CTRLR with Logic 9 Express

Hi there,

did anyone manage to get CTRLR fully running with Logic (express) 9? I simply cannot manage to send midi from the CTRLR au plug-in (used in a software instrument track) to my synth (Roland JX-8P). I read online that it is generally not possible for au software instruments to send midi… So how does it work? I would be very grateful for a step-by-step description…

The stand alone version works, but I cannot automate it within Logic.

Everything else seems to work too.



dropdown/button of sysex

Hello everyone,

i want to make a panel element for switching effects on roland mc909 via sysex.

these are alot of completely different sysex commands, per effect, so not something described in steps of value 0-127.

the purpose should be a knob/dropdown in ctrlr which can be mapped/controlled with cc to ctrlrVST from within a host


cc parameter:0-10,parameter 10-20,parameter 20,30,….->ctrlrVST->sysexA,SysexB,SysexC,…


whats the best panel element for this? how to configure multible sysex?



Using VST plugin?

Can someone explain to me how exactly this is supposed to work?
I don’t really get it because first of all the ctrlr dll isn’t recognized in Cubase (5.5) but secondly I don’t really understand what kind of plugin this would be, because if it were a real VST instrument you wouldn’t be able to record the real instrument (because VSTis are inside of the sequencer) so is it kind of a Midi plugin?


JX8P Panel. Save Patch Problem

Hi there.


With JX8P panel I cant save a Sysex file to my harddrive. I want to store them in disk, so I press save with the Patcho Location in ———————


It asks me to save in the folder I want and after I get this error.. After this I am unable to click on save again because the button is disabled.. Any idea?




Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 14.42.13

FC300 patch rename utility

I would like a simple plugin, with one input box on screen that allows to enter 12 characters.

It should then send the following sysex data:

F0 41 00 00 00 1E 12 13 00 00 00 <12 ascii characters> 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 77 F7

I would like to use this to update my Roland FC300 display with a patchname from my plugin host (pedalboard 2)

The plugin host should be able to save the patch name in its settings.

Is this easy to build? I am an absolute beginner in ctrlr.

I would like to have this plugin as an VST or Audio Unit on my Mac.

Anyone able to get me started?


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Roland MKS-7

Hey ya’ll, I’m new to this forum and unfortunately not very midi-savvy.  I recently acquired an mks-7 and would like to know if anyone has successfully made a panel for the mks-7…I’m trying to use it with the edirol pcr-300.  thanks