold their property and has cash in the bank. They outnumber those in a chain fighting for the same characteristics. First-time buyers who have a mortgage in place are also in a good position.

However, there are early indications that the supply-demand mismatch in the UK may be stabilizing. The number of new listings was 14% higher in the first two weeks of September on average across the country than in the previous two weeks of August. So, the Flat for Sale in the London market is going through a recession.

“As we reach the busy autumn period, there are early signs of additional houses coming to market, which may help to rebuild buyer options gradually,” Bannister adds.

The nationwide asking price growth is also levelling down. Although the increase over the previous year to September is significant, the monthly adjustment is just 0.4% higher – a number influenced by a subdued London market.

Spectre – Digital Transformation

Spectre is the premier teaching and generating tool in the United Kingdom. It contributes to the digitalization of real estate. Spectre, which is used by many of the most excellent estate agents in the UK, will help you improve market share while saving time by automating the canvassing of your rivals’ properties.

Since its inception in 2015, Spectre’s objective has been to automate three processes. These are: the process of earning second instructions, letting agents focus their time and resources where they are most needed.

Unfortunately, the best estate agent does not usually get the first call (unfortunately). As a result, more than half of vendors change agents before selling effectively.

Choosing spectre estate agents is a wise decision.

We are convinced that Estate Agents play an essential and irreplaceable role in the home-moving process. Spectre aims to create technologies that will enhance, streamline, and simplify estate agent work. This will allow agents to spend more time providing the personalized experience that home movers appreciate the most.

Expressions in Ctrlr

Expression are used to calculate values that Ctrlr sends to the device, and when they return in form of MIDI messages.

To understand expressions we first need to know 2 things:

1. Modulator lifetime
2. Expressions overview
3. Expression functions

1. Modulator lifetime.

The lifetime of a modulator, when we look at it as an object that links a parameter in a synthesizer can be split in two “sending” and “receiving”.


Remember, a modulator can have many other functions, but this one is the primary function. A modulator sends numeric values and receives them. In MIDI it’s all about numbers, yes you can transmit patch names, waveform data, but it’s all numbers. What is important it’s always positive numbers 0 – N (n is not really defined, you should define it for every modulator). The number sent by the modulator is actually held in an array, the array is linear, it’s size is N. When you change a component, it tells the modulator about the change, it tells it what new value it should have, let’s say x. When modulator is told that it’s new value is now x, it first looks up the number that’s at position x in the array. If you set up the max/min values correctly for a modulator the x will always be inside the array. Once the modulator has the number it does a bit of processing on it. Few things happen with that number

1) a special Lua method is called
2) an expression is processed if it exists
3) the number is inserted into the MIDI message

Once all that is done a MIDI message is produced and sent to the device.


When a MIDI message is received by Ctrlr it goes through a lot of checks before it reaches the modulator it’s intended for. There is the whole subject of how the message is matched but we won’t discuss this here, we’ll assume that Ctrlr did it’s job and found the modulator it should deliver the message to. So the modulator gets the MIDI message and a few things happen

1) a numeric value is extracted from the MIDI message
2) an expression is processed if it exists
3) a special Lua method is called

Once the processing finishes, the numeric value received is passed to:
– the associated component (if one exists)
– the plugin host (if Ctrlr is in plugin mode, that will be the actual Host application in standalone mode Ctrlr simulates a Host, so this always happens)

2. Expressions overview

There are 2 types of expressions, “forward” and “reverse”, “forward points to the “Sending” state of the modulator and the “reverse” to the receiving state of the modulator (as described in point 1)

In Ctrlr an expression is a mathematical function with one argument. It does not use any specific programming language to describe the function. It uses a custom parser included in the JUCE library (more information here). ou can use all the basic math operations “+, -, *, /” you can (and often should) use parentheses to group your maths. Along with the basic operation there are some custom functions you can use to get more out of expressions. Also there are variables in expressions, those variables are named and reflect the state of the panel.

We’ll start with “forward” expressions.

A basic expression is a constant for example:


That is a valid expression, this would cause any modulator to send the value 13 no matter what it’s state was.

By default the expression is defined as


This defaults to the current value of the modulator as described by it’s properties and the properties of a component attached to it. No logic is applied, no functions executed.

We can easily combine the two:


This will cause the modulator to send it’s value with 13 added to it always. How is this useful ?

Let’s take the panning example (we’ll assume that we are dealing with MIDI CC messages), we have a parameter that has a range of visible values from -32 to 32 while using range of MIDI values 0 to 64, we need to create a slider that will represent those visible values in the user interface (in form of a Slider) while sending the correct range of numeric MIDI values ranging in 0 to 63 (64 values).

First we’ll set our slider to have it’s minimum value of -32 and maximum value of 31 (why not 32?, well you get 32 values from a numeric range of 0-31, but it might be different with every device), that’s the easy part. With that range applied, the slider will spit out bogus data when setting values from -32 to -1. Once the slider reaches 0 it will start to behave correctly, but it will actually send data for the “left” part of the stereo spectrum, never reaching the “right” (we assume -32:-1 is left and 1:31 is right, 0 is center). Let’s change the expression to

modulatorValue + 32

Now the modulator will add 32 to all it’s values so -32 becomes 0, -31 becomes 1, 0 is 32 and 31 is 63. This is what we wanted. Our “sending” life cycle of our modulator is set and working.

Let’s move over to the “reverse” part, most of the time this part will require some knowledge of MIDI. Since we are dealing with MIDI CC and we are not dealing with numbers larger then 127 we’re safe. We assume that our MIDI device will respond with CC messages that have value 0 – 63. Let’s change our “reverse” expression to

midiValue - 32

What happens now ? When a modulator receives a MIDI message that’s intended for it. It will take it’s numeric value (in some cases the actual value may be the controller number if defined, or some other part of the message) and process the expressions, that is for any value that it receives it will subtract 32 and the result of the subtraction will be passes to the modulator, making it the new value. One very important thing in the reverse expressions is that they happen on the MIDI thread (or the Audio thread if the MIDI messages are coming from the Plugin Host), so keep them simple where possible.

3. Expression functions and constants

To do more complex maths, Ctrlr provides some basic math functions and some logic-like-functions (basic if statements) that can help you. Also there are some constants that represent certain values in the panel, those can help you make your modulator values depend on the panel state. Some constants are not available in both forward and reverse expressions. Here is a list:


  • modulatorValue : The current linear value of the modulator, this is the index of the array of values, it’s always positive.
  • modulatorMappedValue : The current mapped value in case of components that have mappings. This might be negative.
  • modulatorMax : The maximum value the modulator can have (non mapped)
  • modulatorMin : The minimum value the modulator can have (non mapped)
  • modulatorMappedMax : the maximum value the modulator can have (mapped)
  • modulatorMappedMin : the maximum value the modulator can have (mapped)
  • vstIndex : The VST/AU index of the paramter as seen by the host program
  • midiValue : The current value stored in the MIDI MESSAGE assosiated with the modulator.
  • midiNumber : The number of the MIDI MESSAGE controller if applicable


  • ceil(x) : Returns the smallest integral value of the parameter
  • abs(x) : Returns the absolute value of the parameter
  • floor(x) : Returns the largest integral value that is not greater than the parameter
  • mod(a,b) : divides two numbers and returns the result of the MODULO operation “%”. Examples 10 % 3 = 1, 0 % 5 = 0; 30 % 6 = 0; 32 % 5 = 2 For more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modulo_operation
  • fmod(numerator,denominator) : Returns the floating-point remainder of the two parameters passed in
  • pow(a,b) : Returns the first parameter raised to the power of the second (a^b)
  • gte(a,b,retTrue,retFalse) : Return the larger or equal of the two passed parameters (a >= b). For example
    gte (modulatorValue, 0, modulatorValue, 128 - modulatorValue) will return modulatorValue if modulatorValue is greater then 0 and (128 – modulatorValue) if it is less then zero
  • gt(a,b,retTrue,retFalse) : Same as gte but greater then without the equal sign (a > b)
  • lt(a,b,retTrue,retFalse) : Same as gte but less then (a < b)
  • lte(a,b,retTrue,retFalse): Same as gte but less then or equal (a <= b)
  • eq(a,b,retTrue,retFalse) : Equals sign true if (a == b)
  • max(a,b) : Returns the bigger of two parameters.
  • min(a,b) : Returns the smaller of two parameters.
  • getBitRangeAsInt (value, startBit, numBits) : Get’s a number of bits (numBits) starting at position startBit as an Integer and returns that integer.
  • setBitRangeAsInt (value, startBit, numBits, valueToSet) :
  • clearBit (value, bitToClear) : Clears a bit at position bitToClear in the value and return that modified value.
  • isBitSet (value, bitPosition) : Return true if a bit at position bitPosition in value is set, false otherwise.
  • setBit (value, bitToSet) : Set’s one bit in an integer at position (bitToSet) and return the modified value with the bit set.
  • setGlobal (globalIndex, newValueToSet) : This set’s the value of one of the global variables in the panel, and returns that set value so the expression can continue.